Wake up lights are similar to an alarm clock but with more functions. Besides providing an alarm clock, wake up lights provide the light that will light up a few minutes or 30 minutes more before the actual alarm time, and the light will continue to rise until the alarm rings.

Furthermore, you can connect a wake-up light via Bluetooth and manage it through apps. Plus, you can control this wake-up light through your voice, too. Meanwhile, here are the top 10 best wake up lights you should check out.

List Of Top 10 Best Wake up lights in 2020

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LATME Sunrise Alarm

If you are looking to replace your old wake up light with a new and improved wake up light, LATME is one of the best picks. This wake-up light could work as a light therapy lamp. It also could work as an alarm clock which could help you have a better sleep. You can set the time when you want this product to ring. On the same day, this product can be scheduled to ring four different sounds. About 10 to 60 minutes before the alarm time, the light of this product will start to light up gradually just like the sun slowly rises little by little. Besides that, you can adjust the brightness level of this product as well. Adding to that, you can control this product; turn it on or off by using your voice.

There are seven alarm sounds in which you can choose whatever alarm sound you want. Plus, you can also listen to the radio if you want since it is designed to have FM radio stations. After one radio plays continuously between 10 to 120 minutes, then the radio will turn off automatically. This product also has a snooze function which you will get to sleep 8 to 15 more before you wake up.

Lastly, there are seven colors and about 20 warm white lights which you can choose whichever option you want. You also can charge your phone as there is a USB charging port at the back of this product.

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9. LA Homeieta

Salt Lamp,Digital Alarm

You can check out this wake up light from LA Homeieta if you want to replace your old wake up light. The material that is used to make this product is Himalayan rock salt and wood. It has a square shape. One color, orange has been offered. The power of this product is 3 Watts. This product is handmade from Pakistan. Additionally, you can use this product as an alarm clock. This product is perfect to use for yoga spaces, meditation, night light and more. 15 minutes before the alarm ring, this light of this product will rise slowly which will naturally wake you up.

To turn off the light or alarm, you can just tap on one button. Since this product is made from Himalayan rock salt, it can help improve your health as it reduces asthma or allergy symptoms, improve breathing, sleep well and wake up refreshing, purifies the air, increases the flow of oxygen in the brain, negates electrosmog, etc. This product is designed to last more than 6 months if the power of this product fails. You can adjust the light direction as well if you want to. You can also use this as a present for a birthday, party, holiday, and Christmas. Package will include an instruction manual, salt lamp alarm clock combination, and charging line.

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8. I. CODE

 I·CODE Sun & Moon Rise

Up next we have I. CODE. There is only one white color. This product produces a light night that will have your kid feel safe when they sleep in the dark. Unlike the regular product, this product has two alarm sets that you can set the morning and sleeping alarm. In the morning, this product will produce a sun icon and a green light. At night, which is time to go to sleep, it will display a yellow and moonlight. This product’s light is dimmable.

There are 10 light colors that you can change to whichever color you want. Furthermore, there are seventeen-alarm sounds including ocean, summer night, frog, cat, thunder, sheep, duck, white noise, rain, and cat. Another feature is that this product has an auto turn off function as it will automatically switch off after 15 minutes, 30 minutes or the whole night.

This product is suitable for the children, both light and heaving sleep. You can also use this as a gift for Christmas. Birthday, valentine’s day, thanksgiving day, etc. It comes with a charger, one user manual, and more USB cable.

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7. PlayMonster 

 Mirari OK to Wake

Similar to I. CODE, PlayMonster is also one of the most rated wake up lights in the market. It is a digital clock. This product has five colors such as yellow, green, pink, blue and purple. This product is very easy and fun for the kid to use as there is a button that you can turn on and off on the toe of this product. There are two different lights to this product as it will show a green light in the morning and it will show a yellow night light at night.

Additionally, this product can be connected via Bluetooth too. Another feature of this product is a nap timer. In one package, it comes with a USB cable and battery backup. However, the wall adapter will not include, so you need to buy it separately.

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6. LittleHippo

 LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise

LittleHippo is an excellent option for those who like a wake-up light. This product can be used as a tool to teach your child to know when they have to sleep or wake up. you can set an alarm clock on this product. The yellow light of this product will start rising 30 minutes before your waking time and as soon as the nearly time for you to wake up, the light will turn green. This product has three sleep sounds such as noise, lullaby, and ocean for you to choose from. Moreover, it has five volume levels that are adjustable.

