One of the most frustrating things that most travelers face when going on trips is not being able to have hygiene items to use as each tools are used by other travelers, too. A lot of personal items that you should not really share as you travel including towers and more. Especially if you want to make sure you are free from worrying about having to use share towers and other personal items with stranger, it’s highly recommend to use traveler towel as you travel because only not only it’s safe to use it, but also you can use it whenever you want without having you worry if the place you go will have clean towel available for you.

If you usually travel, it’s time to grab one now for yourself. Here in this article, we will be introduce the top 10 best traveler towels that you can easily find on the market.

List Of Top 10 Best Travel Towel in 2020

10. Wolfyok

Wolfyok 2 Pack Microfiber

Coming as the first product in the list, here at the top 10th, we have this high quality travel tower from Wolfyok. What’s special about this is that it’s produced from highly premium microfiber that is super soft and smooth; making it efficiency of removing dirt of water on your skin. Moreover, it also has a quick absorb that allows this travel tower get dry 5 times faster than typical towel you could find. Besides, it’s also quite compact that you can place it easily in your handback or luggage without causing a lot of weight burden. Wolfyok travel tower also comes with carrying bag and hang loop that you can use to store and to hang the towel dry after use. Lastly, it also offers with 12-month warranty and 30-day money back guarantee so you don’t have to worry when purchasing this.

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9. Shandali

SHANDALI GoSweat Non-Slip

Next, we have another soft and strong travel towel from Shandali. This is another high quality travel towel that can serve multi-purpose. Not only you can bring it along when you travel, but you can also use it when you go to the gym or doing yoga session because it’s very compact and lightweight, so it’s highly portable to bring along. Also, because it uses premium fabric, this travel towel can be washed in the laundry machine without worrying about color bleeding and more. On top of that, it can also be used to substitute the yoga mat if you want to because this towel can absorb slippery sweat even better than the typical yoga mat, so it can help you better with your posture. Such great product can also be found in Shandali.

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8. WildHorn Outfitters

 Wildhorn Microlite Travel

Moving on, another 100% microfiber travel towel that is the best traveling partner is from WildHorn Outfitters. The upper hand of this product is that it comes with 3 towel sizes in a package; including extra-large size that allows user to easily use it for beach mat, large size as shower towel and small size or face wash and sweat towel. What’s also great about this it that it can get dry up to 10x faster than normal towel because of its super-absorbent function.

WildHorn Outfitters also comes with hang loops that you can use to hang the towel to dry; application to use anywhere you go. With the carrying bag offering with this towel, you can also easily organize this in your handbag or luggage as you travel too.

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7. Rainleaf

 Rainleaf Travel Towel

On the top 7th, we have this Blueish colors travel tower from Rainleaf. Using polyester and polyamide combined as the material, Rainleaf is known for its ultra-compact designed allowing it to fit perfectly in your backpacking.

Moreover, because it’s lightweight and has the ability to absorb sweat and water, this is definitely the best travel partner that can keep you safe and hygiene from any harmful germs causing from using the used towel shared by others. Rainleaf also comes with 3 different sizes that you can choose from; depending on what purpose you use it for. The large size can also be amazingly used as chair cover or yoga mat, too.

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SYOURSELF Microfiber

Moving on, we have this high quality travel towel at the top 6th from SYOURSELF. This is another premium travel tower that is made 100% out of microfiber and is comes with a pack of 4 different size for different purpose of using.

Similar to other top best travel towel, this one also has a fast drying feature and more lightweight; designed to be special for traveling. It’s also very easy to maintenance because you can always wash it in the laundry machine and put in the air dry. SYOURSELF’s towel won’t cause color bleeding that can affect other clothes. What’s also special about purchasing this product is that it comes with high quality mesh back that you can use to keep the towel neat and compact in your backpack or handbag.

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5. The Friendly Swede

The Friendly Swede Microfiber

On the top 5th, here is another top best travel towel from The Friendly Swede. It’s constructed from a combination of polyester and polyamide that is known to produce a highly-soft and absorbent fabric that is easily to use and pack around because not only it’s lightweight and compact that can fit perfectly in a small bag. The fast drying also allows this towel to resist to mold or fungus that is caused by consistently being wet where you fold the towel and store it.

