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Color: Green/Blue/Red/Silver… Multiple colors
Rope Material: Polyester
Length: 160ft (50meters)
Core yarns: 7 strands
Rope Diameter: 4mm
Weight: 260g
Paracord comes on a spool to help keep cord organized and free from knots.
Genuine MIL-SPEC Type III Paracord has 7 inner cords each made up of 3 strands.
Parachute cordis a lightweight nylon kernmantle rope originally used in the suspension lines of parachutes.
550 Paracord all-purpose rope for crafting, paracord/survival bracelets, lanyards, belts, rifle slings, handle wraps, securing your gear, setting traps, tie-downs, and camping.
Note: Not recommended for extreme activities or facilities that carry people.

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7 strands Paracord


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