A power perch is very beneficial when you have a lot of electronic devices to plug in at the same time. It helps you to get all of these devices organized in only one particular place. So, in this article, we are going to explore the top ten best power perch double outlets and how to choose a good power perch. It is an upgraded version of your existing outlet system.

Without further delay, let’s go through these products with us now.

List Of Top 10 Best Power Perch and Socket Shelf Reviews to Consider

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10. DDLmax socket shelf

Clearance! DDLmax Wall

First of all, we have this power perch single shelf from DDLmax. There are 2 designs, which are round and square shapes. It is compatible with a variety of devices, including electric razor, speaker, night light as well as cellphone. This power perch adds more space to the existing outlet, and therefore, it saves a lot of space. It enables a 90-degree rotation, so that you can adjust the direction from horizontal to vertical easily.

Moreover, it features a non-slip design to make sure that your devices stay still in place without slipping. It is also equipped with LED light, and there is a light sensor to detect when the LED should be on.

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9. Okela plate shelf for wall 

 Socket Shelf

Next, we shall take a look at this power perch from Okela. With this power perch, you actually add an additional shelf to maximize the slots upon the existing outlet. It is compatible with small electronics as long as they are within 7 pounds. This plug shelf is made with strong and durable plastic for more stability in the design.

It works well with any small electronic devices, including phones and Sonos Play. The installation process is also easy enough. You can simply put things together and secure them with a screw. The quality of the product is guaranteed with a 12-month warranty.

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8. Hirundo shelf socket

 Hirundo Wall Outlet

This power perch from Hirundo includes 2 pieces in the set. It enables you to customize your own shelf on the existing outlet within a few seconds. It is compatible with almost all types of vertical outlets. With this power perch, you no longer have to put your valuable electronic devices on the floor. Therefore, it is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

It is able to collaborate with all types of mobile devices, including iPhones, Android and tablets. It is also compatible with other household appliances, such as razors, power tools and toothbrushes. On the shelf, it is able to bear the maximum weight of 7 pounds.

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 Outlet Shelf

This power perch from SRXING also includes 2 pieces in the set. It comes with multiple functions which make it compatible with a wide range of household items, such as electronic devices and smart phones. This shelf can be attached to your existing outlet to keep everything on the shelf without having to throw them on the floor.

The installation of this power perch is easy enough since you can do that with all the parts within minutes. It is made from industrial grade plastic, and therefore, it is durable and strong enough to support up to 10 pounds. Within 30 days, if you are not satisfied, you can claim the money back with the warranty.

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6. Gizhome wall outlet shelf

Gizhome 2 Pack Wall

For this power perch from Gizhome, it comes with beautiful and elegant white color. It is made for strength and stability while in use. With the use of industrial grade plastic, it is able to support up to 10 pounds with confidence. Moreover, it includes an additional shelf which makes it a space saving design.

It is very easy to install since it is compatible with most vertical power perches. You only have to spend a few minutes, and you can get it ready for your next power support. It is a useful tool for any place in the house, including kitchen, bathroom and garage.

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5. PERLESMITH phone shelf

Wall Outlet Shelf Holder

Moving onto the next power perch charging shelf from PERLESMITH, it is available at an affordable price. It is made with plastic, and it is just ideal for home use. The fact is that it is very easy to charge different items, such as smartphones, lamps and other devices. It is built in a cable channel, which enables you to gain access to the outlet easily.

While it provides your house with more storage, it also keeps all the things organized. It includes a shelf which is able to withstand up to 15 pounds at the maximum. It is suitable for many places in the house, including the living room and kitchen.

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ALLICAVER Outlet Shelf

We would like to introduce you to this power perch from ALLICAVER. It comes with a space saving design, which makes your house organized neatly. This charging shelf is able to support all kinds of electronic devices as long as they are less than 5 pounds.

It is built in with a cord management to eliminate all the messy cables. Moreover, it is very easy to install. You can install it on your own within a few minutes only. It is also compatible with a wide range of functions since it can be mounted upside down also.

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3. OMOTON outdoor plug cover

Power Perch

This power perch from OMOTON is also worth taking into consideration. It features a space-saving design which saves you a lot of space for storage in the house. It comes with a top shelf which can support about 10lbs. In addition, this power perch features a unique and special design which includes a detachable hook.

The hook is there for you to keep all the items in your sight. These items include keys and watches. It is simple and convenient to install this power perch with the cover plates included. Last but not least, it is made with thick plastic to endure a long lasting usage.

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2. Allstar Innovations electrical plugs covers

Socket Shelf

Another desirable choice of power perch is from Allstar Innovations. It enables you to plug in 8 devices at the same time with 8 slots included on the body of the power station. There is also an indicator light to show you the power. Moreover, the safety standard has been tested and approved by UL. It includes a shelf, which is just ideal to lift your items. This is suitable for any place in the house, including kitchen and bedroom.

In the installation process, you can simply plug in the existing system to make it ready for use. Last but not least, it supports a wide range of devices, including IPhones and Androids.

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1. PERLESMITH extra large outlet covers

 Outlet Expanders

Here comes another power perch from PERLESMITH. It is made with high grade plastic, and it is imported with high quality. It is just ideal for all kinds of small electronics, such as toothbrushes, razors and small cameras. This socket shelf comes with a cable management to ensure that it will give a clean look when all the cables are hidden inside.

With this power perch, you are allowed to keep your personal space organized. In addition, it includes a shelf which is able to support about 15 pounds in total. It is very easy to install, which you only have to spend minutes to get it ready with a screwdriver only.

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Buying Guide: Best Power Perch or socket shelf

In order to make the right selection of a high quality power perch, please take note of the following features.

Material: most of the power perches are made of plastic. Yet, a good one might feature the industrial grade plastic which is durable and sturdy enough to withstand even the toughest use.

Loading capacity: the power perch always features a top shelf to support your electronic devices. This way, you will never have to put the valuable items on the floor again. A good power perch would be able to support from 7 – 10 pounds.

Compatibility: it should be compatible with a variety of household devices, including smartphones, tablets, razors, night lights and many more items.

Installation: many of us would feel tired of a difficult and complicated installation process. Therefore, it should be easy enough with all the hardware and simple tools included. More importantly, there should be an instruction manual to guide you step by step.

Warranty: the warranty part is always a good thing to give us the best peace of mind in a purchase. The warranty length varies from 1 month to 1 year. However, the longer the warranty, the better the product because it guarantees you with the best customer satisfaction.


In conclusion, above are the top ten best power perch double outlets that you can get at an affordable price with high quality. If you have a lot of devices to plug in, consider one now to get them ready to serve your demand.