Even since the presence of tablet keyboards, some people stop bringing a laptop with them on the go and settle for a tablet with a keyboard instead. If you are one of these people, then you are probably on a hunt for a good quality tablet keyboard as well.

Yet, with numerous of options available on the market, how do you decide which one(s) to opt for? Let us be your assistant. Below are the top 10 best tablet keyboards and some buying tips.

List Of The Tablet Keyboards in 2020

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10. Amazon Renewed

 Logitech Universal

Are you looking for a keyboard for your brand-new tablet? Here we have a portable keyboard from the Amazon Renewed brand. This keyboard is very easy to use as it is made with Bluetooth connection that allows you to connect it with your tablet. It has a super quick set up tool with only 3 minutes finish. This keyboard is good and fitted with a tablet with the size of about 9 to 10 inches.

Moreover, the keyboard is designed with 4 gripping points that you can easily grip it with your tablet. It provides such stable positions for your tablet. It also comes with one pencil which you can use for touchscreen, too. Your tablet together with this keyboard will make it feel like you are using a laptop. It is also light weight, so you can carry it along with you.

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9.​ Fosmon

Fosmon Portable Lightweight

This keyboard is from Fosmon brand; with it, you can connect it to your tablet very fast. This is the Wireless Bluetooth keyboard that is designed in a very convenient size for everyone. This keyboard’s size is only 6.25 inches and it is very light in weight which super easy for you to carry it anywhere.

More than just connecting it with a tablet, this keyboard can also be connected to a smart TV too. On this small keyboard, there is also a touch pad built to help you control the cursor without touching on tablet or TV screen.

This top-rated keyboard runs on lithium batteries which you can easily recharge it when battery runs low. The batteries’ life is up to 10 days.

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8. Eoso

 Eoso TouchPad Keyboard

Got yourself a tablet but feel like need another tool to make your work get easier with the tablet? Here we have you an easy tool keyboard from Eoso that you can find it very convenient to use. This keyboard will make your tablet feel like a laptop that you can do any office work with it. This keyboard is suitable for 9 to 10 inches tablet and you can easily attach it with your tablet by its case, and the case offers a very stable stand. Moreover, you can connect this keyboard with your tablet by its wireless Bluetooth function.

It has a very light weight of only 1.4 pounds that you can carry along with your tablet. In order to make it look like a real keyboard, this is designed with a touch pad so that you can use it even without a mouse.

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7. Jelly Comb

Folding Bluetooth

This Jelly Comb keyboards can be connected to your tablet, then you can work with it even easier than ever before. For this keyboard, you will find it special because you can fold it smaller to put it in your bag and bring it anywhere with you. Its weight is just 200 grams.

Just like most brands, you can connect it to the tablet via wireless Bluetooth. The Jelly Comb keyboard can also be recharged with it runs out of batteries. This keyboard is compatible with many software like android, iOS and Windows.

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6. Microsoft

 Microsoft Wedge Mobile

Another sought-after keyboard that we would like to recommend to you is from the Microsoft brand. This keyboard looks very cool and simple in its design. This is a real laptop keyboard that you can use to work with your tablet like iPad and Samsung tablet for any typing or writing job. This is also a wireless keyboard that can connect with your tablet with Bluetooth. The keyboard’s weight is only 1.3 pounds and it has such light key which you will find very easy to use when it comes to typing.

Additionally, it also comes with one cover that you can use to hold your tablet and makes it stand very stable for writing work. Any type of software can work with this even if it is iOS, Android or Windows.

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5. Cooper Cases

Cooper Touchpad Executive

Cooper Cases is a brand that also produced such a convenience and portable keyboard that you can easily connect to any type of tablet you might have. The keyboard can connect to any kind of software even if iOS, Android and Windows as well. This keyboard comes with a case that can hold your tablet and keyboard that makes it easier for typing.

The case is a good fit for any tablet sized 7 to 8 inches. It can connect fast via wireless Bluetooth. The keyboard uses battery and it is rechargeable. A full battery can run up 100 hours long for typing job.

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4. Arteck

 Arteck HB030B Universal

Arteck keyboard is designed to serve you as a great tablet keyboard which mean you can connect this keyboard to your tablet with wireless Bluetooth and start typing anything just like a laptop. The keyboard is also created with 7 different LED light which is to support you when use keyboards at night. You can also adjust the brightness as well. It is made 9 inches size which is a good fit for a tablet sized around 10 to 12 inches.

The keyboard has very a slim and lightweight profile that allow you to carry it anywhere with you. This universal keyboard can be used for any type of tablet such as iOS, Android or Windows.

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3. Arteck

 Bluetooth Keyboard

This is another model from Arteck brand that it has such superb functions as other models as well. This keyboard model has its size of about 11 inches and it is also very light in weight so it makes itself easy for storage and carry along. What you need to do is just connect this keyboard to your tablet via its wireless Bluetooth function then you can start writing right away.

This is called a universal keyboard because it be used for any type of tablets. Moreover, this keyboard is very durable as its battery life is so cool. It is rechargeable and per battery charge, you can use the keyboard up 6 months.

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2. Plugable

 Plugable Bluetooth Keyboard

Here is another lovely pick from Plugable. This keyboard is designed very neat and so simple which is suitable for any type of tablets. For those who always write on their tablet, now you can just get this keyboard and connect it to your tablets like iPhone, iPad, Android device or Windows tablet.

The keyboard’s size is about 11 inches and it also comes with a case. It is a rechargeable type of keyboard. Per full charge, the keyboard can last for a week.

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1. Blience

 BLICENCE iPad Keyboard

The last brand of keyboard is from the Bilence brand. This model has the working distance of about 10 meters. It also comes with a case that lets you place your tablet and its case can also be adjusted and detached as well.

The keyboard is very light and small which would fit best any 10 inches tablet. It runs on lithium batteries and it can be charged full in just only 2 hours.

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Buying Guide for Best Tablet Keyboards

Keyboard size: First of all, you need to take into consideration the size of the keyboard. Just so you know, tablets might not be that big, so you need to find a kind of keyboard that would suit well with your tablet. If you tablet is only 9 to 10 inches, you will need a keyboard of a similar size as well. 

Weight: Next, you need to take a look at the keyboard’s weight. When buying a keyboard for your tablet, you don’t need any kind that is too heavy to carry along. You have to weigh your keyboard with your tablet whether it is fitted and good for bringing along.

Cover: For its cover, you can just search for any kind of keyboard that also comes with a case. Most cases can cover your tablet and make it stand like a laptop. You need to look for ones that can hold the keyboard well, too.

Connection: Most buyers want a keyboard that has wireless Bluetooth connectivity; hence, you can easily connect it to your tablet. Don’t buy any type of keyboard that still needs cable for the connection which would make everything complicated.