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Upper material: comfortable,soft fleece

1. Far infrared carbon fiber, through a special process to produce a thickness of only 0.02cm/0.01″, soft sheet heating material, its heating evenly, high heat conversion rate, rapid heating, soft and comfortable

2. Safe and reliable, the output voltage of the USB interface is only 5V, the output voltage of adapter is only 6V, and with voltage regulator , the two output voltage is lower than the body safety voltage 36V.

3. Saving environmental. Power less than 8W, an average of 125 hours consumption of 1 kWh

4. Insole directly placed in shoes, easy to save. Feet separation, flexible and convenient


Power: USB socket, one end of USB power line is connected with computer USB socket, and the other end is connected with insole

Voltage: 5-6V

Wash and care: hand washing by water, after washing,should be dry completely then use.

Package Included:

A pair of insole

A USB charging line






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