If you have been in love with photography for many years, now it’s time for you to try a new field, and that is the underwater photography. The underwater world is a beautiful world that most of us do not dare to explore. However, with an underwater drone, you are going to capture the most beautiful moment beneath the water as well as the astonishing fact about the marine life.

In case you are not sure how to choose the right one, we are going to offer you a list of the top ten best underwater drone reviews. We also give a full description of the main features of this product as well as the buying guide. Continue to read and find out about our products.

List Of Top 10 Best Underwater Drones in 2020

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G GENEINNO Underwater

To start with, we would like to recommend this underwater drone from G GENEINNO for you. It comes with orange and yellow color, and it is compact and lightweight for outdoor convenience, especially while going abroad. It allows the cooperation with Go Pro and LED light. Moreover, it has a powerful motor which can dive to the maximum of 164 feet. Its speed reaches 4 miles per hour.

It works with a removable battery which can offer about 45 minutes high performance. Also, after running out of battery, it only requires about 90 minutes to fully charge again. It is designed perfectly for various underwater activities, such as shallow dives and scuba diving. There is also a positive buoyancy provided in case you need to stop and change the battery inside.

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Now, having this underwater drone from QYSEA, it is not known to be the first compact size 4K camera. It is equipped with Smart Thruster technology for you to search for the underwater mysteries with unlimited boundaries. It comes with a 4K camera which is able to capture 166 degrees for photo or video recording. It supports HEVC for the format of the video.

In addition, it integrates the VR technology for users to enter the virtual underwater world, and it allows you to have the real feeling of having yourself beneath the water. For the slow motion function, on the other hand, you can make it slow down up to the maximum of 8 times. It also features image stabilization system to provide a better quality photography. Last but not least, a travel case is included for you to store all the parts in one place.

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8. Thor Robotics

ThorRobotics Underwater

Moving onto the next underwater drone camera from Thor Robotics, it is designed with a control station on the ground with wires to connect. It is able to give you a 4K high resolution view of what is going on in the water, which is great for fishing and mapping. The cable length can be extended for up to 30 meters, and its weight is only 4.2 kg. It comes with 2 LED spotlights for users to complete their task easier because of the additional brightness it provides.

The function of this drone is to capture photos or videos in the water. The precision is up to 4 propellers in total. More importantly, inside the package, there is 16GB SD card provided for you to serve as a storage to your documentation. Last but not least, the maximum depth that it can go to is 30 meters.

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7. Aquarobotman

 Nemo Underwater Drone

Next, let’s take a look at this underwater drone from Aquarobotman. It has a small and portable design, yet it comes with high quality for shooting. It offers the best video streaming and photo shooting process through Wi-Fi connection. It also supports VR system but VR glasses are not included in the set.

It offers high resolution 4K video which makes you enjoy the best of the aqua world. The photos come in 16 mega pixels, and it is enhanced with the LED fill lights that work at the distance of 1000 lm. The diving speed is about 6.6 feet in a second. Therefore, the maximum depth is 328 feet deep. It works with a rechargeable battery which can continuously work for about 3 hours until the next charge is required. Hence, it is designed ideally for underwater activities, such as fishing, yachting and marine life recording.

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6. Chasing

 CHASING Dory World's

This is known as the smallest underwater drone every from Chasing. Although it has a small size body, it comes with all the professional functions that you need. First of all, it can go as deep as 49 feet for you to explore all the secrets of the marine life. You will get to see the fish, corals and other creatures. It offers Wi-Fi streaming system in order for you to experience firsthand view. The operation is also easy and simple because you can simply control from your smart devices.

It is suitable for both photo and video recording. It is able to capture 1080P HD video, and it provides real time video at a high resolution of 720P. It comes with 2 LED lights to make the surrounding brighter and easier to view. Therefore, even in the low light deep water, you still get the most premium quality photos and videos. The color temperature of this drone camera ranges between 4000K and 5000K.

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5. Geneinno

Geneinno Underwater Drone

Here comes another model of underwater drone from Geneinno. It works as a great camera for both men and women who love to explore more about the underwater ecosystem. Inside the set, it includes all the components you need, including drone, charger, cable, buoy and user manual. It is made of durable and high quality plastic, and it is equipped with 4K UHD camera. It also provides 64G storage for videos and photos.

