Smart lighting is an outstanding system every modern home should implement. It allows for easy controls via smart devices, and sure elevates the look of your home. Want to learn more about this product? You have come to the right place. Here, we will gain some insights on the top 10 best-selling smart lighting in 2020, their lovely features, and a handy product’s buying guide.

List Of Top 10 Best Smart Lighting in 2020

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Novostella 2 Pack 20W

One of the best smart lightings is NOVOSTELLA. The material used to make this product is aluminum. The brightness of this lighting is about 200 lumens and 120 volts which is bright enough to light up the whole garden. The colors of the light can be changed and there are various colors that you can change too such as blue, green, red, purple, yellow, pinked. You can set the schedule to turn it on and off, and it will work according to your pre-set setting.

Furthermore, you can also adjust the brightness of this lighting. Besides that, it is resistant to different weather, and it is also waterproof as well. This product is suitable to use at Christmas, party, garden, BBQ, patio and more.

In addition, in order to control it, you do not need to be there in person. You can use an app to control which you can just click on the app or you can voice over the app and command it. however, the app is only available in iOS and Android. Last but not least, it is very fast and quick to set it up since there is a manual that will guide you.

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9. Ring

Ring Smart Lighting

Up next, we have Ring. First of all, the power of this product is about 110 to 240 VAC. This product is resistant to weather which you can put outside without any worry that it will get broken. It could be resistant to a temperature from -20’c to 48’c. You can control this product through an app as well.

Besides that, you just need to connect it with a Ring app on your tablet, phone, and other devices. Additionally, the lighting of this product is about 2000 lumens which you can adjust to your liking, and its color temperature is 3500K. Last but not least, the battery life could last about one year.

Package includes installation tools, screws, security stickers, ring floodlight wired and user manual. It is very easy and fast to install as it takes you about 15 to 30 minutes. Lastly, Ring also gives out a one-year warranty as well.

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LAIFUNI Under Cabinet LED

If you are looking to replace your old lighting system, LAIFUNI is the best choice. This product is made from aluminum and it has a U shape with a plastic shell. Moreover, the power of this smart lighting is about 110 volts. It is also resistant to water and weather. This product has a lot of light colors in which you change it to whatever you like.

For the white color, the temperature of the light would be around 6000 K. However, this color is not purely white as it is not the same as the normal white color but somehow similar to it. This product is very long lasting and easy to maintain. It does not not consume a lot of power which will help save you some money as well. You can control this smart lighting through a Wi-Fi app or smartphones or any other devices.

It is very light, and there is a frosted PC cover that helps reduce the brightness of the light which makes it easy for your eyes, too. In the package, it will include clips, screw, cable clips, power supply, extension cable, cable tie mount, LED bar, remote control, smart controller and more. LAIFUNI gives out a three-year warranty.

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7. ILintek

 iLintek Smart Recessed

One of the most popular smart lightings among the general public is from ILIntek. The material chosen is metal, but the shade is made out of plastic. There are about 16 million colors that you can choose according to your mood. Besides that, you can adjust the light of this smart lighting as well. This product is also music syncing in which the music is synchronized with the light.

This product is perfect to use in a living room, hallway, bedroom, officemate. You can also use it to decorate your house on Christmas, Halloween, birthday or theme parties. Furthermore, this product is low in energy consumption. This light of this product is about 1100 lumens and you could use it up to 25000 hours.

You can also schedule the light when it turns on or turns off by using an app. You can also automatically set it on or off by itself. The temperature of the colorful light is from 2700 to 6000 K. Finally, assembly is required, but it is very easy to install it.

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Sylvania Lightify 65W LED

Another smart lighting that should be on your purchase list should be from SYLVANIA. First of all, this product is made from aluminum. This product is an LED lighting type. The light of this product is adjustable and you can change the light from soft white to daylight white. The temperature of this lighting is between 2700 to 6500 kelvin.

You can control this product through a smartphone or other devices. Furthermore, you can connect with other smart devices or Wink apps. The power of this smart lighting is 65 watts. Moreover, this product can last for 20000 hours. This product is suitable to use both indoors and outdoors. In one package, there are two light bulbs. Assembly is required.

