It is not often expected the household should have thermostats to measure temperature in your living spaces. Besides, workplaces do not really need thermostats for insights about spatial temperature. Different from a common understanding, thermostats should be in demands especially in regions where temperatures could be very high and low so as for you to adjust the heating system.

There is a way to save energy costs with smart thermostats. Smart thermostats could get sync with other smart home appliances as well as your smartphones too. We are introducing you to the top 10 best smart thermostats in 2020.

Top 10 Best Smart Thermostats in 2020

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What are the best smart thermostats?

The followings are reviews of the best smart thermostats in 2020. You may have to go through one by one and decide which one is most suited for your needs.

10. FANGOOG Wifi Smart Thermostats

 Fangoog NO Wi-Fi Smart

FANGOOG smart thermostat makes measuring temperature easy for both temperature measurement as well as usages. Clients could read information on the touchscreen. The LCD screen comes in a fairly larger size for readers’ friendliness. Users’ friendliness does not end with just the screen’s size because the product has rear light which keeps enough brightness for readers.

Now, every smart device could get synced with your smartphone. It is not different with FANGOOG smart thermostat. Customers could get a mobile app, so you could read temperature information as well as control the smart thermostat which is connected with your heating system. You manage the thermostat ahead of your time coming home. Customers thus get a friendly living and/or working environment by adjusting temperatures ahead of time.

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9. SUCHINM Best Smart Thermostats

Suchinm Wi-Fi Smart

You do not need to worry whether your children touch by accidents or are too playful to mess around SUCHINM smart thermostat. The manufacturer features a button lock which avoids children from accidental or playful touching on the screen and making the smart thermostat getting the wrong pieces of information about temperatures.

Moreover, there is a mobile application which is compatible for both iPhones as well as Android phones’ users. You could control the floor temperature as well as spatial temperature at homes/workplaces as long as you have the Internet connections on your smartphones. The product itself has an integrated sensor, so you could measure air temperature either. Your lifestyles are easy with SUCHINM smart thermostat because clients could schedule and set time for the heating ahead of time. You then can let the synced smart thermostat work automatically.

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8. NEST Thermostats

Nest (T3007ES) Learning

NEST smart thermostat’s manufacturer has constructed it as a stainless-steel thermostat. Customers could expect NEST smart thermostat as the most advanced thermostat offered. It is the 3rd-generation smart thermostat, on one hand. On the other hand, the smart thermostat has a huge display. Its screen comes as a ring which let you see pieces of temperature information with great details.

You should know the display is, in fact, a LCD display. The smart thermostat uses smart charging technology. Customers could set up the thermostat with ease because necessary tool kits already come along the package. It has a weight of 2 pounds. Lastly, the manufacturer offers his/her customers single two-year warranties with some limitations.

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7. MYSA Smart Thermostats

 Mysa Smart Thermostat

It is for a tech-savvy person. This is a vibe MYSA smart thermostat offers to its users. Clients should expect MYSA smart thermostat to be compatible with a baseboard heater, on one hand. You could manage the smart thermostat with a mobile application, on the other hand. It is as expected. The thermostat is available for its mobile app for both iOS and Android phones.

You could see insights about temperatures as well as energy usages of your heating system. Customers could set up the smart thermostat without any needed hardware tools. Alongside, you could schedule temperatures of the heating systems. The smart thermostat has a look of a smooth and aluminum triangular pad. The smart thermostat is lightweight. It has a weight of only 1 pound.

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Google, T4000ES, Nest

As expected, the product’s manufacturer is GOOGLE company, on one hand. On the other hand, the product is similar in a look with NEST smart thermostat because of the product’s round ring. You could use the smart thermostat to save energy from unnecessary heating from the heating system, as a basic. Besides, you could save your energy from unimportant usages of air-conditioners as well.

Additionally, the product has a frosted display. It could blend with any home decors because of the product design. We do not only recommend you use the smart thermostat at homes but also offices as well. Clients could see insights over temperatures and energy usages through a mobile application other than the smart thermostat itself. The product has a sum weight of 0.85 pound.

