While dogs could be playful and hyper-active at times, pet owners are recommended to have a wireless dog fence to keep your dogs at their bays and train your dogs to be more well-behaved. Wireless dog fences come in various qualities. Here are the top ten best wireless dog fences in 2020 with a buying guide.

List Of Top 10 Best Wireless Dog Fences in 2020 + BG

10. Karotezh

Karotezh Electric Dog

Karotezh had been designed, by the manufacturer, as a wireless dog fence to tame your hard-to-train and stubborn dogs to not trespass into territories they are not supposed to stay. Karotezh wireless dog fence has an ability to form single cordless boundary in a radial shape at a range between 98 and 984 feet. Once your stubborn dogs get out of the set boundary, the signal on their neck laces is going to beat, so your dogs could turn around into permitted territories. Besides, Karotezh wireless dog fence is easy to install. While the transmitter could be plugged in, the receiver should be paired with the transmitter; as a result, you get the whole set up done. Moreover, a pair of collar receivers included in the package is full-waterproofed alongside the rechargeable feature offered by the manufacturer. Pet owners are able to set an automatic-sleep function with the two collar receivers.

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9. Covono

COVONO Electric Dog Fence

Covono has been designed, by the manufacturer, in a style as a conventional wireless dog fence. Covono wireless dog fence’s manufacturer has brought upon two different offers such as the single-dog system and two-dog system for pet owners with single or two dogs. Furthermore, the product has an ability to cover ¾ acre. In other word, Covono wireless dog fence has a maximum radius range of 650 feet. Besides, Covono wireless dog fence has an ability to send shocks to your dogs in case they are approaching the off-limit territories. Covono wireless dog fence’s shocks are going to become more intense the more your dogs are being far with from the on-limit territories. With the mentioned and excellent piece of tech, dog owners are able to train your stubborn and misbehaved dogs to become more well-manner. Lastly, Covono wireless dog fence is offered, by the manufacturer, with a lifetime warranty as well as single 90-day refund policy.

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Wireless Dog Fence

JUSTSTART wireless dog fence is offered, by the manufacturer, with one pair of wireless receiver necklaces.

JUSTSTART wireless dog fence could be customized for its cordless boundary in a range between 10 and 1000 feet.

The dog-alerting piece of technology comes in two including the electric-static shock and beep; the combined piece of tech automatically starts whenever your dogs go off their boundaries. Besides, the wireless necklace receiver is doing no harm to your dogs, so pet owners should have no worry about whether the collar receivers are going to shock your dogs into a harmful situation. Alongside, signal offer despite short or long range is promised to be highly stable by the manufacturer. Moreover, the collar receiver has an IPX7 rate; as a result, JUSTSTART wireless dog fence is water-resistant in a resilient manner. JUSTSTART’s package includes two universal-power adapters while the product’s built-in battery is rechargeable.

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 Wireless Dog Fence

OKPET wireless dog fence had been designed, by the manufacturer, with a basic function of a conventional wireless dog fences, like all the previously mentioned wireless dog fences. The product has an ability to set a cordless boundary for your dogs. Your beloved dogs, wearing the receiver collars, are going to be warned and receive beep as well as static shock whenever they are leaving the permitted areas. Signal intensity range is between 10 and 1000 levels which could be customized to your choices and levels of your dogs’ stubbornness. OKPET wireless dog fence should be known for its 1000-feet range or 72-acres radius area. Moreover, OKPET has both waterproofed and easy-pairing qualities while the collar strap could easily be adjusted to fit dogs of various sizes such as small, medium and large. Furthermore, the wireless dog fence is going to offer an alarm signal from the product’s transmitter whenever your dogs are going off limits for a fair period of time.

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WIEZ Dog Fence Wireless

Special with WIEZ wireless dog fence, the product let pet owners to set different radius ranges such as 30-meter, 60-meter, 90-meter, 150-meter and 300-meter ranges; therefore, WIEZ wireless dog fence has an ability to cover a 70 acres area. WIEZ wireless dog fence had been crafted, by the manufacturer, with a care on your beloved dogs. Your dogs with receiver collars going off the limits, the collar is going to alert and warn your dogs for five seconds.

Nevertheless, if your dogs are not going back to within boundaries in five seconds; the receiver collars are going to simultaneously warn and shock your dogs for six seconds. In case of no activity from your dogs, the collars are going to pause its actions until your dogs are again in an activated mode. WIEZ wireless dog fence used a 2500ma lithium-ion battery. Package includes items such as one user manual, two collar receivers, one chargers and other essential accessories.

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5. PetSafe

PetSafe Stay & Play

PetSafe wireless dog fence is offered, by the manufacturer, with two packages such as the transmitter & receiver collar ONLY as well as the transmitter with wireless dog fence kit. PetSafe wireless dog fence is able to cover an area of ¾ acres. As a basic, PetSafe is not going to let your dogs go off their boundaries with the wireless dog fence’s receiver collars. The collar receivers are powered by batteries while the receivers themselves are able to last three weeks in a maximum being a requirement to recharge. Besides, PetSafe’s collars are both waterproofed and lightweight. PetSafe itself could easily be portable as well. As a result, the product is not just good to be used at home but also camping and vacation as long as there is an electric outlet. Lastly, PetSafe’s package comes with accessories such as single one-year warranty, instruction manual, mounting bracket, contact-point wrench, collar receivers, transmitter, etc.

