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1. Make Bathing Easy: The simple shower features the automatic water absorption, long-term absorption of water, so you can use your own hot water to take a bath.
2. Rechargeable Shower: The shower is the USB rechargeable shower, which features the 5V safety low voltage.
3. Built-in Battery: The shower features the built-in lithium battery 5200mAh, which can be fully charged in about 6 hours. The cumulative use time is 120 minutes. And if you use the shower for 15-minute each time, then it can be used for a week.
4. Easy to Carry: The shower set requires no installation, and it is small and portable, so you can use it anytime.
5. Wide Applications: The shower set can be used for student dormitory, rented house, rural home, outdoor, etc. And it is convenient for you to take a shower and take a shower anytime, anywhere.


Name: Rechargeable Shower
Battery capacity: 5200mAH
Voltage: 3.7V
Current: 2.5A
Output: 5V/2A
Charging time: 7 hours
Use time: 120 minutes
Power supply: built-in lithium battery
Charging method: USB charging
Water output: 4-5L/min
Operating temperature: 10℃-50℃
Electric pump size:
Connection tube material: PVC
Connection tube length: 180cm/70.87in

Packing List:

Rechargeable Shower * 1
Suction Cup Holder * 1
Manual * 1
USB Cable * 1
Offer with 20L folding bucket*1(There are buckets and no buckets, please refer to the picture for purchase)

Mobile phone charger or power bank can be charged
Insert the DC head of the charging cable into the charging pump
Plug the USB head into the charging device
Charge it up and use it
Washing while charging is prohibited

Control the water flow as you like
Double water switch
Water pump M switch to adjust water pressure + shower nozzle adjustment valve
Control the amount of water, making it more convenient to use
1- Switch machine button
2-Sprinkler water valve switch
3-Red light: Low battery
4- The blue light is charged, and the light is off when it is full
5-Charging port DC 5V/2A
High-end position: 4 liters/minute (above 60 minutes), low-end position: 3 liters/minute (above 120 minutes)

Small size, great function
Easy to carry, easy to store
Just the size of a can
Whether it’s a business trip/outdoor travel/dormitory
Can be carried freely and used very conveniently

Connecting hose
Length (180CM)
Dedicated shower pipe/sturdy and durable
Water-proof and more stable
It won’t become rigid in cold weather
Environmental PVC

Punch-free shower seat does not need to be punched
Click on the shower seat
The installation is complete
Where you want to use itAdjustable shower
High pressure adjustable and light water outlet
Environmentally friendly ABS raw materials
Take a bath more comfortably

Adjustable shower
High pressure adjustable and light water outlet
Environmentally friendly ABS raw materials
Take a bath more comfortably

Six product advantages
1. No need to plug in, built-in rechargeable battery, no leakage
2. Use simple keys to use, strong and durable
3. Long battery life can be used for 60 minutes when fully charged
4. The water flow rate is close to that of a domestic water heater
5. Low noise, suitable for a variety of scenes
6. Water volume can be controlled and adjusted at will

No need to install, take it with you, bathing artifact, no electrical appliances, no faucet
USB charging cable
Outdoor hook
Storage bag

Easy to use
More convenient to use
Unplugged, no gas, easy shower
1- Prepare the right amount of hot water
2- Pour hot water into the bucket and mix with the appropriate water temperature
3- Put the electric pump into the bucket and turn on the shower

Multiple usage
Suitable for the majority of consumers









Charging time

7 hours

Use time

120 minutes

Power supply

built-in lithium battery

Charging method

USB charging

Water output


Operating temperature


Electric pump size


Connection tube material


Connection tube length



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