For the nap timer, you can set both silent and sound alarm. In addition, they designed this product to have five-night light options. This product is strong, durable and safe to use. Plus, this product is made of silicone and ABS. There is a USB charging port at the back of this product that you can charge your phone. Lastly, this product got approved by CPSIA too. The company also gives out a one hundred percent satisfaction warranty on this product.

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5. LBell

Wake- Up Light

LBell is another ultimate choice. With this one, you can adjust the brightness of its screen. You can also set a schedule for this product to light up. Besides that, this product will turn off directly after the finished operating all of your time settings.

Adding to that, they have designed this product to have FM radio. There are about 40 channels that you can listen to. It has seven natural ringing sounds. This product has seven color lights and there are 20 levels of warm light that you can adjust.

This product can be used as a reading light. atmosphere light or night light. Last but not least, it also has a snooze function in which you let you sleep nine minutes more. Lastly, you can charge your phone as there is a charging port at the back of this product.

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4. Heimvision

HeimVision Sunrise Alarm

Heimvision is the exceptional wake-up light that will not disappoint you. As it is near the time of waking up, this light of this product will turn red-tinted light then slowly change into white light, which could help you wake up more naturally rather than one bright white light that would irritate you when you wake up. Furthermore, this product has a seven-alarm tune which is a beep, birdsong, chord, Hawaii wave, ringtone, wind bells, and piano.

It also has 20 volumes levels which you can adjust. Additionally, you also can listen to the radio as this product has about 40 FM radio stations. Lastly, it has a snooze function too.

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3. Philips Smartsleep

 Philips SmartSleep

Philips Smartsleep is a first-rate wake up light that you should consider in your purchase list. The light of this product will make you feel refreshed after you wake up. There are five alarm sounds for you to choose from. This product is also an FM radio which you can listen to the latest news or music.

It has about 8 hours of back up alarm in case the power of this product fails. The power of this product is 12 Watt and 100 to 240 volt. It also has a snoozing function which allows you a few minutes more. Phillips provides a 90 days’ money-back warranty.

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2. Philips SmartSleep WAKE UP LIGHTS

Philips SmartSleep

The top second wake up light is the one that came from Philips SmartSleep. In case this power of this product fails, they have designed back up an alarm that could operate about 8 hours. Furthermore, there is a tack sensor that can measure the light, humidity levels, noise and temperature which you could improve your sleep.

You can connect this product with Bluetooth as well. Besides that, you can use it by connecting it with a sleep mapper app which you can customize the light, sound, color, and alarm. At night, this product will provide you a relaxing breath light and in the morning, the light will yellow as it is similar to the sunrise. You can charge your phone with this wake-up light.

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Tekjoy Wake Up Light Sunrise

The most famous wake-up light would be from Tekjoy. in the morning, the light of this product will go up until the alarm turn on and you will feel refreshed when you wake up. However, at night, this light will slowly fade and the sound of this product will also go down which helps you to have a good sleep.

There are 10 alarm sounds such as natural sounds and pure music. You can also adjust the volume and the brightness of the light which has about 20 levels. Last but not least, it also has an FM radio which you can listen to. Tekjoy gives out a 12 warranty too.

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Buying Guide: WAKE UP LIGHTS

Before you purchase one product, you should know some information about that product as you do not want to waste your money on it. In this buying guide, our team will provide some information that you need to keep in mind and know about wake up light.

FM radio: sometimes you might not be able to sleep immediately so you should find a product that has an FM radio which you can listen to new or music in case you are not sleepy.

Snooze alarm: you might not be able to wake up instantly after hearing the alarm clock, so you should buy the product that has a snooze alarm which will let you sleep for a few more minutes before you wake up.

Alarm sound: you might not like the alarm sound that the product is automatically customized. That is why it should have more than one alarm sound so that you could set the alarm sound that you like.

Brightness level: it should have a few brightness levels in which you can adjust the light to the level that you like.

USB Charging port: you should find that product that has a USB charging port in which you can charge your phone. Having a USB charging port is more convenient for you as it is organized and you do not need to charge with a wall.