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4. Containment

Dog Fence Wireless,Outdoor

Containment wireless dog fence had been designed, by the manufacturer, as a two-dog system with collar receivers coming as a pair. Moreover, Containment is able to offer a boundary range of 900 feet radiated from the transmitter as single center. Containment wireless dog fence’s transmitter quality is excellent with the transmitter’s strong penetration, long-transmission distance as well as strong single, thanks to the transmitter’s universal-433MHz frequency. Moreover, some basic controls are offered alongside Containment wireless dog fence such as range-adjustment button. Pet owners are only required to press either “+” or “ – ” to change the range level belonged to Containment. It is not recommended, according to the manufacturer, to use Containment indoor because of potential interferences from all the indoor barriers. With an approximate package’s weight of 1.1 pounds, Containment includes items such as manual book, charging cables, test light, collar receivers, wireless transmitter, etc.

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3. Basics Electric

Basics Rechargeable Electric

Basics Electric wireless dog fence comes with packages belonged to four different ranges such as 1/3 acre, 1 acre, 2 acres and 4 acres. Besides, there are two options for the packages such as the one-dog system and two-dog system as well. Designed as a pet owner-friendly wireless dog fence, there is no requirement according to the manufacturer to set any programming for the collar receivers. All required with Basics Electric receivers are full charges, so the collars are able to function automatically. Basics Electric wireless dog fence’s package includes items such as training manual, contact probes, collar-probe wrench, test-light tool, training flags, USB-charging cable, 18-gauge boundary wire, rechargeable collars as well as single digital transmitter. As noted, Basics Electric wireless dog fence has an ability to perform a conventional responsibility of a wireless dog fence’s. Although, there is no extraordinary quality; Basics Electric is promised for the product’s durability and resilience.

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USTPET Wireless Dog

JUSTPET 2 wireless dog fence had been designed, by the manufacturer, with a bright-pink color. Therefore, JUSTPET 2 deserves very special attention on its own because of the product’s designated color. JUSTPET 2 wireless dog fence is able to perform two different functions inside a machine such as serving as a wireless dog fence as well as dog trainer. JUSTPET 2 wireless dog fence is able to match and train three dogs. The feature is contrasting to the conventional wireless dog fence which has an ability to match with only single dog. Moreover, JUSTPET 2 transmitter is covered with alloy rubber; the material is friendly to people’s skin which makes the product convenient for portability. Besides, JUSTPET 2 wireless dog fence is able to set a large range while the distance segmentation designed by JUSTPET 2’s manufacturer is incredibly accurate. Lastly, JUSTPET 2 is not recommended for indoor usages because of too many unnecessary barriers to the transmitter.

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1. Hokita

 Hokita Dog Fence

Hokita wireless dog fence comes with 2.4GHz radius range which stable signals are guaranteed. Hokita wireless dog fence is able to offer a wireless boundary in a range of 98-1968 feet from the centered Hokita wireless dog fence’s transmitter. Besides, the radius circular boundary with the transmitter as a single center could be customized by pet owners. As a result, Hokita wireless dog fence offers rooms for flexibility, in addition to the fact the wireless dog fence could easily be portable while you are in your vacations. Like some aforementioned wireless dog fences, Hokita could perform two functions inside one machine such as functioning as a wireless dog fence and contributing to train your beloved dogs. Alerts from the collar receivers comes in three forms such as electrostatic shock, vibration and beep sounds; the alert signals could be customized and chosen by the pet owners as well. Hokita’s manufacturer promised there would not be any harmful effects on your dogs because only low-voltage static shock is featured with Hokita.

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Buying Guide

Radius Ranges: Pet owners should pay attentions on the radius range offered by each wireless dog fence. While each wireless dog fence offers a different range, customers’ considerations should be on the sizes of your properties’. Your beloved dogs should not dwell into properties of other people’s because they could disturb your neighbors.

Moreover, it is not wise to consider a wireless dog fence with a huge range to cover small or medium-sized properties because a far-fetching wireless dog fence comes with a different deal than a medium-ranged wireless dog fence.

Accessories: Some wireless dog fences come with multiple accessories while some other dog fences come with few accessories. Pet owners should check the number and types of accessories coming along each package. On one hand, some packages with many accessories are offered with different deals than those with few accessories. On the other hand, packages with few accessories might not come with highly needed accessories such as chargers and more as they are parts of other deals.

Alerting System: Almost all the reviewed wireless dog fences come with three alerting systems such as beeping sound, static shock and vibration. Some wireless dog fences come with three alerting styles simultaneously while some other wireless dog fences are programmed for the three alerting styles in different scenarios and situations.

No Harm: Even though, shocks are necessary to keep your dogs at their bays; without cautious reading on the details of shocking styles offered by your preferred wireless dog fences, dangers could be real with your dogs. Pet owners should make sure the shocks from your preferred wireless dog fences are static and low-voltage.

Warranty: Reading product reviews is helpful to make informed decisions about what products to choose. Dog owners should see the potentials of warranties too. Warranty could save you from a wrong choice.


Dogs are naturally playful and hyper-active. Thus, it is normal to expect your dogs to go off far from your houses and could easily get lost. Having a wireless dog fence for your dogs is helpful to train your dogs, keep them inside safe boundaries and avoid them from getting lost. Please considering features such as ‘radius range’, ‘accessories’, ‘alerting system’, ‘no harm’ and ‘warranty’ features in the buying guide to make a right decision.