It seems there is no big deal with choosing a right soup maker. You could, nonetheless, go shopping and wander around without knowledge of what is a good product. In this article, we introduce you the top ten best soup makers in 2020.

List Of Top 10 Best Soup Makers in 2020

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10. MOOSUM Soup Maker

Moosum Electric Rice Cooker

While there are plenty of choices, there are plenty of challenges to filter out the right product. With MOOSUM soup maker, you do not make only soup but also rice and other dishes. MOOSUM soup maker has 6 cookers inside one same cooking machine. There is no difficulty for users to control the product’s settings. It has a LED display. Besides, you could see the timer for particular recipes which requires specific timings.

The soup maker is a middle-sized cooking machine. As housewives or husbands cooking for the family, you could feed from 3 to 8 people for multiple dishes with only single soup making machine. The product has a capacity of 1.8L. The manufacturer has crafted the soup making machine with eco-friendly quality. His/Her clients thus could save some money from electricity bills. Believe us. Your savings are compounding with eco-friendly cooking appliances. There is a two-year warranty with the product as well.

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9. TOPWIT Soup Maker

Topwit Electric Hot Pot

TOPWIT’s manufacturer has made the soup maker with smaller capacity than MOOSUM. Moreover, there is only single cooker with TOPWIT soup maker. Customers should not yet make consider the ninth best soup maker as lesser quality than the tenth best cooker. Even though, there is only one cooker; the same cooker could serve multiple functions. You could make dumplings, boil water, steam rice, etc.

Now, you got the even more special feature. The product’s interior has a stainless-steel construction, on one hand. On the other hand, the exterior is user-friendly because of the cool-touch design. We know you got this. The stainless steel helps to keep your food warm despite the cooker not being powered. The foods you cook could even stay warm and hot as just been cooked with yet another feature of double-layer wall for insulation. The soup maker could feed two people.

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Chefman 6 Qt Electric

CHEFMAN soup maker could not play its literal role as a chef yet. A chef should be able to cook many more recipes. Let’s that sink in. CHEFMAN soup maker, however, could cook nine different kinds of dishes with single cooking machine. Those cooking features range from pressure cooking to the very fundamental job of soup cooking. Like TOPWIT soup maker, you could warm your food with the product too. The manufacturer, nonetheless, does not construct the cooking machine with eco-friendly quality, like TOPWIT cooking machine.

It needs to be in a timing mode which you could preserve your food for 24 hours. The next feature should not come into the review. Never mind. You could remove the inner pot. Customers could clean the inner pot with a dish-washing machine. We recommend the product for a family of three generations. It is a huge soup maker.

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7. CUCKOO Soup Makers

Cuckoo CMC

CUCKOO is the seventh-best cooking machine because it beats CHEFMAN soup maker by the number of cooking recipes. There are 11 featured cooking programs. You could make soup. Customers could steam. You could even slow-cook. The product is thus beneficial for housewives or husbands who want to try new hobbies of cooking and learn different recipes.

CUCKOO is a routinely improvised soup maker. There is no joke. The manufacturer has 40 years of experience in the industry, on one hand. On the other hand, those 40 years mean a huge collection of data for improvement of the machine. The product is therefore safe. There are multiple layers of switches and safety checks ranging from a primary control device to thermal fuse. Getting the soup maker, you also get a manual book, measuring cup and rice scoop. This is just a little extra more info. You normally have these set inside every basic cooking machine’s package.

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6. JOYOUNG Soup Makers

 Joyoung Mini Easy

Everyone cares only whether the soup maker has multiple cooking programs, safety checks as well as huge capacity. There might be some of you nevertheless who care whether your preferred cooking machine is cute or not. JOYOUNG is a pinkie soup maker. With the soup maker at your hand, you kind of get a vibe of those Korean movies that people bring their mini lunchboxes to offices.

