People like to have a comfortable bed for themselves because a good bed makes good sleep, so everyone wakes up with enthusiasm and confidence to go to work. Now, there are slatted bed base products for users to put mattresses on. Often, wooden planks are attached to the bed base’s frame.

As a result, slatted bed base and memory foam mattress is good because it is flexible to users’ weight pressure and allows enough air circulation. Because a slatted bed base is very beneficial, we are here for the top 10 best slatted bed bases with a product buying guide.

List of Top 10 Best Slatted Bed Base Reviews in 2020

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10. Zinus Slatted Bed Base

Zinus Gulzar Easy Assembly

Users will find favorite in Zinus because the slatted bed base is constructed with steel frame that gives it a stable, sturdy and strong slatted bed base. Furthermore, it is easy to assemble it because the bed is constructed with a quick lock feature. As a result, it does not take a big chunk of your time. That’s not a challenge to set up the bed with a mattress, as a result.

Moreover, Zinus includes a padded tape for insulation between the mattress and bed, and it helps to not make noise when pressure is applied to the bed as well as avoids the mattress from moving. You will find it an exceptional slatted bed base not only when you supplement it with mattresses made with a memory foam. We thus should choose the top-graded mattresses to match with high-quality slatted bed base.

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9. Van Slatted Bed Base

Zinus Van 16 Inch Metal

Users can choose one size among the four from Van slatted bed base. The slats belonged to the bed are constructed with steel for a sagging prevention that makes you not comfortable and your spines not in an alignment while you are sleeping.

Additionally, you can set up Van very fast in a matter of minutes only. In addition, there is a padded tape, so you do not hear unnecessary noises when you just drop your bodies into the mattresses. Van is good when you give it with top-graded mattresses such as those that are constructed with a memory foam. They compliment each other, as a result. There is an excellent customer service with Van as well.

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8. Wen Bed Base

 Zinus Wen 12 Inch Wood

Users like Wen when they like wooden slatted bed because it has a wooden frame. In addition, there is a padded tape so as to not let the mattresses move while it does not make noises to the bed when pressure is being applied to the mattresses.

Thus, the padded tape makes an insulation between the bed and mattresses. Moreover, you will find four sizes of beds you can choose from Wen. Lastly, for those of you who cannot just trust it because you have never used these types of products before, the company is offering a five-year warranty for your peace of mind.

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7. Basics Bed Base

 AmazonBasics Foldable

Basics slatted bed base is a full bed platform that does not need a padded tape for a noise cancellation. It is supporting your mattresses on its own. Averaged-quality mattresses make good mattresses with Basics, but we recommend users use mattress with memory foams. Furthermore, the slatted bed base is designed for an average-sized mattress, so it is good for a couple.

You will not need to take much of an effort to assemble the product. In addition, it does not require any tool. There are two sizes with the slatted bed bases. As mentioned, even the smaller package is an averaged-sized slatted bed base for users and their single partners. Lastly, Basics don’t have a warranty.

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6. Bunkie Bed Base

Zinus Deepak Easy Assembly

It is a sturdy and strong bed base for Bunkie slatted bed base. Furthermore, it features wood slat that makes an ideal impression for people who like wood. Although, the wood is not going to be apparent as users place mattresses on the bed base, the wood makes the bed flexible. As a result, you are not sleeping on a soft mattress but with solid and not flexible bed base.

Furthermore, it supports various types of mattresses including Hybrid and Spring. For your peace of mind however, there is also a padded pad to cancel noise as users are applying weight pressure when you are sleeping on the bed. The company is offering a five-year warranty with the product; even though, it is a limited warranty.

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5. Ziyoo Bed Base

 ZIYOO Bed Frame 16 Inch

Ziyoo is constructed with woods for its slates that give good support to mattresses, on one hand. On the other hand, the integrated structure with it makes a firm and noise-free bed base as you are placing mattresses on it. Because of the integrated structure, there is no twisting with the bed base as well.

For the slatted bed base, it is a bit challenging to assemble it as it can take you 30 minutes to assemble the whole slatted bed. Moreover, we suggest users assemble the slatted bed base with two people, so it reduces some burden on the assembly process.

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4. Dimote slatted bed base

DIMOTE Metal Bed Frame

Dimote slatted bed base doesn’t take much effort to assemble. It comes flat-packed as you are going to see in the package. Although, the assembly can be easy; we suggest you follow the instruction in the product’s manual book to correctly place it.

Moreover, Dimote has a size for standard mattresses, so it is good for a couple. It comes along a one-year warranty with it. Lastly, it is a good gift for wedding or birthday receptions for your friends and family members.

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3. Prima Slatted Base for bed

 PrimaSleep 18 Inch

Prima is constructed with steel frame that makes the slatted bed base strong and solid. The solid frame makes sure you use Prima for many years. In addition, you can conveniently assemble the bed base without a need of any tools.

Furthermore, the steel frame is designed with an anti-slip quality which does not move users’ mattresses. The whole slatted bed weighs 55.5 pounds.

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2. SleepMaster Bed Base

Sleep Master Platform Bed

SleepMaster is designed with steel frame and flexible slats that increases the life of users’ mattresses, on one hand. On the other hand, the slats are also solid that does not make users’ mattress sagging. Users can assemble the slatted bed base in minutes.

The bed base’s feet are constructed with plastic that protects floors from damages. Since you cannot be so sure about SleepMaster, the product has featured a limited warranty of five years for all users.

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1.Brands king bed base

Classic Brands Instant

Brands is a foundation slatted bed base because it has no feet, and users can place mattresses right on the bed base. Furthermore, the foundation is sturdy and strong for years of uses. You will like the bed base because it can match with Latex mattresses or memory-foam mattresses. Because of its design, the mattresses can stay long in usages with Brands.

It is a handcrafted slatted bed base, so it is a good bed base with fine details. The company is offering excellent customer services for users as well.

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Buying Guide

What is a slatted bed base: it is a bed frame that made from slats (wood planks).

Flexible Slats: Flexible slats are good for quality slatted bed base because it helps make mattresses softer and more flexible. Furthermore, it avoids the mattresses from sagging.

Firm Frame: Firm frame is often made with steel, so users should expect the material with the slatted bed base’s frame. In addition, users can use it for many years because the frame is solid and sturdy.

Plastic Feet: Some slatted bed bases do not have feet because they are foundation bed bases. However, some slatted bed bases have feet, so we recommend you use the slatted bed with plastic feet because it does not damage the floors beneath those feet.

Size: Size does matter because every one of you has different needs. Some of you want a huge-sized slatted bed bases while a number of you are just looking for solo slatted bed bases.

Warranty: It is unclear as long as you place your back on the mattresses with the beneath slatted bed base. As a result, it is good to have some sorts of warranties. Often, you don’t need a warranty when you are so sure about the product.


We all want to sleep on comfortable and memory-foam mattresses so as to keep refresh everyday and make our spine in an alignment. However, many of us forget the quality of your sleeping also bases on the ergonomic slatted bed bases.

Good slatted bed bases have common features such as flexible slats, firm frame made with steel, plastic feet in case they are not the foundation slatted bed base as well as the sizes you want. Furthermore, you should buy a slatted bed base with a warranty if you do not know specific brand for the product.

Another quality we don’t mention in the buying guide is padded tape that does not make the mattresses move as well as keep the bed with no noise because of applied pressures. So, all in all, these are the recommended qualities for an electric slatted bed base including flexible slats, firm frame, plastic feet for bed base with feet, sizes you like, warranty as well as padded tape.