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White goose down filling material, comfortable and keep warm.Down is fluffy, sleeping bag is light, but it’s warm.

Down is very soft and light. There is a small gap between down and down, which causes the air convection in the sleeping bag to be bad.

It can form a layer of insulation layer which is isolated from the outside, so that the outside cold air is not easy to reach the inside, and the inside hot air is not easy to reach the outside, so that the temperature can be maintained.

Durable taffeta shell that will stand up to years rigorous use.

Use waterproof fabric, light rain is no problem, of course, it is not recommended to get wet when it rains.

Innovative Foot box Design-Foot box is vaulted so you have even more roon for your feet.

Added insulation in the bottom of the sleeping bag keeps your feet warm.

Package include:

1 * Down Sleeping Bag

1 * Storage Sack (Black color)


Shell Fabric:400T 20D Nylon

Filling material:90% White goose down

Size:210cm*80cm (Loose place)*50cm (Narrow place)

Filling Power:800

Sleeping bag weight 850g, The weight of filled down is 400g,Comfort temperature:0~10 degree centigrade,Limit temperature:-3~3 degree centigrade,packing size 28X17cm
Sleeping bag weight 1150g, The weight of filled down is 700g,Comfort temperature:-5~5 degree centigrade,Limit temperature:-8~0 degree centigrade,packing size 30X20cm
Sleeping bag weight 1450g, The weight of filled down is 1000g,Comfort temperature:-10~0 degree centigrade,Limit temperature:-13~3 degree centigrade,packing size 32X21cm


Not only does down have the highest weight to warmth ratio of any insulation, but it also is the most compressible insulation available! With the FREE compression bag we include, easily compress your down sleeping bag to fit in any pack or space without needing to buy it separate! After purchase, we send you resources to help loft, compress, & store your down sleeping bag for backpacking correctly!


Premium selected 800 fill power down fills the backpacking sleeping bag and holds the highest warmth to weight ratio of any insulation type. Our down and down processes have been updated and are outside certified, and significantly reduce down product odor. We wrap the down in a baffled (not sewn threw) ultralight 10 denier ripstop shell to complete the ultralight sleeping bag and prevent down loss!


sleeping bags are real world tested to be warm within -13~3 degree centigrade of their rated temperature, making it warmer than industry standard “lower comfort ratings”and a more true temp rating!

The shape of the sleeping bag:
Human type: also known as mummy type, designed to fit the shape of the human body and have a good covering part of the head. After all, the head is up to 60% of the heat dissipation of the body, which is a very important part of affecting the human body’s temperature perception. Rings, and some necks will also have cords or three-dimensional designs to make sleep better and more comfortable.


We coat both our down and the shell fabric with a water resistant coating giving you the added piece of mind when the weather turns bad or condensation occurs that you’ll sleep warm and cozy!

Comfortable Temperature Scale


Single/Double Sleeping Bag

Splicing Double Sleeping Bag

Applicable People



Lengthened (1.8 m-2 m Height)








3 Season

Sleeping Bag Temperature Scale Category

Winter Sleeping Bag


Down Sleeping Bag


Goose Down


Nisi spinning



White goose down





as shown

Chest collar

saddle collar


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