Keeping children calm and quiet is not really an easy thing to do in your daily life. Therefore, it is very important to find the solutions on how to keep them entertained. They may need some toys to play. When it comes to choosing toys for kids, we usually think about toy truck because it is the thing that the kids actually like. All of you may need help from us. That is why we are here to help you choose the right toy trucks.

The list below is a collection of top 10 best toy trucks in 2019. All of them do not only work very well, and they look good too.

List Of Top 10 Best Toy Trunks in 2020

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10. Funrise

Tonka Classic Steel

The first product on the list is Funrise Tonka Truck. This thing is made from metal and it is pretty durable. You can raise the dump bed up and down. The truck is totally safe for small kids. Plus, this toy truck looks very eye-catching.

The kids will be pleased while playing this dump truck. It is very well made and very tough. That is why it is guaranteed for a lifetime use.

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9. Funrise

Funrise Tonka Steel

Coming up next, we have a different toy truck from the same company as the last one, Funrise. This one is another kind of truck. It is a 4×4 pickup truck toy. This item is just like the last one, it is built with strong metal. So, that is very durable.

The only interesting thing about this toy truck is, it comes with a winch for towing being attached to the front of the truck. That makes this truck looks like the 4×4 pickup truck in real life.

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8. Coogam

Coogam 4 Pack Friction

We have another greatest choice here among all of the toy trucks on this list. This set comes with 4 trucks. There are Tractor, Dumper, bulldozer, and mixer truck. These things do not require any batteries because they are friction powered. This means that they use friction motor. These trucks have right grip for children’s hands.

Children can also see a driver on each truck. So, they will be interesting for children. Coogam is a very safe truck for children to play.

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7. Yeonha Toys

Yeonha Toys Pull Back Vehicles

This choice is pretty similar to the last one. That is a package of trucks and cars. This package comes with 12 cars in total. Six of them are racing cars, and the other six are construction trucks. They are all friction powered. That means you need to just pull it back to accelerate the car towards.

They are made from high quality plastic. What is more, they are all tough and durable. The kids will be happy while playing these things.

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6. CozyBomB

Monster Trucks Toys for Boys

Another excellent choice is from CozyBomB. This package provides 3 monster trucks. These things look pretty stunning. Their paintings are amazing. No batteries required for these things. They only use friction power. So, it is easier. Children will play them safely and happily.

At the same time, kids will get very excited because of their looks. They are well gripped because of their anti-skid wheels. So, it will not move by itself. Moreover, they are all looking nice and impressive.

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5. Beestech

Construction Toys 4 Pack

Another one here is from Beestech. It is the 4 in 1 construction trucks package. There are an excavator, a bulldozer, a road roller, and a lift truck. They are made to fit in children’ hands because children’ hands are often small. So, they decided to make the trucks small enough to hold. They use friction power which is why we don’t need to buy the batteries.

No more worries about whether it can be moved or not. Sure, it is movable. The most important thing is about the package’s price. That is very reasonable and suitable to its features.

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4. Chicken Toys

Construction Vehicles Toys

Chicken Toys is one of the most famous toy companies in the world. This one is quite unique because it is a package of 6 in 1. On top of that, there are also the traffic lights and traffic signs too. There are mixer, forklift, dumper truck, bulldozer, excavator, and road roller.

They are made from non-toxic plastic, that way, they are pretty durable and safe on the touch. Their wheels are anti-skid which allows the product to avoid from slipping off. The best thing about the truck is the price. It is affordable.

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3. Joyin

JOYIN 11 in 1 Die-cast

Another best toy truck, Joyin. This product is one of the most rated products on the market. This one is a package of 11 in 1 toy trucks. It includes helicopter, wheel loaders, dumper truck, bulldozer, excavator, mixer, backhoe, road roller. It is perfect for giving kids as birthday gifts on their birthdays.

All the trucks are well organised in a semi. It is pretty portable. The trucks look very interesting since the first glance.

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2. John Deere

John Deere Sandbox

The second best toy truck is from John Deere. It is a package that comes with 2 trucks. It includes a bulldozer, and a 4×4 pickup truck. The bulldozer’s loader, and 4×4 pickup truck’s dump bed can be moved. It is well made by using duty plastic. They are easily to play with because of their smooth rolling wheels which can be rolled on every surface. Your kids will have high imagination.

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1. Fun Little Toys


This is the last product on the list, and also the best product on the list too. This is quite impressive because it comes with 12 trunks in a package. There are a Helicopter, a Wheel Loader, a Dump Truck, a Bulldozer, an Excavator, a Mixer, a Backhoe, a Road Roller and more.

All of them are battery free because they use friction power. You just need to pull it back for it to go forwards. The toys provides realistic sound too. That is very cool.

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Choosing a toy trucks for your kids can be very confusing as there are many choices available on the market. That is why you need to seek help from others who have experience of buying toys for their kids. All the products we have shown above are the best picks on the market in 2019. Furthermore, they also look pretty nice, and very durable.