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White goose down filling material, comfortable and keep warm.Down is fluffy, sleeping bag is light, but it’s warm.

Down is very soft and light. There is a small gap between down and down, which causes the air convection in the sleeping bag to be bad. It can form a layer of insulation layer which is isolated from the outside, so that the outside cold air is not easy to reach the inside, and the inside hot air is not easy to reach the outside, so that the temperature can be maintained.

Use zipper of international famous brand.

Durable taffeta shell that will stand up to years rigorous use.

Use waterproof fabric, light rain is no problem, of course, it is not recommended to get wet when it rains.

Package include:

1 * Down Sleeping Bag

1 * Storage Sack(The color of the storage bag may be black color and does not affect the quality.)


Shell Fabric:400T 20D Nylon spinning

Filling material:95% White goose down

Open Size:210cm*80cm,Slightly larger than the mummy sleeping bag.(Fit for most adults)

The heavier down sleeping bag weighs more than 2kg,more warmer, because the shipping method cannot be use China Post Registered Air Mail or Aliexpress stardand shipping,We didn’t show it in this link, please leave a message if you need it.

Sleeping bag weight 900g, The weight of filled down is 400g,Comfort temperature:5~15 degree centigrade,Limit temperature 0 ℃,packing size 28X17cm

Sleeping bag weight 1200g, The weight of filled down is 700g,Comfort temperature:0~10 degree centigrade,Limit temperature -3 ℃,packing size 30X20cm

Sleeping bag weight 1500g, The weight of filled down is 1000g,Comfort temperature:-5~5 degree centigrade,Limit temperature -8 ℃,packing size 32X21cm

Sleeping bag weight 1800g, The weight of filled down is 1300g,Comfort temperature:-10~0 degree centigrade,Limit temperature -15 ℃,packing size 35X21cm

Sleeping bag weight 2100g, The weight of filled down is 1650g,Comfort temperature:-15~-5 degree centigrade,Limit temperature -15 ℃,packing size 38X22cm (There is inventory, but it is not shown in this link. Please leave a message if you need it.)

Goose down’s warm keeping principle:

Down is very soft amd small, Although it looks thin,when you sleep in the sleeping bag,the down will attract your body temperature, so that the down will expand, isolate the cold air from the outside, and achieve the effect of warmth retention.

It looks thin when the temperature is low,after attracts your heat,It will thicken when the temperature is high, which is normal.

(The color of the storage bag may be black color and does not affect the quality.)

Brand Name


Comfortable Temperature Scale


Single/Double Sleeping Bag

Splicing Single Sleeping Bag

Applicable People



Standard (Suitable for 1.8 m Height and Below)




Spring & Autumn, Winter



Model Number



Cold Weather

Sleeping Bag Temperature Scale Category

Winter Sleeping Bag




Down Sleeping Bag


Goose Down




Envelope Type


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