Nothing is more stressful than having a slow Wi-Fi connection and probably, this is one of the biggest challenges to most people nowadays. Sometimes, you could not submit your assignment on time due to the connection issues. Sometimes, your online calls are cut off when you move around your house due to your Wi-Fi signal problems. And sometimes, you cannot go outside of your house or else you may need to use your mobile data. No matter how fine or how fast your internet is, but if Wi-Fi – your connection to the internet, is problematic, you may have no other choices but to suffer from your headache for a while.

Are there any ways to solve this problem? Well, there is of course. The root cause of the problem most likely begins with your wi-fi booster. Therefore, in order to improve your internet connection as well as to make your Wi-Fi connection available every corner in your house, let us give you a helping hand. In this article, you will find out ten best choices of Wi-Fi boosters that have been narrowed down by our team and customers. There is also a bonus part in the end of the article where you could find a useful guide.

List Of Top 10 Best Wi-Fi Boosters in 2020 + BG

10. Linksys

Linksys AC1200 MAX

Linksys allows wireless internet connection available to dead spots in your home. It could reach up to around 900 square meters. With this booster at home, you will be able to stream high resolution videos or movies and play games without any connection failures. It also has an audio jack on the back in which you can connect to your speaker for music. The instruction of how to set this up is very simple and easy and the guide can be found once you unbox.

You can either place this one on a table or anywhere near your access point. However, there are some system requirements to run. This booster works for Microsoft windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 or later. For Mac users, this could be run on Mac OS X Leopard or later. Another special thing about Linksys product is that it helps secure your network and data through security support.

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9. TP-Link AC2600 Wi-Fi Range Extender

 TP-Link AC2600 WiFi

The list will never be complete if we do not include TP-Link, which is said to be the world’s number one wi-fi brand. What most customers don’t know about this is that it also has the capability to expand the dual bands’ capacity. Moreover, this model is incorporated with highly intelligent procession mechanism that fastens your connection, allowing you to enjoy playing online games and downloading large files. It also has MU-MIMO which enables simultaneous connections to several devices. Four antennas are attached to the engine to allow far reaches of your place.

This booster is compatible and convenient to install. Most importantly, we can actually just plug it in the wall plug. TP-Link will ensure that your home or office will no longer have dead zones!

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WiFi Range Extender

This mini wireless signal booster comes with extra quad antennas that helps extend the signal as well as maximizes the overall coverage of your Wi-Fi zone. Quick to set up, you only just plug it in, and the booster will start its job. UTOPB also has a LED that smartly indicates the perfect location and the working status as well. Besides, it has three different functions. It can be used as a Wi-Fi extender or repeater which can be set up by your cellphone or personal laptop. It can be used as a wireless network and it can create a private network as well.

The package of this product also consists of one Ethernet cable and a user manual. UTOPB is available now at a reasonable price so grab one before it is sold out.

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WiFi Range Extender

This affordable and compatible Wi-Fi extender efficiently works on any devices – Apple, Android, smart TVs, laptops, and even your Xbox. Not only can it expand the range of your internet, but it can also boost and strengthen your existing network in 2.4 gigabytes. Its small appearance is artistically designed to blend into any settings in your home. The temperature of operation could exceed the limit of 40 degree Celsius, while it can be stored at any places under 70 degree Celsius.

You will get a mini plug, a network cable, and a user manual when you buy this product. This is one of the most highly recommended products. The customer and technical service is available 24/7 so there is no doubt that you will be satisfied with all the assistance and support you will get.

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6. NETGEAR Wi-Fi Range Extender EX2700

NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender

Manufactured by Netgear, this extender can cover the Wi-Fi range up to 55 square meters, while being able to handle ten devices at the same time. It provides better performance as its speed could exceed 300Mbps. Safety and security are guaranteed. It is just a piece of cake to set up this device as it usually takes only about five minutes to complete the process.

Similar to the previous one, this can be just plugged into any outlets on the wall and it can actually fit in any settings. Even though it is mostly used for wireless devices, there is also a jack where you can connect to any wired devices too.

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5. TP-Link AC750 Wi-Fi Range Extender

AC750 Wifi Range Extender

This is another decent product from the most trusted brand, TP-Link. Designed to get rid of blind spot, this device uses AC technology that strengthen signals and maximize the speed of your internet. You will no longer suffer from slowness. This extender can of course connect to both wireless and wired devices such as Mac, Windows, smart phones, PlayStation, Xbox, smart TVs, and more.

On the body of the device, there is a signal indicator. When the Wi-Fi signal is poor, it will show up in red. On the other hand, green light means that the signal is strong. The difference between this model compared to the previous one of the same brand is that this one naturally comes with three internal antennas, meaning that they are already attached inside the device.

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Besides increasing the Wi-Fi coverage, this compatible booster also strengthen the internet connection and it is said that this model works three times faster than the normal one. The wall-plug feature allows customers to easily set up. Four external antennas come along with the product to maintain the stability of the network signal. Galaway-US also includes the wireless security system in this device too to ensure reliability and protect customers’ data.

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This is a black-and-red Wi-Fi booster that will expand Wi-Fi coverage in your home or your workplace. With great performance, Netgear can handle up to ten devices simultaneously. The speed could reach 300Mbps. Needless to say, the extender can be used with any wireless devices, modems, or wired devices, not to mention its simple guide to set up. Customers can also use an application called “NETGEAR Wi-Fi Analyzer” to find the best location.

This inexpensive Wi-Fi booster can expand your Wi-Fi availability up to 600 square feet. It is an ideal product that can just be simply plugged in an electrical outlet. This product is the definition of successful Wi-Fi booster, indeed.

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URANT WiFi Range Extender

URANT is a Wi-Fi extender that is well-equipped with four antennas, allowing 360-degree extension which could reach more than 1200 square feet. Its LED signal indicator gives you idea of where is a better location that allow better connection. The installation is very simple and as easy as ABC. In order to set this up, you may need to use a browser website that is suitable for your device. Moreover, you do not have to worry much since this incredible extender can support any devices.

The network security is guaranteed. The device can prevent or ban access to any unauthorized sites and protect your data.

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1. Amazon eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi system

Amazon eero Pro mesh

Powered by mesh topology, this device will eliminate dead zones at your place. This second-generation Wi-Fi booster could ensure a fast speed Wi-Fi connection within more than five bedrooms in your home. It can be used with the previous generation, and of course the system works faster than the first-generation ones. It usually takes several minutes to set this one up; however, the instructions are easy to understand.

“eero Pro” is the ideal product allowing us to connect to any wired and wireless devices. The most special feature about this product is that you can limit the time of internet usage on your kids’ devices, so they do not get addicted or procrastinate of doing their homework. In addition to this, it also has world-class security which helps secure your data safely. Therefore, if you want a perfect Wi-Fi booster, this product should be considered as it will be worth your money.

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Buying Guides: How to Select Best Wifi-Boosters

Buying an ideal booster is important since you do not wish to waste your money. Here are some features of what you should look for in a Wi-Fi booster. Before considering your price range or how much you are willing to pay, you should first of all check the quality of the product. By checking its special features such as speed, areas that it could cover or extend, its security system, and more will help you narrow down some options.

You may need to find out if the extender offers dual band or not because dual band is an important factor that smoothens your networking experience! Besides this, you may consider some other features as well. For instance, check if you need an audio jack or not. Or do you want external or internal antennas? But most people agree that the booster works better when they have external antennas as it could cover more areas.


After looking through these top ten picks chosen by our team, we hope you have found the right one for your home. Having one of these products at home is like making your home become Wi-fi ready. You will be able to access the internet anywhere in your house with an incredible speed.