Having a little baby is one of the most joyful experiences, but it is also very tiring at the same time. Sometimes, it is very difficult to visit some places because you cannot bring your kids there. For parents who do not want to leave your kid at home and want to bring them with you, one of the best solutions for you is get a travel stroller.

Meanwhile, here’s a look at the top 8 best travel strollers of 2020:

List Of Top 8 Best Travel Strollers in 2020

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 Evenflo Folio Travel System

Evenflo is one of the best travel strollers on the market.  Its special feature of this travel strollers is an advanced full-sized fold. It weighs around 41 pounds. Moreover, you can fold it to one third of the original full-size. It can fold easily with one-hand because it is built with accordion style. Furthermore, it can be used as both travel strollers and baby car seats. It is easy to connect and disconnect to the car.

In order to help you in moving the stroller around easily and providing an enjoyable ride to your kid, this product is equipped with smooth cruiser tires. Adding to that, there is also a very wide storage basket where you can put many different types of baby stuff like milk, water, diapers and toys. Lastly, if there is any damage or lack in workmanship or material within 90 days of purchasing, the company will replace or repair any defects.

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 Ergobaby Metro Lightweight

Another option you should consider is Ergobaby. There are four options that you can choose from this travel stroller like black metro stroller, blue metro stroller, grey metro stroller and weather shield. Each unit is equipped with cushy and luxurious padding that can support your kid’s back, bottom, legs and head really well as baby carriers. Moreover, this travel stroller is built with two small front tires, and two huge back tires with spring suspension that make it easy to move around.

Furthermore, it is easy to fold and very lightweight that weight around 14 pounds which is the ideal size for a baby under 48 months. There also has modifiable leg rest, more than 40 percent seat padding and deep recline. Adding to that, you can carry it easily with one hand when you fold it. If you purchase this product, you don’t have to assemble it, and it includes a carry bag and footmuff as well. Lastly, there are also a very wide storage basket where you can put many different types of baby’s essentials.

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Chicco Bravo LE Trio Travel

Chicco is another worthy investment that you should consider. This travel stroller is one of the best and luxury products on the market that can be used as the baby car seat. It is very to connect and disconnect to the car seat. This product is ideal for children that weight up to 30 pounds and 30 inches for car seat and around 50 pounds for normal travel stroller. Moreover, you can fold it in many ways like an innovative fold, one-hand folding to carry by hand and free-standing fold.

If you purchase this travel stroller, there are two colors such as latte and silhouette and three travel designs like frame stroller, toddler stroller and travel system. It also provides us with many huge adjustable canopy and multi-position resting seats. Adding to that there are children and parent trays that can hold a cup or bottle, adjustable handle and spacious storage basket that could hold many baby’s stuff.

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Contours Bitsy Compact Fold

Going further, we have Contours. There are two colors for the travel stroller such as granite gray and bermuda teal. This is a very comfortable travel product that you can put in the airplane overhead storage. It has a very lightweight with just 13.5 pounds which can easily fold in many positions without caring about the wheels. and carry with one hand. Moreover, it is easy to connect and disconnect to the car seats when used as an infant seat.

There is also an expandable canopy with windows and 140 degrees reclines.  This travel stroller is suitable for a child that weighs up to 40 pounds and up to 40 inches in height. Lastly, there is a bag which is used to protect this travel stroller.

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Graco Modes Jogger SE Travel

Another great travel stroller is Graco. This travel stroller is available in two colors like Codey and Tenley. This product weighs nearly 28.5 pounds. Moreover, there are two systems as well such as travel joggers and sole stroller joggers. This product also provides us seven distinctive riding options for kids. Furthermore, it is easy to attach and detach directly from the car seat which can hold a kid ‘s weight up to 30 pounds.

Adding to that, the stroller seat and recline is flexible which allows the kid to face in any direction with comfort. This product is equipped with three rubber tires and suspension that can improve the overall movement of the travel stroller. Lastly, this travel stroller is very safe because it has been tested with many kinds of crashes.

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besrey Airplane Stroller

Up next, we have Besrey. There are three colors for this travel stroller such as gray, blue and red. This 2019 product is the perfect travel pushchair for the kid that age up to 36 months to sleep because the recline backrest design with extra convenience and comfort. Moreover, you can put it in the airplane overhead storage because it is very easy to fold and very lightweight around 13 pounds or 6 kg.

Furthermore, the travel stroller is very safe with a changeable harness system. That system can grow with the kid and equip with safety belts. Adding to that, you can remove the handle piece and instant one-hand fold with lighting speed. If you purchase this product you do not have to worry about customer services because you can contact them on Besrey or Amazon anytime. Lastly, there are bonus accessories like storage carry handbags for traveling and a rain cover for you.

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Babyzen YOYO

The second-place travel stroller on our list is Babyzen. This product design has a high frame that is ideal for infants who are 6 month or higher with a weight under 40 pounds. It is equipped with four same size wheels with new suspension to provide a smooth ride. Moreover, it has a spacious storage basket which is twice as big as the old model. Adding to that, the canopy can be extendable and has a pouch near it.

Furthermore, this seat is equipped with more padding to provide comfort to the kid. If you purchase this product, it also comes with a reversible backrest, rain cover, travel bag and carry strap. Lastly, it can fold and unfold easily by one hand to small volume because it has a lightweight just around 16.5 pounds or 6.6kg.

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Zoe Trip Stroller

The travel stroller that ranks first in our list is Zoe. It offers a variety of colors including black, green, grey, navy blue, pink and light blue. This product is built with many luxury fabrics such as leatherette handles, moisture-wicking rain cover and ball bearing maneuvers. Moreover, it is equipped with a T-bar safety and safety harness to provide safety for you kid while traveling and transforming it to a luggage roller.

Adding to that, the weight of this travel stroller is just 12.5 pound that make it very easy to carry and pack. Furthermore, it is very easy to fold with just one-hand. and can fit easily into airplane overhead storage. Lastly, it has a long handle, peekaboo window, cup holder, large storage basket and modifiable leg rest to make it one of the most competed travel strollers on the market.

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Buying Guides:

We know that purchasing travel stroller is not always stress-free. So, we decide to assist you more than just supplying the list. Here are some of the basics that your ideal travel stroller should have:

Folding: One of the most important things of the travel stroller is folding. First, it needs to be folded or unfolded very easily. Lastly, it can be folded into many different functions.

Adjustable recline: A recline that is modifiable gives the kid more comfort and allows them to sit in many different positions.

Size: The size of a travel stroller can be determined by your kid size. The big one tends to be heavier and cannot fit into some storage like the airplane overhead storage.

Adjustable handler: Handler that could modifiable give parents more options to adjust their comfortable movement with their heights.

Safety harness: Safety harness is very important because it keeps your baby in place and provides extra protection when it crashes.

Wheels: The types of wheels that can provide a smooth ride are rubber, foam-filled and air-filled wheels. Moreover, the wheels should be equipped with brakes as well.

Canopy and window: The canopy will protect your kid from weather and sun and the window will allow you to see your kid or for the kid to see the surrounding.

Storage basket:  The storage basket is also very important because with it, you can store many kids’ essentials.