Not many people pay much attention to a rain showerhead, but we should. Showering is a great and self-serving opportunity to relax, dream, think and reflect for your whole days of working and doing some routine or challenging jobs.

When it comes to a rain showerhead, there is thus no doubt there are many choices available in the market. As one needs to relax him/herself with an excellent showerhead, a good one should offer a great moment of relaxation while it can perform as a long-lasting rain showerhead.

Without any more delays, we are here to bring about ten different and best rain showerheads in 2020 with their key features. There is also a product buying guide that you can read for your final thinking over what the right and self-serving rain showerhead should be, so feel free to browse through it..

List Of Top 10 Best Rain showerhead Reviews

10. Hansgrohe

 Hansgrohe 27474001

There is no doubt Hansgrohe is an excellent rain showerhead without anyone telling and by some several qualities that are premium and belonged to it. These qualities are firstly the large size of the rain showerhead. You thus can enjoy almost exactly like a rain dropping down on your heads. There is a large rain showerhead out there with Hansgrohe. We all can opt for the RainAir spray function that simulates real rain. We all can relax and feel joyous because of the rain fall that we can have at any time.

The rain showerhead is plated with chrome for the disc part that makes the product long-lasting in uses. Moreover, it features AirPower tech that mixes air with water, so users can get pleasant and soft water drops. This is in fact beyond raining. Lastly, children will like it a lot as we all can see what Hansgrohe can do with its features and qualities.

Key Features:

  • Large-sized showerhead for great coverage
  • RainAir spray function simulating raining
  • Plated with chrome for the disc part
  • AirPower tech for pleasant showering
  • Children will find it lovely

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9. Sarlai

Sarlai Double Rain Hotel Spa

We all can count on Sarlai as it is a productive and relaxing rain showerhead. The rain showerhead just gives flexibility. Users can adjust its height, change those angles and set the modes of the water to drop down. You can handheld the showerhead, or you can free your hands and just enjoy the rain shower. Furthermore, the face is huge and delivers perfect rain drops for all users. Because of the showerhead’s high power, there is no build-up of lime as well.

Moreover, there are varied modes of shower water dropping including message & spray, bubbles & spray, message, bubbles and spray. Sarlai is finished with chrome as it will last long for the rain showerhead itself. The hose is also made with stainless steel, lastly.

Key Features:

  • Flexible for uses with adjustable height
  • Handheld showering or hand-free showering
  • Huge showerhead for a large coverage
  • No build-up of lime because of power shower
  • A few ways of water droppings
  • Finished with chrome for long-lasting uses
  • Hose made with stainless steel

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8. Nickel

 Moen S6320BN Velocity

Many of us will find Nickel a lovely and high-performing rain showerhead. There are several reasons that a Nickel rain showerhead can stand as a topper. First, it has a huge diameter that can drop the water with a wide coverage. It thus stimulates the real rain and lets you relax with those water droppings.

Additionally, the self-pressurizing tech further reinforces the raindrop falling style. In fact, there are two different modes users can choose from for their water droppings including the rain mode and the concentrated mode.

It’s a rain showerhead for a lifetime because it is constructed with no-corroding material. The company  offers a lifetime warranty with limits for the showerhead that is a very great bonus for its customers. Lastly, there are four choices of colors to choose from for the rain showerhead.

Key Features:

  • A huge diameter for great coverage
  • Stimulates real raining
  • Self-pressurizing tech for reinforced rain drops
  • 2 modes: rain & concentrated modes
  • A lifetime warranty with limits
  • 4 choices of colors to choose from

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7. Embather

 EMBATHER Black Shower

Embather is great because it already comes as a bonus with a lifetime warranty (limits) from the company. Warranty aside, there is also something about the product qualities that qualifies it one of many toppers in the rain showerhead industry. The showerhead is just large that features a large spray coverage all over you. It stimulates real-time rain as if you are standing under the rainy sky. Users can choose the speed to move the drops of water fast as well.

Moreover, it is made with solid brass that makes long-lasting and high-performance uses. What’s more, the Air Injection tech is eco-friendly as Emabther helps to conserve water. All in all, it features a great performance and long-lasting uses as a rain showerhead.

Key Features:

  • A lifetime warranty (with limits) from the company
  • Large showerhead for large spray coverage
  • Stimulates real-time raining
  • Made with solid brass for long-lasting uses
  • Air Injection tech as eco-friendly feature

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6. KunMai

KunMai Matte Black Wall

We all shouldn’t miss KunMai because of its uncompromised quality as one of the most qualified rain showerheads available in the market. It is constructed with solid brass that boast lead-free and long-lasting performance for uses. Other than that, it got matte black finishing that features the rain showerhead as also one of the most modern rain showerheads. Because of its wide diameter, the product can spray rain that lets you relax and feel refreshed during showering.

KunMai cannot perform as a handheld showerhead rather than a hand-free showerhead. Users can control the flow of water and temperature with the rain showerhead as well. Lastly, the company gives full-satisfaction warranties to its customers. Therefore, refunds are possible with the brand. The product just doesn’t make sense but also offers a bonus with those warranties as well.

