Many of us like watching TVs. The more programs there are on the TVs, the better it is to us. Without a doubt, we like watching TVs especially with streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO and Netflix. Because those streaming services are our favorites when we can have some personal movies for special moments to watch, it is a smart move to have a streaming stick.

Here are the top ten best streaming sticks in 2020 with a product buying guide regardless of whether you use it for TV or as a streaming stick for a projector.

List Of Top 10 Best Streaming Stick Reviews in 2020

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10. Vankyo Media Box

VANKYO MatrixBox X95A

Vankyo is an exceptional streaming stick. The features for connecting to your TV are varied. There are two ports for USB. Moreover, it enables an ethernet port for connecting your devices. Furthermore, it can be accessed with WiFi for streaming from streaming services such as Netflix and more. The streaming stick is just smart. You can connect it when it does work fast because of the GPU processor inside the streaming stick.

We should not have a doubt that the product can run 4K and HD movies and screening for us on TV. In addition, you can install apps such as gaming apps and others for entertainment. The stream stick has 16GB flash memory on its own for you to install and save those applications. Vankyo is thus a brilliant streaming stick.

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9. Stream Media

Mini TV Box

Stream Media is one among many extraordinary streaming sticks. We can watch our TV with the streaming stick for full HD picture quality. Files which can be stored inside Stream Media can be varied for its types including mp4, iso, mov, avi, dat and more. What’s more, it works with your android smartphones for any gaming experience.

Meanwhile, there are several ways that you can connect it with TV such as the USB port when the package features a remote control too. Even though the product comes with small memory storage, you can insert for more with a TF card that matches well for memory storage from 4GB to 64GB. As a result, we should not doubt the product’s high quality and solid performance.

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8. Apple TV BOX

 Apple TV

Apple streaming stick can run full quality HD image with your TV. The product assures smooth run of your TV because of the A8 chip. Furthermore, we can use the remote control for distance controlling of the TV. That’s not done yet with Apple. Because we can stream services such as iTune, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Now and Netflix, it is very convenient and easy to work out the Apple streaming stick.

The memory storage for it is 32 GB that enables us to download a considerable number of applications. We should thus have no doubt with the product at all.

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7. Xiaomi Android TV Box

 Mi Box S Xiaomi Original

Xiaomi streaming stick works in varied ways including image format, audio format and video format. In fact, it can store many types of files with the streaming stick; although, it primarily works on the video function. Moreover, you can connect Xiaomi with WiFi. There are two USB ports which we can connect the stick with. Besides, it features a remote control for distance controlling of the stick connected with your TV. It is without a question that convenience is the product’s top priority.

What’s more, the product works well with different types of mobile applications. Furthermore, you can stream fresh and new contents from those streaming services very well with Xiaomi. Lastly, it matches with google Assistant so as to integrate with other accessories to build a smart home system too.

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6. Anker tv streaming

 Nebula Soundbar

Anker streaming stick is powered by a pack of AAA batteries. It connects with your TV because of a HDMI cable. Furthermore, you can integrate it with Alexa. This function is for a voice command. Meanwhile, there is no hesitation that Anker can be connected with your TV. The product works perfectly with many streaming services such as Prime, Youtube and Netflix. It can run endless hours of movies as long as you connect it with the Internet which is possible.

With it, you don’t need a smart TV. All you need is a streaming stick. Furthermore, it features with two built-in speakers. Consequently, we should not ask why the streaming stick is so smart.

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5. Roku Box

 Roku 3900SE SE

Roku is an intelligent streaming stick. It can run your TV with HD. Additionally, you can watch countless movies and TV episodes as long as you connect it with the Internet. What’s more, it is powered by a pack of Lithium-ion batteries which is also included in the package.

We should not wonder about the remote control. It comes included in the collection too. Although, the review can be reliable, yet you never experience it yourself; the company offers us one-year warranty for Roku TV streaming stick.

