As time passes, the trust people have towards radar detectors seem to have decreased. However, if you are looking to purchase one, for your car rides in hope to decrease the inconvenience of getting tickets, do look through our list! Our team has meticulously put together a list of recommended products, together with a buying guide.

List Of Top 10 Best Radar Detectors in 2020

10. Radenso

Radenso Pro M Radar Detector

The Radenso Pro M is equipped with extreme sensitivity, allowing the device to detect red light and speed camera in a wide range. It can filter out false alerts by using GPS and will not alert you twice when it detects the same false alert.

Its preloaded database includes over 6,000 red light and speed camera locations. To update the detector’s data, simply connect your device with the USB cable and proceed to update your device at home. In addition, the device has different light modes, allowing you to dim the OLED display according to your eyes’ comfort.

Furthermore, Radenso Manufacturer also provides a 1 year warranty for this product and a 1 year ticket-free guarantee. In regard of any malfunction within 30 days, Radenso will issue a refund.

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9. Radenso

Radenso SP Radar Detector

Compared to the aforementioned product from Radenso, the Radenso SP detector is a more affordable version. It also uses OLED display light, which also comes in different settings; adjustable to fit the surrounding light level. By detecting and differentiating the DNA of radar signatures, this device eliminates false alerts. False alerts can be caused by nearby cars’ radar cruise control, blind-spot monitoring systems and traffic speed sensor devices.

However, instead of being able to detect radars in a wide range like the Pro M model, the SP model has a voice alert system. Voice alert system can come in handy to drivers as well; decreasing less time spent looking at the device instead of the road.

Radenso also has a 1 year warranty, a 30 days refund policy and a 1 year ticket-free guarantee for this model.

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8. Whistler

Whistler CR68 High

Whistler CR68 detector can be attached to the windshield; away from the view of the road. This high performance laser detector is integrated with a 360° protection system. It can detect all lasers from the sides, front, back, etc. Its featured advanced Pop Mode can detect quick bursts of radar.

Additionally, this device also eliminates false alerts with its Traffic Flow Signal Rejection or TFSR system. False alerts can cause unnecessary inconvenient alerts; dangerous disturbances that can cause road accidents and more.

Online feedbacks have reported that this device is function over features. It does what it is supposed to, to detect lasers and reduces false alerts, but not much else. However, its affordable price can explain why this model is how it is.

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BESWORLDS Radar Detector

This device is one of the affordable devices on our list, for those who are on a budget. This detector from BESWORLDS has a setting for its user change from City Mode to Highway Mode, to provide more convenience. This device also comes with a voice alert system, which can be controlled. There are buttons on the device that allow you to change the volume of the voice alert system.

It cannot be attached to windshield. However, with how small and quiet it is, we doubt this feature will be able to bring much disturbance to you.

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6. Cobra

Cobra RAD 450 Laser Radar

The Cobra RAD 450 Laser Detector is built with a sensitive detection system, allowing it to detect lasers in a wide range and as well as reduces false alerts. When on a flat biome, the device can detect up to 2 miles.

With relevant alerts, this device can also use voice alert. Voice alert has been proven to reduce a number of inconveniences during car rides. The RAD 450 uses an easy-to-see OLED light display, which displays band identification icons and numeric signals.

Cobra also provides a 1 year warranty to this model when purchased from and/or from Cobra’s own electronics offices.

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5. Escort

ESCORT IX Laser Radar

Next, we have the Escort iX Laser Detector. This device has an integrated Auto Learn technology. With IVT filtering, GPS intelligence and auto-sensitivity, its radar detection system customizes itself accordingly to your driving style and reduces false alerts. Plus, the iX also has a live app, where it provides you the information of what lies ahead when you sign up for their community.

This detector also uses OLED light display and a voice alert system. The voice alert system is based on your speed; providing the fitting alerts according to your location and movement.

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4. Escort

ESCORT MAX360 Laser Radar

When comparing the price of the previously mentioned Escort’s product with this model, it seems that this one is less budget-friendly. It is equipped with a 360° protection detection system and a GPS backed system that reduces false alerts. Alerts will be delivered through the voice alert feature of the device, which adjusts accordingly to your driving speed and location.

Same thing with the iX, this model also provides live data through the community mobile application. The application will come with the pre-loaded data, while also telling you live information of what is ahead of your ride. Furthermore, you can backup your data by connection the device to your computer, via the USB cable.

Escort has a 1 year warranty for this model, when purchased through and/or Escort Radar Official.

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3. Valentine One

 Valentine One Radar Detector

We think the V1 detector from Valentine One might be for you, if you are looking for a retro radar detector. Not only is the boxy shape is retro, the attachable legs also contribute to the whole aesthetics.

Furthermore, Valentine One has been around for a while and from what we have gathered, so has the V1. It’s one of the older models of radar detectors, when compared to the current devices on the market.

This device only detects radar and laser, it does not detect speed camera.

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UNIDEN R3 is one of the not-very-budget-friendly devices on our list. However, for what this product is said to offer, maybe it can return your hard earned money with good experiences. The R3 comes with a programmable voice alert feature and GPS technology. Its GPS technology saves the routes you’ve driven on and mute false alerts.

It can detect laser, radar and speed camera within a wide range, and report back any relevant alert to you via the voice system. It uses OLED display lights, which were programmed to illuminate in multiple colors simultaneously, not just the usual bright red.

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Radar Detector for Cars

Finally, last but not least, we have the 16 BAND V7 detector from DURAKINGS. This device comes with a system that allows you free range to the detection work. You can adjust the alerts, in order to receive your preferred information, or just let the device do its work at reducing false alerts. Plus, you can also switch the device from City Mode to Highway, vice versa, as you please, to better its anti false alert technology.

This model also comes with voice alert, voice adjustments, mute feature, auto adjusting information relay, language exchange and a 360° detection ability. In addition, it is fortunately one of the affordable ones on our list!

DURAKINGS provides a 1 year warranty to the patrons of this model.

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When it comes to choosing which radar detector to purchase, it depends on your budget. Different price point brings different features for these detectors. Some detectors are cheaper than the others, but reviews have shown that they are not sturdy or strong enough to last long, or that they do not have enough features to bring the best kind of experience. We recommend doing proper research on different websites, before making your decision. All in all, we hope our list was of any help to you and we wish you the best in your shopping.

Buying Guides:

The following are what you should consider when you want to buy a radar detector.

  • Light: most detectors use OLED display. OLED display light is used for its bright and distinguishable brightness. Some devices come with adjustable light levels to bring more convenience to its users; allowing them to adjust the light according to the surrounding light level.
  • Voice Alerts: the voice alert system have proven to bring more convenience to drivers and the potential of road accidents. However, if you are easily startled, we do not recommend using a device with this system integrated in it or turn this system off, when using your detector.
  • Installation: most detectors come in a ready-to-use state, allowing first-timers to use it more easily. Simply follow the provided manual with how to turn it on and the device will do the needed work.
  • Battery: for some detectors, lithium ion batteries are required to operate, while others don’t need any eternal battery and can be connected to the car. We recommend looking up the needed batteries before purchasing the device of your interest.
  • Warranty: we have noticed that the usual warranty duration is 1 year. However, we recommend contacting the respective company/brand concerning this matter, for more certain information