Key Features:

  • Constructed with solid brass for long-lasting uses
  • Features with lead-free material
  • Finished with matte black color for modern look
  • Wide diameter for spray rain
  • Perform handheld or hand-free showers
  • Control flow of water & temperature
  • Given with full-satisfaction warranties

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5. Pulse

PULSE ShowerSpas

Pulse is a rain showerhead without lime build-up because of its strong power. It comes full-rounded with all important accessories for our showering experience including shower arm, diverter, slide bar and soap dish. That makes a total and complete set.

Furthermore, users can do hand-free showering or handheld showering because the rain showerhead comes in two pieces. One piece is for a handheld showering while another piece is hand-free showering. It is for your comfort because users can adjust angles with the handheld showerhead or relax with the hand-free showerhead. Lastly, it features a lifetime warranty with limits from the company as well. That’s not necessary because of the reliable quality of Pulse but serves as a great optional item. It gives you more freedom to choose Pulse just if there are production defects.

Key Features:

  • No lime build-up because of strong power
  • Comes as a combo with many accessories
  • Good for users who are setting up new bathrooms
  • Do handheld or hand-free showering
  • Features with lifetime warranties (limits)

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4. Esnbia

Esnbia 10 Inch Ceiling

Esnbia rain showerhead should be our go-to rain showerhead. There is a thing or two with it that deserves the product as one of the most exceptional rain showerheads. It just comes as a combo. The combo includes a hand-free showerhead, mixer valve for water, shower hose, shower arm, handheld showerhead, etc. This is a great combo not common among other rain showerheads in the industry and good for those of you who set up new bathrooms.

Moreover, it is constructed with high-quality metal that is brass and brushed nickel. The materials just aren’t corrosive while it features an elegant look. Additionally, users have a choice to choose. We all can get a power shower with the combo. Users can enjoy hot or cold showering. There is also a balance valve that avoids a sudden change between cold and hot water pressure. Thus, it is for your ease and comfort without letting you get burned by the sudden changes of water pressures and temperatures.

Key Features:

  • Comes as a combo with many accessories
  • Constructed with brass and brushed nickel
  • Materials not corrosive and with elegant look
  • Get power shower with the combo
  • Balance valve to avoid temperature sudden change

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3. SR Sun


SR Sun becomes one of the most excellent rain showerheads not without major reasons. First, the product comes as a dual of a hand-free showerhead and handheld showerhead. As a result, you as users get flexibility from choosing SR Sun. Furthermore, it is made with solid brass for years of uses. Users can jot down the day you start using it and see how many years this combo will go around.

Furthermore, it features a mixer valve for pressure balancing that doesn’t make a harsh change of temperature between hot and cold water. Moreover, the product is plated with chrome for a sleek and modern look without chance of corrosion at all. Users will get replacement during the five years of use form the company if the product just doesn’t last to five years. That’s a great thing to have with all of these solid promises and warranties.

Key Features:

  • Comes as a dual of hand-free & handheld
  • Made with solid brass for years of uses
  • Featured with mixer valve for pressure balancing
  • Plated with chrome for modern look
  • Replacement during 5 years of uses

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2. LoveDima

Lovedima LED

This LoveDima showerhead is made with brushed nickel or chrome for the choices of colors users can choose from. It features an LED with a showerhead. That means the showerhead will change its color as the water temperature changes. It doesn’t only give you a relaxing shower but also a shower with style and good mode because of the LED light. Because LoveDima has a huge diameter, users will experience a stimulating rain drop with it.

The product is in fact made with stainless steel. Therefore, the choices of colors are a matter of whether the showerhead is finished with what choices of coatings. We all can apply for refunds within a one-month period if the product doesn’t live up to its promise. As we are working to offer you a solid review, the refunds can be likely because of production defects that are common in this and other industries.

Key Features:

  • 2 color choices: brushed nickel or chrome
  • Featured with LED light for colored showering
  • Huge diameter for stimulating raining
  • Made with stainless steel for years of uses
  • Refunds within a one-month period with defects

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1. Kohler


Kohler makes a good rain showerhead with some strong points of its owns. The product design is low-profiled that makes it look modern because of the simplicity. The showerhead’s diameter is huge for stimulating a real raindrop. Additionally, it features with Katalyst Spray tech that further adds advantage to the rain drop experience beside the hug showerhead. That makes a doubled quality for the raining stimulation.

Moreover, the MasterClean tech avoids mineral and lime buildup with the showerhead. The flow rate is 2.5 gallons every minute that is a powerful shower if you are choosing it. Lastly, it is finished with a brushed nickel color. That compliments the minimalistic design as well.

Key Features:

  • Featured with low-profiled outlook that is modern
  • Huge diameter for stimulating raining
  • Katalyst Spray tech for more raindrops experience
  • MaterClean tech without buildup of lime & minerals
  • Powerful flow rate of 2.5 gallons every minute
  • Finished with brushed nickel color

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A good showerhead should have a huge diameter and no buildup of limes and minerals. That can be other qualities such as hand-free, finished with chrome or brushed nickel, LED light, etc. Please also consider the followings before your purchases:

Huge Diameter: The showerhead should come with a huge diameter. There is a solid point with it. It features a huge diameter so as for a big coverage of raindrop experience. Your preferred showerhead can stimulate a raining experience only if it can cover a wide area of artificial raindrop coverage.

No Buildup: The product should not build up limes or minerals with it. That’s not good as it can give a chlorine or mineral smell to your showering experience as those limes and minerals can build up over time without adequate and advanced tech to stop those issues.