It comes with 6 thrusters in total to offer you with a precise algorithm to operate the drone. It is able to withstand the deepest dive in the underwater world. For the maximum depth it can go to, it claims that the maximum depth is about 492 feet or 150 meters. It also has a wide angle shot with 60-degree field of view. The battery life is as high as 9000mah, and it can be used for 4 hours at the maximum. It works well in both salt and fresh water, it comes with filter to correct the incorrect color because of algae.

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4. Youcan Robot

Youcan Robot Underwater

Now, we have this underwater drone from Youcan Robot. It is equipped with space pro technology which enables users to capture all the underwater moments and share them with their love ones. The 4K camera provides auto-piloting function and auto lighting for a great quality. It comes with the storage of 64GB, and it is able to go deep into the water for up to 100 meters at the maximum. It is also resistant to sea water to ensure that the drone can go into the sea or ocean.

It comes with a large capacity, which is able to last for about 7 hours for continuous use in the water. It is equipped with a 4K UHD camera, which provides a wide angle field of view. For live video streaming, it features up to the maximum of 12 mega pixels. Last but not least, to make the design even more convenient for outdoor use, it has a handle for you to carry easily.

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3. PowerVision

 PowerVision Powerdolphin

Here comes this underwater drone with claw from PowerVision. It works great when it comes to fishing time because it is capable of giving the exact location for fishing. It also comes with stunning video for users to get a firsthand experience and explore more about the underwater world. It is equipped with a 4K UHD camera which provides a great resolution. The camera also allows rotation for up to 220 degrees to see what is underneath the water surface.

It comes with self-flip function and a button to return home. It provides you with a remote friendly journey because it can be controlled from distances away. The maximum range allows up to 0.5 mile away. It dives at the maximum speed of 10 miles per hour. For all of these reasons, this works just ideally if you love fishing because it greatly enhances the experience.

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2. PowerVision

 PowerVision PRW10 Powerray

This is another model of underwater drone from PowerVision. It is designed for anyone who loves to search and explore more about the marine life. It is suitable for both professional and recreational use. It offers a deep dive function because it can go as deep as 98 feet. The base station allows the waterproof to the maximum depth of 230 feet.

It integrates the use of 4K UHD camera, which is able to shoot photos with 12 mega pixels, and it is able to capture burst about 5 frames in just a second. Inside the drone, there is an SD card provided with a large storage of 64GB. The casting range is as long as 100 meters. If you are addicted to fishing, this is just the right tool that you should possess. It is also compatible with VR glasses for a first person view.

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1. Trident

Trident Underwater Drone

Last but not least, we have this underwater drone from Trident. It allows you to capture photos, shoot videos and stream live videos as well. The maximum depth that it allows you to go to is about 100 meters. For the video capturing function, it can offer you with 1080P HD video that allows you to have a clear view of the underwater world. It is also tough enough to withstand even the toughest use.

It is very compact and lightweight for users to carry it along with them to any places. It fits into your backpack easily. It can also be placed in the luggage if you want to have a long distance trip. With an underwater drone from Trident, it allows you work as a real explorer to see what is going on and what is worth to see on our planet.

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Buying Guide: Photography Underwater Drones

To get a great experience with underwater activities, including fishing and scuba diving, it requires a high quality underwater drone that helps you a get a clear field of view. Also, the durability is just as important as the function. So, before making your purchase, make sure that the product includes the following features.

Camera: It should be equipped with a 4K UHD camera. What is significant about UHD camera is that it is able to captures clear, sharp and vivid photos and videos. Even in the low light environment, the images still come to you in details. Therefore, with this camera, you can get up to 1080P photos and videos as well as 720P live streaming videos.

Depth: for the underwater drone, it should go deep into the depth of at least 50 feet to allow users to capture a beautiful moment of the marine life.

Battery: to guarantee you with a long outdoor journey, the battery should allow the use for at least 30 minutes continuously. For some underwater drones, it may enable users to use up to 7 hours at the maximum.

VR compatible: it should also offer the compatibility for VR glasses for users to get firsthand experience to see the moments of the underwater world.

Compact: this is for outdoor purpose. So, its compact size makes it more favorable for users to put it in the luggage or backpack.

SD card storage: normally, it comes with a storage of 64GB to store the videos and photos that it captures.

Wireless connection: some drones allow wireless connection to smart devices for remote control and live streaming.


In short, we have already provided you with the top ten best underwater drones. Choose your drone now to maximize your confidence when it comes to deep water related activities.