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 Honeywell Home

HONEYWELL smart thermostat is a thermostat compatible with IFTT, GOOGLE Home, AMAZON Alexa, etc. Clients could syn the product with other smart devices so as to make your homes smart homes. It has an automatic update over temperature and energy usages, first. You could read time of the day as well as set a HONEYWELL smart thermostat’s language, second. Third, the smart thermostat is a flexible thermostat machine. Customers could set schedules for your heating and cooling systems.

Instant notifications such as replacements of humidifier pads as well as reminders for air-filtration change could get sent to your smartphones. Other than that, you could read easily and in great details information and insight over temperatures as well as time because of its large screen size. The smart thermostat has a sum weight of 1 pound.

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4. ECOBEE Smart Thermostats

ecobee4 Smart Thermostat

The ECOMEET smart thermostat’s manufacturer has made the thermostat a money-saving machine for his/her clients. ECOBEE thermostat could save your energy for a maximum amount of 23% to the total energy you use every year. Economically, clients who invest in the product are going to get equal returns of investment in fewer than 2 years. The product, by design, could sensor your room. You thus could receive insights over your room temperature.

The smart thermostat has a smart function. There is a reason behind the feature. The product has built-in pieces of tech so as to sense people’s presence in the set spaces. It is going to switch off automatically the heating system and/or air-conditioners inside the rooms. While the product is like other smart thermostat, owing to its compatibility with both iOS as well as Android phones, clients could syn the product with AMAZON Alexa too.

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3. HOME Smart Thermostats

Honeywell Home Wi-Fi 7-Day

HOME smart thermostat is your type of smart thermostat for some reasons. Customers could lock different programming for your heating and/or cooling system syncing with the smart thermostat. It offers 4 programs per single day as well as one program setting for a whole week to its users. We thus recommend you use HOME smart thermostat for offices’ heating and/or cooling systems.

Clients could manage the product from your smartphones because the smart thermostat could access with Wi-Fi. There are enough accessories for setting up the thermostat. The product’s package comes including those needed accessories. Users could operate smart homes with the synced thermostat as well. The product is compatible with almost all smart home devices such as GOOGLE Assistant, AMAZON Alexa and more.

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Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart

EMERSON smart thermostat earned recognitions as the best value-added smart thermostat in 2017, 2018 and 2019 consecutively. Those recognitions are from well-reputed USA Today’s reviewing website. We should yet wait to see whether EMERSON smart thermostat is going to get the best rank in 2020 or not. The product, however, could get to some good ratings though not necessarily the first-best place, nonetheless.

Like ECOBEE smart thermostat, EMERSON could save around 23% of your energy. The product thus has an energy-saving design which has almost reached a full potential in the smart thermostat industry. The product’s quality is attributed to improvement throughout the years as well as expertise from the product’s manufacturer. Customers could manage the product from a distance. We recommend you download the device’s mobile application which is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

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Emerson Sensi Touch

APPLE HomeKit, GOOGLE Assistant as well as AMAZON Alexa, they are all compatible with SENSI smart thermostat. You thus could syn every technological devices and artificial intelligence system so as to make your entire homes smart homes. SENSI smart thermostat takes only 30 minutes for an installation.

You could take fewer minutes if you pay an attention to the manual book’s detailed instructions. Moreover, the smart thermostat that works with Alexa could save 23% to your normal energy costs because of the spending on the heating and/or cooling systems.

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Buying Guide

Synchronization: Customers should only get the thermostat which you could sync with smart home devices such as GOOGLE Assistant as well as AMAZON Alexa. There are, of course, plenty of smart home systems available. Shall you prefer other systems, we encourage you to see in great details whether your preferred smart thermostat is compatible with any of those AI smart home systems.

Readability: You should be able to read on LCD/LED screen the very basic information pieces of temperatures and more. This is the very basic function of a thermostat whether it is smart or not.


Managing your heating and/or cooling systems is not a difficult feat with single smart thermostat. We encourage you to consider features such as synchronization as well as readability among other qualities in the smart thermostat reviews to get the product which is a smart thermostat worth it.