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Goal Zero Lighthouse Micro camping light, gz light!

Net weight: about 68g

Dimensions: 93mm x 37.75mm

Long use time: 170 hours

Waterproof grade: IPX6

Power supply: lithium battery 2600mAh


Product Name: Lighthouse Micro Flash lighthouse type camp light/flashlight

Weight·: 2.4 oz(68g)

Size·: 93(height)×38(diameter)mm

Charging time: It takes about 3.5 hours to charge using the USB connector

Connector: USB Prot(input): 5v, up to1A(5W max)


·Full brightness, 4 lights source (average power): 135 lumens, 3800K·

·Weak, 2 lights (average power): 7 lumens, 3800K

·Flashlight, full brightness (average power): 115 lumens, 3000K

·Flashlight, weak (average power): 15 lumens, 3000K

· Fully bright, 4 lights (full power): 150 lumens, 3800K.

Weak, 2 lights (full power): 10 lumens, 3800K

·Flashlight, full brightness (full power): 120 lumens, 3000K

·Flashlight, weak (full power): 20 lumens, 3000K

Life time:

·Flashlight: 100 hours (low), 8.5 hours (high)

One-way lighting: 170 hours (low), 15 hours (high)

·Two-way lighting: 80 hours (low), 7 hours (high)

Instructions for use:

1. Press the switch once to turn on the flashlight, press it twice for the camping light highlight mode, and press it 3 times for the camping light low light mode;

2. Long press the power button to adjust the brightness of the light;


1. The factory packaging of this product is preset to private mode, and the private mode can be released after connecting to the power supply and charging;

2. If you can’t charge, please press the switch 5 times, and press the switch for the 6th time to touch the display mode;

3. After canceling the privacy mode, the product will not support returns, please note

Package Included:

1*camping light


CN(Origin), CN(Origin)


Pocket, Multi Tools

Brand Name


Attribute One


Attribute Two

IPX6 waterproof

Attribute Three

2600 mah battery

Attribute Four

USB charging

Attribute Five



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