If you are an adventurer, you must enjoy the beauty of the nature, no matter it is the sky, star or moon. Therefore, on your camping, hiking or any other adventure trip, a telescope cannot be eliminated from your backpack because it is one of the most important tools to make your journey more beautiful.

In this article, we would like to tour you through a list of the best telescope brands in order for you to choose your desirable telescope for the next trip. Also, at the end of the article, you will get to learn about some key features that determine whether the telescope comes with a good quality and function or not.

List Of Top 10 Best Telescopes in 2020

10. MaxUSee

 MaxUSee Travel Scope

To start with, you should take a look at this telescope from MaxUSee. It is designed perfectly for you to do the astronomical observation, especially viewing from distances. The lens has a large aperture of 70mm, and its diagonal prism features 45-degree angle. It also includes a 3x lens for you to have the magnification between 20x and 132x. It comes with an HD clear view for you to watch the sky, bird, sports or any other events.

In addition, it offers a smartphone adapter in the package for the telescope to connect to the smartphone in case you wish to capture the moment as a photo or a video. More importantly, in order for you to keep all things organized, there is a designed backpack for you to hold all the things. The setup is also very easy and can be finished within minutes.

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9. EMarth

Emarth Telescope

Here is another telescope from Emart which is for beginners and kids who want to start their sightseeing journey. It features a 70mm aperture along with high level of transmission coatings to offer more brightness as well as clarity to the view. It also secures your eyes against any harmful light. For the installation process, there is no tools required, and you can encourage your kids to do the installation on their own.

It comes with 3x lens for a higher quality optics. Therefore, users can see their targeted objects more easily. It features an aluminum tripod with adjustable legs to be adjusted for your favorite heights. There is a carry bag provided to store all the items while going outdoors. Last but not least, it comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer on the quality of the product.

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 Telescope 70EQ Refractor

SOLOMARK is another famous brand that offers a good telescope at a reasonable price. It comes with a glass optical to transmit high quality of images and views. The brightness and clarity of the image are greatly enhanced to maximize the visual feast. It also has the erect image function which is designed just for astronomical use. For power eyepieces, it comes with both higher and lower position.

To control the slow motion, it comes with an EQ mount for you to work with 2 lens pieces, which include 10mm and 20mm plossl. Last but not least, in the setup process, you will never need a professional person and tools to help you with the installation because a smooth tracking is ensured for you to set up within minutes.

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ESSLNB Telescopes

Moving onto the next telescope from ESSLNB, it is a professional telescope which works well for both experts and beginners. It features the Kellner eyepieces at 1.25 inch. The Barlow lens is able to give you 3x view for a further distance object. Also, there are glass optical components that are designed for high transmission. Furthermore, it comes with 45 degrees of erect images. Thus, kids and observers at beginner level can learn how to spot their target faster and more efficient.

It has a lightweight frame which is very portable and convenient for carry and storage. There is also a panning handle provided for users to point accurately. The tripod is designed to be adjustable for different heights. More importantly, users can set it up anywhere easily without much power and time consumption. It is such a great telescope that also allows you to connect to your smartphone to take pictures of your favorite view. Last but not least, if you need to do the observation by the full moon time, there is also a moon filter for you to clear out the glare and improve our sightseeing experience.

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6. Vanstarry

 Vanstarry Telescopes for Kids

This is another great telescope binocular from Vanstarry which is for the best observation of a starry night. It features high quality glass optics lens which is about 70 mm. It has a lightweight frame to not to add any burden to the telescope. There are 2 eyepieces for replacement, and there is a 3x lens for the target at a further distance. It also comes with a mounting bracket for users to keep it in place and locate objects more conveniently.

The objective lens has a large aperture at 70mm, and it adds more brightness to the view for a clearer sight. Users can enjoy the view from different positions because the aluminum tripod comes with adjustable legs. It is also foldable to place into a bag for convenient transportation. A carry bag is provided for the storage of all the items. To guarantee you with the best quality and function, it has a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

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5. Sky Watcher


Sky Watcher has offered us another outstanding telescope that has the length at 12 inches. It has a Dobsonian style, and it is foldable and collapsible to a much smaller size for more convenience in storage and transportation. It comes with 2 eyepieces, which are 25mm and 10mm Plossl. The Plossl is also in 4 elements. For a more stable observation, it offers you with the rocker mount to get it attached tightly.

