Every day, we have some items that we often need to clean. For both male and female, we have some jewelries and accessories that are small to thorough clean and cleaning too many of them at a time may consume your precious time. Ultrasonic cleaner exists to help your life easier. Whether it is for commercial usage, household usage, or for other purpose, ultrasonic cleaners can be such a huge life savior as they can clean your items thoroughly in a short period of time. However, you may face some difficulties choosing which one to buy with so many options out there. We highly suggest that you take a look at some that received high ratings.

Top 9 Best Ultrasonic Cleaners in 2020

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9. Ukoke

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ukoke ultrasonic cleaner has a versatile usage. It can be used to clean accessories, glass, dentures, coin, and many more. Your items will be sparkly clean in no time simply by applying tap water. For this reason, this product is great for repair shop, hospital, workshops, offices and households. However, please note that this ultrasonic cleaner solution is not compatible with microfiber, pearls, coral, emeralds, jades and circuit bo. Furthermore, it produces a powerful ultrasonic sound wave up to 42,000 Hz to ensure a thorough clean, but not too rough that would damage your belongings.

For an even more efficient cleaning, it is highly suggested to put in a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Moreover, this product features five cycles that users can pick from, to accurately set the cleaning time according to items. The five cycles are 90, 180, 280, 380 and 480 seconds. Lastly, Ukoke provides their consumers with a whole year of new replacement, so if consumers have any problems with the quality, fear not, simply take it our shop and we will replace any of the parts that have problems.

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8. H&B Luxuries

Industrial Grade 160 Watts

H&B Luxuries ultrasonic cleaner is an industrial grade product, meaning its quality is suitable and its purpose to is for industrial usage. It weighs 4 pounds. This ultrasonic cleaner requires a power outlet of 35KHz and 160 watts.

With its powerful power, it ensures a thorough cleaning, which every user want. In addition, it is capable of heating liquid up to 2.5 liters electronically to a maximum of 65 degrees Celsius intensifying the cleaning process for an even cleaner result. Furthermore, this ultrasonic cleaner features five cycles, which are 90, 180, 280, 380, 480 seconds, enabling users to control the time better according to the items they are cleaning. What’s more is that the ultrasonic cleaner reviews are mostly positive. The average rating is four stars out of five. Consumers have reviewed the product as capable of cleaning efficiently. Lastly, H&B Luxuries offers their consumers with a one-year warranty, so if you have any issues regarding the ultrasonic cleaner, please do not hesitate to contact the company for a checkup.

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YISSVIC Ultrasonic

YISSVIC ultrasonic cleaner is a stainless steel cleaner that is also resistant to water. It features five cycles that can be digitally managed by a simple touch of your finger. This feature not only offers a more accurately control, but it also offers a more stylish design to the product.  Furthermore, the interior of the product is also made out of stainless steel, so liquids such as vinegar would not cause any damage to the product. It produces ultrasonic sound waves of 40,000Hz that would efficiently clean your jewelries and accessories. It is capable of cleaning many items such as jewelries, dental instruments fountain pens, and many more, however, please beware that it performs most efficiently when cleaning household items. Also, please avoid cleaning diamond accessories using this product as it can be damaged in the cleaning process.

To ensure an even cleaner result, users can put in a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Moreover, upon purchase, consumers will also be receiving an additional basket that can be used to store your belongings once they are washed, and a watch holder. Lastly, consumers are provided with a 24-month warranty. If you are facing any problems regarding the ultrasonic cleaner, simply send a mail to the support team and YISSVIC will do their best to provide you with a satisfying service.

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6. Tacklife

Ultrasonic Cleaner, Compact

Tacklife ultrasonic cleaner is capable of supporting an overall weight of 20 ounces. It was constructed using stainless steel. The design of this product is small and compact, so it would not consumer much space at all. Furthermore, its cleaning operation is not limited to only jewelries, but it can be used to clean items such as lenses, watches, surgical tools and many more. This cleaner generates a maximum ultrasonic sound waves of 42,000Hz that will surely go through every nook and cranny of the product for an efficient cleaning. If you want to achieve a more thorough cleaning, you can opt for a few drop of detergents. Tacklife ultrasonic cleaner has five cycles that users can accurately set to according to the items they are washing.

In addition, it also has an automatic switch off feature, which is more safe for users as it prevents the cleaner from overheating. It has reset time of 180 seconds. What’s more is that it incorporates water resistant control buttons and an LED digital view that is easy to see. Lastly, upon purchase, consumers will be provided with an addition basket to store their items before and after washing.

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5. Magnasonic

Magnasonic Professional

Magnasonic ultrasonic cleaner comes in a gray color with an interior made out of stainless steel. This product produces ultrasonic waves of 42,000 Hz that will surely give your jewelries and accessories an intensified clean yet not too rough that it would cause any damages to your items. Generally, your items will be cleaned in just minutes by using only water, however, you can also choose to add a bit of detergent if you want to make sure that the result will meet your expectation. Furthermore, it has five preset cleaning cycles for users to pick from. This feature provides users with more control over the intensity of the cleaning process for their items each time.