JOYOUNG pinkie soup maker makes the lower cover and head with food-graded stainless steel. As we mention, this is well a soup maker for Asians. Of course, people of all nationalities could cook their soups with the product. The cooking machine however has the stainless steel feature so as to cook your favorite healthy soymilk. Like some previously mentioned cooking pots, you could read the cooking status with a LED display. Multiple functions, customers could make porridges with the product.

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Idavee Brand

IDAVEE cooking machine’s manufacturer makes the product a heavy-duty soup maker. By the product’s outlook, you have confidence it is a durable and long-lasting soup maker. It has a ½ gallon capacity, an equivalent to 1.9 liters. Well, the product makes the fifth place because of its large capacity with only single cooking pot. Number of cooking programs is also fair. There are 7 cooking functions.

IDAVEE is a dual-layered soup maker. Stainless steel makes good construction material for the cooking pot’s insulation. You could weigh the soup maker and get a measurement of 6 pounds. There is a one-year warranty alongside the product. Unfortunately, the warranty is for American customers only as the manufacturer is US-based.

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SYBO makes a good cooking hot pot. The soup maker has a big-fat stomach. The very design is, of course, for the very basic function of soup making. It has its own favor because of the very large capacity. On the contrary, we do not recommend you to get SYBO soup cooking machine if you often have camping trips and so on. It is not convenient to carry the cooking hot pot machine around. The manufacturer has not made a handle for the portability.

Yet, we need to get back to the positive tone. The manufacturer has received ETL certification for the cooking machine. The standard offered by such a well-known institution makes sure you not make a wrong purchase. It has a sum weight of 12.2 pounds.

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3. TONZE Soup Makers


TONZE soup cooking machine makes a huge enough size of soup cooking machine. It is not as huge and fat as SYBO. We do really recommend TONZE soup maker for those of you who have a medium-sized family from 5 to 7 members. You could not expect, the soup maker was not going to burn out your food even when you just forgot for a few minutes you were cooking something.

The stainless steel which makes the soup cooking machine is food-graded 304 material. Aside from being a multifunctional cooking pot, it has some settings which customers could make yoghurts from the cooking pot too. It is kind of heavy with a sum weight of 12.79 pounds.

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2. SOYAJOY Soup Makers

SoyaJoy G4 Soy

SOYAJOY soup maker and blender’s manufacturer has crafted the soup maker, like a kettle. You are going to like SOYAJOY soup maker if you are minimalist. The soup maker is a less than medium-sized and compact soup maker. It has a 1.7 liters capacity. Aside from the small size, there is yet another advantage. It features a bottom heating piece of technology so as to ensure your foods stay warm.

We do, in fact, recommend the product for rather cooking drinks than soup and foods. Its cooking and grinding chambers have a stainless steel construction. Besides, you got a piece of excellent grind tech built inside the product. Whether you understand what the tech is, you got this. The tech and mentioned qualities make milk yield optimum.

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1. Philips Soup Maker

Philips Kitchen Appliances

As you have already known why Philips is our first pick, this soup maker machine is so unique, durable and cost efficient. You can make your favorite soup in 18 minutes. You can make more than 6 types of soup with this powerful soup maker.

It is very easy to use, and the purchase come with a recipe book of 38 different soups.

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Buying Guide: Best Soup Maker

Compact or Huge Size: You could choose between compact and huge-sided soup cooking machines. For a recommendation, this is up to different needs of yours. If you have a very small family, we suggest you to buy the compact soup maker blender, and vice versa for those who have a huge family.

Muti-Functions or Single Functions: This is almost exactly the same with either the compact or huge-sized cooking machine. You could just be simplistic with a single cooking program. There is no sophisticated tech to care much about. On the contrary, if you want to cook more dishes of very different recipes, choose multi-functional cookers.


In case you are replacing the old and broken soup maker machine with a brand-new one, we suggest you consider the features such as sizes as well as cooking functions belonged to your chosen cooking machine before you make a decision to buy either one of or both of them for interchangeable usages.