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4. Roku 2 Streaming Device

Roku 3903 SE Streaming

It is amazing that Roku 2 is equipped with excellent qualities. You can stream many services with Roku 2 without any fusses at all. Consequently, Disney+, Netflix, Apple TV+ and more are possible because the streaming stick enables all of these streaming services to be connected with your TV.

The product in general is compact. There is a remote control for controlling the streaming stick from a distance. A HDMI connection with Roku2 is enabled by it too, lastly.

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3. Roku 3 Sticks

Roku Premiere

Setting up the TV with Roku3 via a HDMI cable shouldn’t be a big deal with the streaming stick. Furthermore, you can connect it with the Internet. As a result, we can start streaming TV series and movies from those famous and available streaming services. What’s more, the quality picture coming from the streaming stick is qualified. It features HD and 4K quality pictures.

Besides, the product has its power from two packs of AAA batteries. Lastly, the company is now offering full-satisfaction warranties for one-month periods to buyers of its products.

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2. Roku 4 Streaming Media Player

 Roku Streaming Stick

You can watch a variety of shows and programs from Roku 4 as it can stream those services very smoothly with your TV. The function is possible because the product is WiFi-enabled. We therefore should not have trouble listening to music and gaming for more than just movie experience. Roku 4 features with a remote control for long-distance command too.

Besides, the product enables your TVs to view those movies in 4K and HD. The product is thus excellent, and there are very few flaws that are not obvious to all of us.

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1. Amazon TV Box

 Fire TV Stick 4K streaming

Amazon is smart because it enables us to view thousands of movies when we can install applications on the streaming stick. Moreover, there should not be a problem for you to watch movies in full HD or 4K quality. What’s more, there are endless streaming services Amazon can connect with such as Prime Video, Youtube, Netflix, HBO, Apple TV, Disney +.

Amazon is an Alexa-enabled TV stick that you can voice control the product. Overall, the product is well-rounded and comes with a thorough product design.

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What is the best streaming stick

The best streaming stick should have the followings:

WiFi Connectivity: Any streaming sticks are not streaming sticks when we cannot connect those sticks with the Internet. We want to connect the sticks with the Internet, so we can access streaming services online and enjoy full movies or streaming experiences with those products.

Remote Control: It can miss something if the streaming stick doesn’t have a remote control. As a result, we should make sure that our preferred streaming sticks feature with remote controls. Thus, we can command the stick from a distance with convenience.

Integrated Smart Home: We should connect the top-graded streaming sticks with other smart home appliances so as to build smart homes. There is no doubt we should command by voices those accessories. Consequently, the streaming sticks should be brilliant to connect with Google Home or Alexa.

Battery: You should check whether the streaming sticks we like are powered by what sources. Many products are powered by some pack of batteries. Consequently, it is smart to know first hand whether any packs of batteries are included in the package.

HDMI port: HDMI ports are important because we can connect those streaming sticks with those TV by HDMI ports. Hence, it is a correct and careful thought to check whether those streaming sticks feature with any HDMI ports regardless of their brands.

Brands: Brands do matter for the streaming sticks. Without a hesitation, we should cross-check the qualities with their brands. It is necessary that we are sure the product’s qualities are solid and reliable. Meanwhile, it is a thoughtful decision to double up the product’s solid qualities with well-reputed brands out there.


We should not wonder why those streaming sticks become popular. They are helpful for our entertainment experience whether they be movies, gaming or music. We don’t need smart TVs because the streaming stick enables ordinary TV to become smart. As long as you can connect your TVs through HDMI ports, anything is possible with the streaming stick for TV.

No matter what, it is important that you consider the product buying guide that can be a helpful assistant for you. Features in the product buying guide are such as WiFi connectivity, remote control, integrated smart home, batteries, HDMI ports and brands which are all necessary and rule of thumb for your decision making.

Nevertheless, you can still have some personal considerations and guts to go along with the buying guide too and whether it be a normal or chrome-cast streaming stick.