Parents would go the extra mile to choose toys that are good for their kids. In this modern day, many remote-control toys and other entertainment devices were invented to meet the demand. Kids these days prefer playing indoors especially with their smart phones or other smart devices which are not good for their eyes and their physical growth.

Remote-control helicopter is one of the toys which will help to cut down some screen time and get your children to do some outdoor exercising activities. If you are interested in getting one for your kids, these are our top 10 picks for the best remote-control helicopter for you to brainstorm from.

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List Of Top 10 Best Remote-Control Helicopter in 2020

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10. World Tech Toys

World Tech Toys Hercules

World Tech Toys would like to present you Glow in The Dark Hercules Unbreakable 3.5CH RC Helicopter. This 2-pounds remote-control toy has a robust body which can handle up to 200 pounds of pressure. Hence, it will not break even if you accidentally step on it. It is also equipped with radio control, LED light for night flight, and gyroscope to ensure easy and sturdy flight. This toy also comes with spare parts such as propeller blades, wall charger and rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Talking about convenience, there is no complicated assembly required. This toy is ready to go after inputting 6AA batteries. This item also comes with a warranty in case anything goes wrong upon delivery.

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9. WLToys

Red and Black Cool Wltoys

This incredible red and black RC helicopter is the product from WLToys. It offers a great deal of functions such as gyroscope, and 2.4 technology which is built to tolerate strong wind and to protect from any interference. The wireless 360 degrees rotation remote modes enhance the flexibility of the helicopter during flight. After 8 hours of use, this toy requires 60mins to be fully charged. The materials used are plastic, metal and other electronic elements.

The package comes with a charger, transmitter, 2 main blades and one tail blade. Recommended for 14 years old kids and above.

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8. Night Lion Tech V913


Sky Leader Large Single Blades V913 Is another excellent RC helicopter from Night Lion Tech for 14 years old kids and above. The multiple functions of the remote allows the helicopter to swiftly move, turn, sideway fly, hover stably regardless of the wind condition. It is incredibly lightweight of only 2 pounds but with the built-in gyro and 2.4G technology it enables your kid to control the helicopter very easily and also prevent any interference.

Get this RC helicopter now to maximize the fun during your outdoor playtime with your kid.

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7. Lutema Remote-Control Helicopter

Heligram Flight Simulator

Heligram Flight Simulator RC Helicopter is the latest invention from Lutema. Its unique feature that makes it stands out from other RC helicopters is the LED SkyText Technology which allows you to present your message up to 12 lines of text or even logo with the blades during the flight. Another exclusive feature is its remote control. It comes with hands on throttle-and-stick design which makes your helicopter flying experience even more realistic.

This is not only suitable for kids, if you are planning to do a small proposal you might also want to consider this helicopter.

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6. Volantex RC 


We have seen many RC helicopters, but glider planes can be rare. This glider from Volantex RC called Ranger 600 is designed for beginners as it is very effortless to fly. Upon activating one-key U-turn function, the plane will fly back to the direction where it took off. The materials used are made of incredibly light special foam to make the plane flight smoothly and to prevent the propeller from damaging if the plane crashes.

This glider plane is ready to fly after unpacking without any accessories attached to assemble. The information about the warranty is available on the manufacturer website.

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5. Night Lion Tech V912 Remote-Control Helicopter


This is another one from Night Lion Tech under the Large single blades helicopter collection but with bright yellow color and green highlight. This brand guarantees you the best quality helicopter that resistance to drop and play. It can be controlled from a 150 m distance, the functions feature 3D actions and other turning and flying options like the aforementioned helicopter from Night Lion Tech.

If you are amateur then no worry, it is designed for easy flying and ready to play after unpacked. The manufacturer recommends this for kids of 14 years old or above. For yellow lovers, this V912 will surely make your adrenaline rush.

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4. Mopoq Remote-Control Helicopter

 Mopoq Large Remote Control

Mopoq has a slightly smaller size craft which is suitable for younger kids from 6 years old and above. It is another radio-controlled craft supported by elastic tail ideal for long outdoor playing. The body structure is made of durable metal with a built-in gyro for stabilization.

This red helicopter can fly up to 100 meters in height and 120 meters in distance. The weight is incredibly light of only 1.32 pounds and it can run for 7 minutes after fully recharge.

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3. Blade MCX2 Remote-Control Helicopter

E-flite Blade mCX2 RTF

Blade MCX2 RTF is a modern and sleek looking RC helicopter with counter-rotating rotor head design from Blade. It is featured by 5 in 1 control installed with spektrum 2.4 GHz DSM2 including gyroscope and wholly-proportional servos. The remote control comes as a dual coreless motor and the control settings can be selected based on user’s preference.

This helicopter comes with flashing LED lights for night flight. It was a test flown and readily assembled by the company so it is ready to go after unpacked.

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2. Blade BLH1450 Remote-Control Helicopter

 Blade 230 S V2 BNF Basic

your children will definitely love this orange helicopter for its sophisticated design. This eye-catching 1.26-pound helicopter is the product of Blade. It was invented by the latest safe technology allowing the RC pilots to grow their skill from amateur and intermediate to professional maneuvers.

It is equipped with panic recovery mode that makes your heli fly back to an attitude level upon a push on the button. Be aware that this is an advanced RC helicopter that requires a little assembly but do not worry it comes with a kit.

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1. Top Race Remote-Control Helicopter

 Top Race Rc Plane

This is another plane worth adding to your craft collection for its sporty look. This TR-C385 has a 20-inch wing span and 14 inches long with 3 adjustable flying options: easy, medium and hard. Ideal for action fly as the remote allows various settings such as easy stunts, upside down loops and spiral fly. This plane is a nice gift for any adult or kids of 14 years old and above.

The package comes with spare parts of 3 propellers with warranty included.

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Buying Guides:

There are many kinds of remote-control helicopter but with our top picks we can guarantee you will have it all covered

If you and your kids are heading to the toy store, then here are the buying guides so you are aware of what to look for in an RC helicopter.

Size and weight: crashes are unavoidable when it comes to flying RC helicopters, you should choose light and small machines because it will cause less damage when it hit the ground.

simple controls: the advanced ones could have up to 6 channels of control and it has more function than just flying therefore if your kid cannot handle this complicated control it can send the helicopter crashing quite often so if this is your kid first flying toy we recommend you choose the 3-4 channels of control only.

battery operated: always choose the ones that run by battery as the nitro fuel operated helicopter emits harmful fumes which are bad for you and your kid.

-warranty: this toy is quite costly, want it or not crashing will happen very frequently especially for beginners. It is always a good idea to choose the RC helicopter with a longer warranty as it will save you from future troubles.

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It’s a great year to be a kid as their parents will get them any toy they want. However, do not get the wrong idea that getting your kid a RC helicopter is considered as spoiling your kid in a bad way. This toy can be beneficial to your kid’s science education. Additionally, it will also get them to do some exercise during the weekend. This is also the greatest way to bond with your kid as you are teaching them how to fly their first toy. Get your kid this RC helicopter to create memories which will last a lifetime.