Are you looking for a portable towel warmer? For those who use warm towels, a towel warmer is their best friend. It will keep you toasty in the bathroom, offering such a feeling of relief. We present to you a curated list of the top 10 best portable towel warmers in 2020 in the following.

List Of Top 10 Best Portable Towel Warmer Reviews

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10. HOT Towel Warmer

Hot Towel Warmer Towel

There are two different types of HOT towel warmers. The two types, in fact, are because of two different capacities, offered by the product’s manufacturer. The towel warmer, as a basic, could warm 24 small towels per single time. HOT travel towel warmer is literally hot. The product could make your mini towels in a temperature of 176 degrees Fahrenheit, on one hand. The towel warmer is user-friendly as well. There comes a single tray for a water collection. The towel warmer requires customers to empty the water tray one per single day, on the other hand.

While the towel warmer does not require any assembly, the travel towel warmer has earned recognitions such as CTUVus certification for the product’s safety. The towel warmer has a light-blue color. The travel towel warmer has a sum weight of 8 pounds.

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9. LCL UV Towel Warmer

 LCL Beauty Black High

LCL travel towel warmer warms pieces of tiny & small towels by a UV sterilizer bulb which comes along the product’s package. On a side-note, LCL travel towel warmer has earned recognitions such as single CE certification for the travel towel warmer quality. The product is thus safe for clients and not going to damage your towels’ fabrics. The travel towel warmer could warm more than 140 pieces of facial towels. Besides, the product has two towel shelves. Clients could remove those shelves as well.

Clients could clean the drip tray with ease. Additionally, there is a single separate button. You could warm the towels with its very basic function. Clients could also warm your pieces of facial towels with UV as well. Lastly, the travel towel warmer has a one-year warranty with the product.

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8. BEAUTY Portable Towel Warmer

 Beauty Pro Salon Spa

BEAUTY is a compact and lightweight travel towel warmer. The product could warm pieces of facial towels no more than 10, first. We recommend clients to use the damp clothes so as to warm those clothes. BEAUTY travel towel warmer, in fact, warm the moisture inside your pieces of facial towels, second. The package has so far been including 5 pieces of towels, third.

The product is very compact, in nature. The towel warmer is therefore easy to clean. Other than that, clients could store the towel warmer with ease. We highly recommend the product because it is very small and compact.

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7. MOIST Towel Warmer

Personal Household Use

MOIST towel warmer is a compact travel towel warmer. The product is yet not as very compact as BEAUTY towel warmer. On one hand, MOIST has a fairly huge capacity. It could warm 14 pieces of facial towels, simultaneously.

The product is user-friendly too. The heating takes between 10 and 15 minutes, on the other hand. Customers should expect the product to be safe. It has a 60-minute automatic-off function. There is a light indicator to show the product’s power status too.

It has multiple purposes. The product is excellent with hot shaves, massage stone, manicures, pedicures and more. The product is durable because of its solid material. We recommend you to consider the travel towel warmer for family salons. The product’s manufacturer has offered clients full-satisfaction warranties. Customers could seek a refund shall there be any dissatisfaction.

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6. FANTA Towel Warmer

FantaSea Portable Towel

FANTA travel towel warmer is the most compact among all the aforementioned travel towel warmer. The travel towel warmer could take up to 15 minutes so as to heat up your towels. Clients could set an-hour automatic-off function with the towel warmer too. There comes six pieces of cloth towels which clients could warm, at the same time.

We recommend customers use the travel towel warmer for quick warming of your facial towel. Furthermore, it is good for a small family. The product’s price is fair deal relative to its small and compact size. The travel towel warmer has an approximate weight of 1.8 pounds.

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5. COOLULI Mini Towel Warmer

Cooluli Classic Black

COOLULI is a solid, sleek and heavy-duty travel towel warmer. The manufacturer has been offering his/her customers a number of choices with unique styles, patterns & colors of their ways. The product, despite a heavy-duty impression, is lightweight. The towel warmer is 4.9 pounds only. Moreover, the towel warmer is environmentally friendly. The towel warmer is energy-efficient. You thus could save some expense on your electricity bill.

COOLULI travel towel warmer has multiple purposes too. Customers could use the product to store breast milk, snacks, beer, drinks and food when you want to keep those items warm. The product functions quietly as well.

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4. POLLENEX mini Towel Warmer

 Pollenex Towel Warmer

POLLENEX could warm your pieces of towels while you are showering or being in a family sauna room. Customers could, therefore, leave with the already-warm pieces of towels. POLLENEX is an extremely lightweight travel towel warmer. You could only warm two pieces of facial towels, simultaneously. It has a sum weight of 8 pounds.

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3. PREMIUM Towel Warmer


PREMIUM travel towel warmer is a long-lasting & durable product. This portable towel warmer has a construction of top-graded polypropylene. The product is resistant against the changing nature of the inside temperatures. Heating and cooling, cooling and heating back and forth; is not going to change the constructed component pieces of the product.

Moreover, you could use the travel towel warmer for a variety of purposes such as massage stones, neck warmers, hot packs. These are the types of towels the product is going to warm. The product is not just easy for usages but storages too. The product has an approximate weight of 1.8 pounds

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2. TOUCH UV Towel Warmer

Touch America Small Hot

Customers should expect TOUCH travel towel warmer to be solid and heavy-duty, first. TOUCH travel towel warmer has a capacity for 10 pieces of facial towers. There is even a built-in wire basket for facial towels too. Customers could warm your pieces of towels between 158 and 170 degrees Fahrenheits. The travel towel warmer warming motor is 1.1 amps. The product has a total weight of 12 pounds. Customers with medium-sized families should consider the single towel warmer for you and your families.

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1. LCL Towel Warmer

 LCL Beauty Black

LCL is a fairly heavy-duty and compact travel towel warmer. The product is safe for customers. It has earned a CE certification for the product’s high-quality safety standard. Moreover, the product’s manufacturer has been giving one-year warranties for all customers.

Clients could heat their pieces of facial towels up to 175 Fahrenheit degrees, on one hand. On the other hand, it could heat up 12 pieces of facial towels. Moreover, there is an operation manual book for clients too.

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Buying Guide: Best Portable Towel Warmer

Compact: A travel towel warmer is supposed to be compact and lightweight. We encourage you to see the product’s weight as a customization for your needs. You could consider a medium or large-sized towel warmer providing you are not planning to bring along the towel warmer for your trips.

Heavy-Duty: Whether each towel warmer is yet compact or medium-sized, all top-graded towel warmers should be heavy-duty. The product should come solid, so it could be durable for many years to come.

Number of Towels: Please consider the number of facial towels with your preferred travel towel warmer. It is according to how often every member of your families use the towels and the sizes of your families’.

Energy-Saving: The product should be energy-efficient. Clients could, as a result, save the cost of your electricity.

Safety Standard: Each travel towel warmer should be safe for users. You may see whether the product has earned any certifications for its highest qualities and safety standards.


Households should have a portable towel warmer. While some households might have saunas and spa rooms, some others still need travel towel warmers so as to change your moods with warm and damp pieces of facial towels. Those towels are excellent for those of you who like to have warm and damp clothes after hours of working.