In addition, the magnification is as high as 720x to provide you a clear and high resolution view. The focal ratio of this telescope is about 4.92. The weight of this telescope is only about 35 pounds, which is really great for outdoor use. Last but not least, the focuser is about 2 inches, and it guarantees you with the smoothest and most accurate performance of sky observation.

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4. Celestron

Celestron - NexStar 8SE

Now, let’s take a look at this telescope and microscope from Celestron. In the set, it features a computerized telescope which comes with a great tube design. The upgraded technology makes it even easier for beginners to start their sky observation journey. It has a large aperture at 8 inches, and it is able to gather the light to focus for users to have a better observation experience. It also has a large database which is able to store about 40,000 celestial items in total. The function enables users to track the objects clearly.

Inside the package, it comes with a steel tripod. The tripod also has a portable structure design which is easy to both break down and set up. For convenient transportation, users can store it as many components and then assemble it within minutes. There is no demand of tools to install the tripod. For a bonus for this product, a software program related to astronomy is offered for you to simulate a sky for your own. The quality of this product is trustable because Celestron has the experience inside this field for more than 60 years.

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3. Orion

Orion 09007 SpaceProbe

With this telescope from Orion, it lets you observe the Orion’s belt stars clearly. This telescope features an aperture at 5.1 inches. It offers a clear view of the sky no matter you want to observe the moon or the sky. Users are also able to see the galaxies and stars as well. The optical tube measures the length at 24 inches, and it also offers slow motion tracking for users to see the celestial objects.

In addition, it includes 2 eyepieces for you to work with. The eyepieces are 25mm and 10mm respectively. There is a tripod provided for the telescope to stand still, and it is also adjustable for different heights to see different views. Last but not least, there is a astronomy software for you to install to have your own view of the starry night.

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2. Gskyer

Gskyer Telescope

Next, we have this telescope from Gskyer. Gskyer is also a leading brand in the industry which continues to produce premium quality telescopes. It features an aperture of 90mm, and the focal length is about 600mm. it also has 3 eyepieces inside the package for replacement, and the magnifications are 24x, 60x and 120x respectively. There is also a 3x Barlen optical lens.

In addition, the tripod is designed to be adjustable for different views and positions. The height is also adjustable between 31.5 and 49 inches. It is made of aluminum alloy to provide a sturdy and strong structure. For the installation and operation, there is no need of professional tools. Last but not least, to ensure you with the best peace of mind, it has a 12-month warranty, and it provides the best customer service whenever you encounter with any problems related to this telescope.

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1. Gskyer

Gskyer Telescope

Here is another model of telescope from Gskyer as well. It has a high focal lens which is about 400mm. Also, the aperture measures its size at 70mm. The optic lens is coated with glass to ensure a high transmission process. It also features 2 eyepieces in the package, and it has a 3x lens for easier target. More significantly, it is monitored through wireless connection which allows you to connect to the smartphone for camera use. This allows you to take pictures of the beautiful nature.

It comes with a tripod that is made of aluminum alloy. The tripod features adjustable legs for different heights for different views. There is also a carry bag provided for users to get all the items organized neatly. It is also for convenient storage and transportation when it comes to outdoor use in the adventure trip.

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Buying Guide

A telescope is never a common and inexpensive product, so we, as the customers, must not want to replace a telescope frequently. Therefore, before spending your money, below are the things that you need to know about a telescope.

Aperture: aperture is the most important component. The diameter of the aperture should be at the minimum of 2.8 inches. Most telescopes have a larger size aperture than that.

3x Barlen lens: this is designed for you to have a clearer view of the objects at a greater distance. It also allows you to locate the objects more easily and conveniently.

Magnification: although quality comes before function, high magnification is also something that we always look for. It may feature the magnification as high as 720x to offer you a clear field of view.

Tripod: the tripod should be made of either steel or aluminum for a strong and stable structure. The legs should be adjustable for different positions and views at the same time. More importantly, it should be collapsible and foldable when it comes to the storage and transportation.

Carry bag: this is for you to get all of the items organized with great protection because inside the set, there is not only a telescope but also other eyepieces, optical lens and tripod.

Installation: the assembly and disassembly process should be easy and simple. There are no requirements of professional tools to attach all the components to set up.


Have you made up your mind and found your favorite telescope yet? After going through these top ten best telescopes, you should be able to grab a telescope home now with the best quality as well as functions to suit your demand of astronomical observation. Grab one now to boost the performance of your next adventure trip.