Additional, it also has an automatic off feature, which is convenient as users are not required to be present for the cleaner to shut off. What’s more is that consumers will be receiving a cleaning basket along with the ultrasonic cleaner in which users can store items that are delicate before inserting into the cleaning compartment to avoid potential deteriorate the items. Lastly, once you purchase Magnasonic ultrasonic cleaner, you will get a lifetime customer support.

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4. InvisiClean

InvisiClean Professional

InvisiClean ultrasonic cleaner has a double transducers feature, which means its cleaning power is twice of the normal ultrasonic cleaners. It has multipurpose usage as it is capable of cleaning gold, platinum, diamonds, jewelries, accessories, etc. The cleaning chamber of this product is able to retain as much as 800ml of water.

InvisiClean has provided consumers with a number of useful tips that will surely help make the items cleaner and minimize potential damages done. When you purchase the product, you will be receiving an extra basket and a watch holder along with the ultrasonic cleaner. First of all, the basket provided takes in approximately 30% to 40% of the ultrasonic energy that cleaner produces, hence, the intensity is also lessened. For this reason, when you are cleaning items that is delicate or items that would get scratches easily, it is highly suggested that you place them in the basket before inserting into the cleaning chamber. This way, your items will undergo a thorough cleaning, but will not get any scratches during the cleaning process. However, for items that are not so delicate, do not use the basket for an intensive washing.

Secondly, fill water in the chamber below the maximum mark at all times to ensure an efficient cleaning. Or, you can fill in warm water with a few drops of dishwashing detergent. Thirdly, to make sure that the product is efficient and lasts for a long time, avoid using hot water or let the machine operates no longer than half an hour to prevent overheating. Please take not of how the product is supposed to be operated by taking a look at the manual provided.

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3. Life Basis

Life Basis Professional

Life Basis ultrasonic cleaner is light in weight making it easy for it to be transported from one place to another.

Furthermore, it consists of five preset cleaning cycles that users can easily control to accurately control the intensity depending on the products that they are cleaning. Different from some of the other products, this ultrasonic cleaner displays the remaining time of the cleaning process, which is simply to understand by just a glance. When you buy this ultrasonic cleaner, you will be receiving a cleaning basket, watch holder, CD holder, and user manual.

With three holders provided, it is possible for users to take out the accessories or jewelries that are in the cleaning chamber without having to dirty your hand. This is because the holders each has a knob attached to them. Please be sure to take a look at the user manual to see what types of items are suitable for this machine and what types are not, to avoid any harm done to both the machine and the items.

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2. Taihan

 Commercial Ultrasonic

Taihan ultrasonic cleaner has a LED digital time setting that users can adjust according to the objects they are cleaning. Furthermore, the temperature is also customizable. Users can change the temperature between 0 to 80℃.

Additionally, it can be used to clean many types of objects such as watches, dental tools, coins, etc. This product has an intensive cleaning power that would certainly make your objects look as good as new. Lastly, you will be offered a 1-year warrant to erase you from any doubts.

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1. Uten

Uten Ultrasonic Cleaner

Uten ultrasonic cleaner has a small and compact design that would not consume much storing space. It produces 50,000Hz of ultrasonic sound waves, which will efficiently clean your items without causing any scratches to them. It can be used for a wide range of items including rings, dentures, diamond, silverware, and many more. Not only does it perform its job efficiently, but it also looks stylish and modern with its rectangle shape and its black color.

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Buying Guide  

Before you purchase any product, it is best if you take some factors into consideration as you would certainly do not want to purchase goods that do not suit your purpose of usage. By closely and carefully examining a number of factors, the chances of choosing goods that are not suitable will be minimized. For ultrasonic cleaners, we suggest that you take a look at these factors.

Purpose: The first most important question that you would need to have an answer to is, for what purpose are you going to be using the ultrasonic cleaner for. As you may have known, depending on different product, it excels at cleaning some items, but is not suitable for some items. However, for the most part, all of the products are capable of cleaning more than one type of items, so you may not purchase an unsuitable product. Still, some are capable of cleaning more items than others, so you have the option to choose one with many purpose or you can choose one with less purpose but still efficient if you have a certain purpose since the more versatile the product, the more expensive it is.

Size: The second thing is that you should buy a product that is not bigger than the space that you have available for storing. Ultrasonic cleaners come in many different sizes, so if your space is narrow, be sure to check ones that are small in size, and if your space is spacious, your options are almost limitless with the many available products out there.

Manual: It is extremely vital that before you use the product, you ought to carefully read the manual provided to avoid any unwanted damages done to your accessories. Also, some manuals may give you some useful tips for cleaning.


Now, the description of each product and buying guide comes to an end here, were you able to find at least one of the mentioned product interesting or to your liking? If you still have not found one, we at least hope that we were able to help you narrow down your options. Whether or not you have found one yet, when you do and you have purchased it, we hope that you can enjoy your jewelries and accessories that look as good as new.