A tabletop Fountain is a very important decor piece that is needed in every home. It adds such an aesthetic to your place. A fountain not only is an important decor element in your home, but it also gives you a very comforting feeling that makes your place much more homey and cozy.

There are so many kinds of fountains out there for indoor and outdoor spaces. Today we would like to focus on the small fountain that you can put on a table inside of your home or outside if you like with great styles and affordable prices.

We are about to introduce you to top 10 best tabletop fountains, and at the end of the article you are going to learn from our buying guide section that is going to show you exactly how you should choose the best fountain for your home.

List Of Top 10 Best Tabletop Fountains in 2020

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10. Water Lily Fountains from Bits and Pieces 

 Bits and Pieces

First is this water lily fountain. It comes with a very beautiful copper color made out of metal in a very realistic shape of water lily plant. This fountain is incredibly lightweight which makes it possible for you to put it anywhere in your home and you do not have to worry that it can ruin your furniture.

Imagine water falling down the water lily flower with the sound of the waterfall, that is going to add so much of the peaceful vibes into your home.

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9. Bamboo Accent Fountain with battery

Bamboo Accents Water

This outdoor tabletop fountain on the list is this bamboo accent tabletop fountain. The bamboo creates such a peaceful ambience that we are looking for. This bamboo fountain allows you to play around with your creativity. You can assemble and decorate it however you like.

The good thing about this fountain is that it is also ready lightweight which gives you so many options.  You can put it on a table off your living room, or in your master bathroom or even your office. And the fountain comes with a battery which is amazing.

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8. Alpine Candles Fountain Outdoor 

Alpine Corporation Pouring

Lighting up a candle away creates such an amazing atmosphere, it makes you feel warm and cozy. When the sound of a waterfall makes you feel calm and peaceful.  This Alpine fountain gives you both of the important elements. The fountain is in the shape of the candles. It is designed in a way that you can light up candles and also enjoy the beautiful sound of the waterfall.

It has 3 places for you to light up 3 actual candles and comes with a pack of natural River Stone.  For this fountain, you can place this not only indoor but outdoor as well.  The design is just perfect for every space.

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7. John Timberland Fountain with light

John Timberland Rustic

This is John Timberland tabletop fountain.  This piece has such a sculptural shape to it. It comes with a beautiful bronze color of stone yet it is super lightweight, which is great because you can move it and position it easily around your home or office.

The set comes with a water pump and cord. The amazing feature that comes with this Fountain is that it has the live feature to it so when you plug in, you get to hear the sound effect from the pump and the light will be on, that makes your space extra relaxing and cozy.

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6. Sunnydaze LED light fountain

Sunnydaze Tabletop

This tabletop fountain with LED light is truly a piece of art that you should take into consideration.  The decoration of this Fountain is incredible.  If you like a stack of wood piling on top of each other to create such a beautiful shape.  it’s perfect for indoor and it is amazing for outdoor. Not only a beautiful design that comes with it but the construction of it is also very durable.

It’s made out of fiberglass and polyresin. It comes with a foot pad to protect your table from scratching. And then you have a beautiful LED light Fountain with sound effects of the waterfall right in your own home. Who doesn’t want that?

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5. Chillscreamni waterfall fountain 

Chillscreamni Small

The next item from chillscreamni is stunning. This fountain has such a unique design with the LED crystal ball on top of the fountain.  It also has a very beautiful shape and sound effect that gives you a very relaxing feeling just like when you are on a holiday.

The fountain is made out of polyresin which is durable and it’s going to last you for a long time. Fountain also comes with a pump to mimic the waterfall effect and circulate the water.

The LED light is going to light up beautifully at night and give you a peaceful atmosphere that you deserve after a long day of hard work.  The Fountains come in two different sizes, one is only 8 inch and another one is 11.4 inch. This gives you the option to choose the one that fits your space best.

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4. PeterIvan small tabletop fountain

 PeterIvan 4-Tier

Now we would like to introduce you to PeterIvan fountain.  The piece that comes with a beautiful Rock design, LED light, LED ball, a waterfall feature that everybody should have.  It comes with Two sizes for you to choose. This fountain is portable. It fit perfectly in your living room, or bathroom, or your patio. Imagine having this piece of art inside your home that gives you a very relaxing feeling and peaceful mind, we guarantee that you would never want to get out of the house again.

What are you waiting to make a purchase right now and you are going to be the owner of this beautiful and portable fountain that’s going to make the quality of your life better!

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3. BBabe Spinning Orb Rock Fountain

BBabe Spinning Orb

This beautiful piece of fountain is the mimic of rock covered with moss. It has four tires of rocks piled on top of each other with a round circle crystal on top.

This fountain belongs in a very classy home. It comes with LED light making it romantic, calm and cozy.

It also comes with a water supply of 110v, a power cord, plus it also has a crystal on top which makes the water spins. This spinning orb rock fountain looks expensive and you should show it off in your beautiful living room.

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2. Ferrisland Tabletop Fountain Birds Waterfall 

Ferrisland Tabletop

This piece is a very adorable design that you should take into consideration as well. It has two beautiful small birds on top of a branch and you have the waterfall coming along the three which is very adorable.  This Fountain is really decorative and fit in your space perfectly and beautifully.

The amazing thing about this Fountain is that it is for both indoor and outdoor use. Imagine having a beautiful fountain in your garden or on your kitchen counter or the living room, it is beautiful to look at and it’s going to make a good impression on your guests.

The fountain comes with a built-in automatic pump that circulates the water when you plug it in. It is safe to use and it also has adjustable water flow.

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1. AMPLE Indoor USB Relaxation Fountain


Last but not least, we would like to show you the top 1 on the list, which is this Ample indoor USB fountain. The material of this fountain is very great, it’s made out of Crystal ceramic stone which is super durable.

The fountain has LED light. It also has a smart design. For example, its pump has an automatic shut-off function that is going to shut when it runs out of water.

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Buying Guide

There are a few tips that we would like to offer you and help you choose your perfect fountain.

  1. Design: The design of the fountain is very important. You have to understand which style fits best with your home. The color of it is also important. You want the fountain that matches your theme or the color pallet of your space.
  2. Size: The size of the fountain is also something you have to pay attention to. We advise you to measure your space first before making a purchase so you know that it is going to fit right.
  3. LED light: The LED light that comes with the fountain is a bonus. It is good to see the light dimming from the fountain at night.
  4. Weight: having a fountain that goes on top of your table can be risky. You want to make sure that it is not very heavy. The good news is all of our fountains are lightweight, and you do not have to worry about the weight at all.


We strongly believe that you already have your favorite fountain in mind already. Adding a fountain to your home is going to be a very transformative experience. We hope that this article is helpful and you finally get the fountain of your dream.