The Friendly Swede also comes with a bundle of 4 items that have different colors so you can easily use them for different days and purpose. Interestingly, this travel towel also comes with lifetime warranty to ensure customers’ confidence that it’s a true risk-free product to purchase.

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4. 4Master

 4Monster Microfiber Travel

Next, at the top 4th, we have this very premium package and the best travel towel from 4Master. Again, talking about packaging, this product has one of the coolest package because all the towels are placed nicely in the hard box that can protect the towel from any germs while it can keep your space clean and neat. Besides, for the towel, it’s made from highly quality cotton that is super soft and highly gentle that is a perfect item to use to wipe your body or face.

4Master also has the ability to absorb all the water; making it resistant to odor and fungus. On top of that, this travel towel is 100% sterilized fabric that is skin friendly, so you wouldn’t have to worry if you would cause your skin irritated. 4Master also make sure that the customers are 100% with the products by offering 30-day hassle free return or replacement and a further 12-month warranty, so you have nothing to concern with purchasing this product.

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3. BAGAIL Basics

BAGAIL Basics Microfiber

Another top quality travel towel in the list is from BAGAIL Basics. One of the most fascinating point about owning this eco-friendly product is because it comes with very compact and premium hard shell packaging that allows users to easily bring this towel anywhere they go. On top of this, this towel is toxic-free and hypoallergenic so if you usually get irritated when using new product, you won’t experience that with BAGAIL Basics. On top of this, this travel towel always owns various size that offers you choice whether you want to use it as yoga or beach mat, body or face wash. Regardless, it’s ultra-soft and comfortable to use.

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2. 4Monster

4Monster 4 Pack Microfiber

Moving on, there is this one called 4Monster. This 2nd top best travel towel product wins a lot of customers’ heart because its package is specially designed for family pack as it comes with a pack of 4 towels. Moreover, each towel is also marked with different color of seam that allows each person to recognize their towel clearly. Obviously, this 4Monster travel towel also has the high-absorbent that makes this super quick drying. Also, this travel towel uses natural dye that is chemical-free, so it’s super safe to use plus it won’t cause color bleeding if you wash it the laundry machine. Most importantly, these towel also comes with a bonus mesh bag that you can use to keep the towel clean and neat. Last but not least, 4Monster also offers 12-month warranty and 30-day hassle-free return and replacement, so it costs you nothing to give this product a shot.

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1. OlimpiaFit

 3 Size Towels at the Price

Finally, onto the last product in the list which is also the number 1 best travel towel you could ever find in the market, it’s the product of OlimpiaFit. This premium travel towel is known for its antibacterial and odorless material that allows this microfiber towels to be completely safe and hygienic. Furthermore, OlimpiaFit is measured up to 10X lighter and 4x faster to get dried than typical towels; making it ideal to for traveling or daily use. Also, because it’s soft and compact, it can be easily stored in the mesh carrying bag that’s also provided with the purchase of the towel. It’s highly recommended for those with sensitive skin on both face and body because this towel is completely hypoallergenic and chemical-free. It comes in a set with 3 size options that is used for multipurpose. OlimpiaFit also offers 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure that customer is completely happy with the product; otherwise, you can get your money back without any question asked.

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Buying Guide: What is the Best Travel Towel?

One of the highly recommended tips when buying the travel towel is to choose those that have these main criteria including lightweight, quick-dry and compact because these are what makes bringing these towel easier and more flexible as you travel. On top of that, the best travel towel should also come carrying bag that you can store the towel clean and neat in. It helps you to organize your stuffs better especially when you travel. Last but not least, choosing the right size is also important. Usually, travel tower offers with different size options; normally ranging from small, medium, large and extra-large. While small is ideally used for face cleaning, extra-large is used for multiple purpose such as to use on or as yoga mat, beach mat, and more.

So, if you’re looking for the best travel towels, don’t forget to choose 1 among these top 10 best products.