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5. Neox

 Neox 2x2 FT 27W 4000K

A smart lighting that you should not miss out is from Neox. This product is made from high-quality material and its lens is made from transparent glass. Furthermore, the shade of this product is made of plastic(good quality one). This product also receives a certificate from DLC for low energy consumption. This product is not only saving energy, but it also saves a lot of money, too. This lighting is very durable and last longing that even after five years, it still looks the same.

Additionally, this product is suitable to use in schools, hospitals, offices, retail spaces and more. There are two different sizes such as 2 X 4 and 2 X 2 which you can use in any place. Plus, it is very quick and easy to install. The lighting’s color of this product is bright white, and its color temperature is 4000K. Last but not least, this product operates at 100 to 277 V. Neox also gives out a five years’ warranty upon every purchase

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4. Lutron

 Lutron Caseta Smart Start Kit

Similar to Neox, Lutron also has one of the best smartest lightings. You can connect this product with an apple home kit, Serena shades, the google assistant, etc. to control. You can also set a schedule when the light will turn on or turn off based on your routine. Besides that, when controlling it via an app, you can also control this lighting through the wall or voice. You can use this product for both android and IOS.

Furthermore, with its smart bridge, you do not need to gain access to Wi-Fi. You will still get fast, reliable lighting even if there is on Wi-Fi. Adding to that, it also has a switch function that could control multiple bulks at once. You can use this smart lightning to decorate your place, room, living room and more.

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3. Philips Hue

Philips Hue Play White

The top third best smart lighting is from Philips Hue. This product is made of synthetic polymer. The power of this product is 240 volts and 6.6 watts. There is only black color. You can control this product by using your voice, but only when you access the Apple home kit, amazon Alexa, google assistant enables such as smart home device, and Philips hue. However, Philips hue and the smart home device will not include as you need to buy it separately.

This product is suitable to use in your living room as you can put it on the floor, and let it brighten up your floor to the wall and ceiling or you can also add it to the back of your TV by just mounting on the back of the screen and then use the double-sided tape and clip, and it will create a gorgeous backlight for your TV. Moreover, you can use this product for up to 25000 hours.

Assembly is required, but it will be very fast and easy. Philips Hue gives out a two years’ warranty so if you have any problem, contact Philips Hue, and they will fix it for you until you are satisfied.

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2. MustWin 

MustWin Smart Retrofit

The top two smart lightings that have been well-received from the general public is from MustWin. The material that is used to make this product is plastic. The power of this smart lighting system for home is 110 volts. This product is low in energy consumption as it uses Bluetooth mesh technology. You only use about 15W and you will have a light of 1150 lumens.

You can also control this smart lighting through your voice as well, but you need to use it with Google Assistant or Alexa. You just only need to speak simple sentences, and this product will switch on or off by itself, change colors and you will be able  to adjust the light too.

Furthermore, you can control this product through your smartphone or other devices. You can also set the schedule on when the light will turn on or turn off. There are around 16 million multi-colors of RGB such as eight lighting modes, 2700 K, 1150 LM, and 6500K. This product is perfect to use outdoors, indoor, or bedroom, living room and more.

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1. Ring 

 Ring Floodlight Camera

The model sure is one of the smartest lighting systems for home. There are two colors available such as black and white. The field view of this product is 78’vertical and 140’ horizontal. This product is resistant to water and resistant to weather as well as it operates at -30 degrees to nearly 49 degrees. You can connect this product with your phone, tablet or other devices. Then you will be able to monitor whether anyone gets in your place or not.

Besides that, you can communicate through your phone with people who stay at your place. You can also use this product to record the videos. In addition, you can check the recorded video up to 60 days. This product is also weatherproof. You need to assemble this product but it will only take you about 15 to 25 minutes to finish assembling it. In the package, it will include a mounting bracket. User manual, screws, floodlight cam, security sticker and more. The company gives out lifetime protection too.

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Now you have gone through our top 10 products. We hope that you found the best smart lighting that suit your needs.

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