There are plenty of ways to get yourself eased up and relaxed when it is cold, and one of the best ways is to use a throw blanket. As it can be quite a satisfying feeling to have something to keep yourself warm when the temperature starts to drop, we have made a list of some of the best reversible throw blankets that can be bought on the market.

List Of Top 10 Best Reversible Throw Blankets Reviews in 2020

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10. Luxlen Reversible Throw Blanket

 Luxlen Microfiber Throw

A double sided throw blanket perfect for keeping warm and staying comfy is one from Luxlen. To start off with the materials, this throw blanket has one side covered in soft microfiber fleece to keep warm and comfy, while the other is covered with silky satin for a smoother feeling. For keeping the fillings to stay in place, this blanket has been sown with the baffle box technique.

There are a variety of color choices to choose from. Not only this, the fillings have been made from fillings that are unlikely to cause any allergies as it has been specially made from a special kind of polyester. The blanket is great for a variety of places, especially for couches and sofas.

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9. BeSpring Reversible Throw Blankets

 BeSpring Cable Knit Sherpa

A great therapedic reversible throw blanket to keep warm during cold winter months, or even when it gets too chilly. The blanket has two sides; the side with the furry polyester sheepskin is warmer than the side with cotton that is knitted in a cable pattern. Both sides are extremely comfortable and the blanket is overall well made. The blanket looks very stylish, and can be used in many different scenarios as well, such as when sleeping in bed, or lounging on the couch watching TV.

This blanket comes in many different colors such as green, grey, blue and more, giving users the freedom to color match their throw blanket to the rest of their room.

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8. Pavilia

 PAVILIA Premium Sherpa

A beautiful and soft throw blanket that is great for lounging on the couch by pavilia. What is great about this throw blanket is the fact that both of the sides are extremely soft, one side is made from faux shearling which mimics the feeling of sheep wool for a warm feeling and the other is covered in microfiber fleece.  The blanket is so fluffy that it would be hard to resist cuddling up in it all day.

Additionally, there are a plethora of colors and patterns to choose from to suit most homes. Washing this blanket is a breeze, as it can easily be machine washed and dried when it gets dirty.

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7. Serta Reversible Throw Blankets

Serta Reversible

An electric reversible throw blanket with controlled temperature setting. Not only this, the two sides of the blanket include a soft Sherpa side to keep warm when it is chilly and another polyester microfiber side that is extremely gentle to the touch. What is special about this blanket is the temperature controller that allows for up to 5 heat settings, and the chord of the blanket can reach up to 8.5 inches, so there is no worry about the controller getting in the way when not in use.

Interestingly, this blanket gives users the option of up to 13 colors to choose from. The blanket is machine washable when set to tumble dry and comes with a 3-year warranty.

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6. Bedsure:

Bedsure Faux Fur

With a luxurious design, this throw blanket from Bedsure is great for a simple, yet premium look. The bedsore throw blanket is made from a luxurious faux fur that feels nice and soft. Furthermore, it adds class to the room when put on couches or sofas, as well as serving to protect from pets.

Additionally, the throw blanket is versatile, and is machine washable. The blanket has a warranty for up to 1 month for returns and lifetime customer service.

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5. The Connecticut Home Company

The Connecticut Home

This throw blanket is a great blanket to keep warm and cozy all year round. Firstly, the blanket is made from a shaggy material and the other side is made from a soft Sherpa material. As for the caring for this blanket, it can be washed using a washing machine with specific settings.

The throw blanket drapes beautifully on top of couches and sofas. With an abundance color to choose from the blanket can add color to rooms and make it pop. Amazingly, the throw blanket has a 10-year warranty for customers.

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4. Eikei Reversible Throw Blankets

 Cable Knit Sherpa Oversized

A beautifully designed throw blanket from Eikei. The most fascinating aspect of this throw blanket is its elegant appearance. It has two sides, one is composed of plush Sherpa, and the other is a cable knit of cotton and acrylic blend. This blanket is large, and can easily wrap around a persons’ body to keep it warm.

Not only this, it is easy to care for, as it is machine washable. With many colors to choose from, this throw blanket can be a great addition to almost any room.

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 DISSA Faux Fur Throw

Soft and fluffy, the DISSA throw blanket is made for comfort when it gets cold. For the fabric, DISSA is using faux fur fabric that is plush, smooth and easy on the skin. The blanket is thick and has a double sided design. In addition, it is big enough to use almost anywhere, from the living room couch, to the bed in the bedroom.

Owing to the faux fur fabric, this blanket is incredibly fuzzy and cozy, which is perfect for cuddling in when it is cold. The design is very pretty, as it gives off a gradient color, with up to four different colors to choose from. As for washing, it can easily be tumble dried in the washing machine.

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2. UGG Reversible Throw Blankets

UGG Bliss Plush Sherpa

Minimalistic and soft to the touch, the UGG throw blanket blends a modern design with comfort. As a minimalistic looking throw blanket, the UGG blanket has up to 6 monotone color choices. The blanket is made from polyester and fully reversible, with one side being made from Sherpa fleece to keep warm, and the other of microfiber polyester for when it gets too hot.

If users ever feel the need to, this blanket is able to accommodate up to two people, great for snuggling together to get even closer and warmer. Easily washable, the UGG throw blanket can be thrown in the washing machine to be cleaned.

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1. Sivio:

Sivio Electric Fast Heating

A throw blanket with smart features, perfect for those who want to get heat up during the cold with precision. The dual sided Sivio throw blanket is made from soft comfortable Sherpa material on one side, and flannel on the other. This blankets’ selling feature is the heat controller for the blanket, which has up to 8 settings and a couple of smart features for ease of use.

Fortunately, it is machine washable when the electronic heat controller is disconnected. For extra safety, the heater shuts off automatically using a controlled timer set by the user, and has built in overheating or even short circuit protection in case of malfunction.

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Buying Guide: What Makes the Best Reversible Blanket?

In order to receive your desired reversible blankets to keep you cozy, here are some tips you could reply on:

  • Materials: For keeping warm, users ought to find blankets with Sherpa materials on at least one side of the dual sided throw blankets, as well as having the other side of a cooler material for when it gets too hot.
  • Features: Being reversible is a good feature to have, as well as an electronic heater for precise warmth control.
  • Design: The design is a subjective topic, but it ought to fit into the aesthetic of the users’ home
  • Warranty: It is a good indicator of quality if the seller is able to provide warranty on top of their product, so it is best to keep an eye out for what type of warranty they are offering


It may be hard to relax or enjoy anything in the cooler months when it gets too cold, but having a good throw blanket to keep warm would help people be able to enjoy their activities more. As there are many choices of throw blankets to choose from, the best ones ought to be able to keep users warm, comfortable and stylish as well.

The great ones even come with many features, such as being dual sided, and having electronic heaters for temperature controls. Hopefully, the list above can help those who are looking to get a throw blanket, have an easier time making a choice.