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550 Paracord – 7 Strands

・7-core paracord ・550 military standard ・4MM diameter, maximum load 400LB


・ An important outdoor tool. Such as (outdoor temporary) simple housing construction; repairing equipment and clothing; making traps and fishing nets; making fire bows, etc. ・ Umbrella rope art. The umbrella rope is woven into pendants, bracelets, belts, backpacks and other items through a certain weaving method, which is more convenient for carrying around. Convenient for outdoor use. ・ Used as a pet collar, traction knitting, Sturdy and durable, pets are more comfortable to wear than leashes and iron chains.


Material: Polypropylene/Polyester Standard: 550 military stan/dard Rope standard: 7 inner strands Length: 50/100 meters / axis Diameter: 4mm Maximum load: 400LB Weight: about 270g

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550 military standard


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