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Product name: reinforced stainless steel crampons
Material: TPE silicone + 201 reinforced stainless steel chain + 201 reinforced stainless steel watch
Rubber size:
M size, 190X155x4.5mm
L size, 210x160x5mm
XL code, 230*175x6mm

M size 36-40
L size 41-44
XL code 44-47

Packing: Each pair is equipped with a black backpack bag + 2 Velcro bag straps, plus a PE transparent bag

Product features: The product has a strong tensile performance of -35, cold resistance, strong and durable, and easy to use. It can be used with various flat shoes, sports shoes, hiking shoes, mountain boots, etc., suitable for outdoor mountaineering and hiking on ice and snow, ice fishing, Ice/snow/slippery ground is high.

23 Teeth

19 Teeth






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