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Camping & Hiking

Blue :115-130cm adjustable
Red :95-115cm adjustable
Shrink: 34cm
2 sections E674K carbon fiber
3 section 7075 aviation aluminum

This section is a 5 piece folding cane (2 carbon, 3 pieces of aluminum 7075)

Each has a foot sleeve / a mud drag / a stick bag.

Other styles of the factory can be customized print LOGO recommendation

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The use of the sticks

  • 1, adjust the length:

    & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent Armed with sticks to stand in the plane, first to unscrew sticks all, arms natural prolapse, elbow for protection, to raise the forearm to and angulated at 90 degrees, finally will sticks all support arm lock. When adjustment should not exceed is shown on the biggest sticks to adjust length;

    2, the proper use of wrist strap :

    downhill climbing impact force rod bearing should be transmitted to us by wrist arm; and an arm in the uphill thrust to produce by wristband alpenstocks uphill power, so the wrist should not directly through the wrist strap from the party to go in to hold the handle, but should take up wristbands, wristbands will be inserted from below, strap pressure in our hand, then gently grasp the handle, through the wrist support alpenstock, instead of clinging to handle force. If there is a buckle, do a little adjustment, remember not to affect the operation of the staff.

    3, different terrain mode of operation:

    & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent General use sticks are introduced below the normal operating mode, but not the only way, but in practice is somewhat do adjustment, to find suitable for their own way, so as to make full use of advantages to sticks.

    AFlat and gentle. As usual walk uphill to take the same rhythm, the right arm in the left foot forward and take advantage of the alpenstock forward, but do not exceed the wand in front of the body, and then push back against the ground, the left hand with the right hand to do the same action interaction.

    B.A inclined slope movements and normal walking, but the arm forward to put the location of the sticks in the front of the body, use up sticks to support the body, to relieve pressure in the legs, when necessary, can be used at the same time the two sticks to do climbing movement, pushing up the body, the palm of your hand the power of the push rod can be placed on the top of the strengthen.

    C.Downhill because of the impact is bigger, it will use sticks to reducing load of the legs; Sticks position must be put in front of the body, and than your front foot first to share the power effect, at this time the body will lean forward, this action is not our natural movement of downhill, so often should practice, at the same time they are & have spent Sleep how far should I put sticks position can achieve the result that reduce pressure on the legs, and will not slow down the original travel speed and rhythm. When necessary, can according to individual feeling to increase the length of the sticks.

    Two. Maintenance of staff:

    When there was a time when not in use, the best will alpenstocks separate storage, opening down erect, so that the inside of the water flow out slowly. If the screw is not open, can tap the locking position, or alpenstocks wet, reduce friction, can smoothly unscrew the alpenstock.

    Three. Mountaineering attention

    1 why carbon fiber rod without shock absorbers?

    C: carbon fiber climbing rod, rod itself is flexible, no need to accumulate mechanical shock absorbers. Mechanical vibration can absorb vibration, but also absorb your power, and will affect the stability.

    2. Carbon rod intensity compared with that of aluminium alloy rod?

    Answer: longitudinal stress intensity of carbon tube, carbon rod is very strong, but not because it is strong, let him when the pole like diamond, you buy, do not use it to write on the concrete floor. So, please cherish it.

    3. The tall man, pull rod can’t exceed limit, there is still a lot I see?

    & have spent & have spent & have spent A: alpenstock scale to limit, will stop, any staff are all the same. & have spent The length of 135 cm is enough people use 195 cm height.

    4 what is the function of the accessory?

    a. the correct use of the sheath can protect the rod head. In large areas of granite floor with rubber sheath can avoid the unnecessary wear points. Small mud support for soft mud, large Xuetuo for soft snow walking.

Brand Name




Shaft Material

Carbon Fiber

Joint Number


Handle Material


Damping System

Mechanical shock absorber can absorb vibration

Length (cm)


Stick Tip

Carbon Tungsten Steel


Straight Grip Handle, Lightweight EVA all

Model Number


Outdoor Activity


Product category


Texture of material

Carbon fiber


198 g


The new 7 series

Place of Origin

Yiwu Zhejiang International Trade City




Black, mei red

Length (scaling)


pole tip

Tungsten steel


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