Pool time with family cannot go well without the accompany from pool toys. Use your spare time with your kids wisely by adding both fun and underwater practice for them. With the best pool toys, you can do more than just swimming in the pool. Normally, pool toys do not only entertain your kids, but they also help them practice their swimming and diving too.

If you are looking for pool toys to play with your children this weekend, here we can help you choose the best out of the best. We have collected the top 10 best pool toys that comes with different designs, different types of game, and different purposes of playing. It is now your time to decide on one, or maybe two.

List Of Top 10 Best Pool Toys in 2020

10. Starlux Game

Starlight Swimming Dive

Improve your kids’ swimming ability with this Starlux Game. This product is known as Starlight Swimming Diamond and it is a product of 4 packs. It includes 2 blue and 2 green diamonds. Those diamond glow in the dark which allows your kids to dive deep in the water and find it. It comes with a built in LED light bulb on the inside which is waterproof and weatherproof.

Other than that, the toys have very long lasting battery that can last for months. Once it runs out, users can simply replace it. This pool toys are not only for entertaining your kids, but it can also be used as a pool decoration too.

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9. Swimline

Swimline Fireboat Squirter

This Swimline Inflatable Fireboat is one of the most reliable pool toys for kids. The toy is made of premium PVC materials which is good to go against weather, UV, and water. It is also tear resistant which you can trust to float it in the water. Furthermore, the product is very lightweight, yet it can support up to 200 lbs of weight. This means that it is good for accommodating about 2 to 3 kids.

More interestingly, this pool toy features a very inspiring design of Whimsical red rescue boat to entertain and inspire your children at the same time. It also comes together with a water gun to add more fun to the pool time of your kids.

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8. Water Sports

Water Sports Swim Thru

This is another fun pool toys from Water Sports. It is a kind of toy that can be used to improve your kid’s swimming while providing fun for them. It is a set of 3 Swim Thru Rings that features red, blue, and yellow colors which looks impressive under the water. On top of that, the product is also collapsible which makes it easy for packing and storing. This Water Sports swim thru rings also comes with air chamber.

The air chamber is for users to adjust the level of water depth to meet their needs and requirements. Each chamber comes with different design pictures including fish, turtle, and lobster. This pool toys are not only for children, but adults can also practice their swimming with this.

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7. Watermelon Ball

Watermelon Ball JR

If your kids are very into playing ball, you can also get this ball pool toy from Watermelon Ball for them. This ball will not float on the water. Instead, it is designed for underwater entertainment. The product has a filling needle which is for users to fill in the water to kick start the game. It can go as deep as 2.44m of underwater which means it is suitable for both youth and adults to play with.

The item also comes with bouncing features that enables users to use it for basketball game as well. The item’s weight is only 4.17 lbs and it is very durable which is best for any intense action game.

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 BABCOO 24 Piece Pool

If you are currently looking for any pool toys for toddlers, getting this pool toys set from BABCOO will never disappoint you at all. This pool toy set comes in 24 pieces which include fish toys, swim through rings, driving balls, torpedo bandits, and underwater octopuses. It is very fun for your kids to play with and it can also be the tools for your children to practice their swimming too.

Simply throw all of the items into the water and all of them will slowly sink under the water. Then, your kids can start their diving game. The toys are also made of toxic free materials that are completely safe with water and your kid’s skin.

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5. Prextex

Prextex 24 Piece Diving

This pool toy set from Prextex is similar to the previous one from BABCOO. It also comes with 24 pieces of toys, but all of them feature different designs from those of BABCOO. It is a set of sinking toys that once you throw them into the pool, it slowly sink in deep under the water. The product is ideal for your kids to practice their swimming and diving while also providing ultimate entertainment for them.

This set is very lightweight and can be packed together into a pack for the weight of 1.6 pounds only. Besides using it in the pool, it also goes well with beach application too. Prextex is a very safe toy which is made of premium materials. It is non-toxic and not harmful under the water either.

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HENMI 26 Pack Diving

Product #4 is from HENMI. This even comes with a bigger set which include 26 pieces of pool toys in total. It has fish, rings, starlight diamonds, octopus toys, and others. They are the toys that are very lightweight yet can slowly sink into the water and bounce themselves up slowly too. You can use this to encourage your kid’s swimming and diving ability because it is designed for both kids and adults to use.

Aside from using it in the pool, the products can keep your kids entertained at the beach or even off water. What is more, all of the pieces are very long lasting since they are made of non-toxic and thick rubber.

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3. Watermelon Ball

Watermelon Ball

The next product also comes from Watermelon Ball and it is an underwater ball. This ball can be used for various games including underwater football, basketball, as well as rugby. Users can simply throw them into the water for it to fall down deeply into the pool bottom. It also bounces itself up depending on the amount of water you fill in. this means that users can choose the level of pool depth that this ball can pass through by filling as much as water that meets your expectations.

Since the product is made of tough rubber, it tends to last for years. The ball can also serve as an off water football and basketball. To get that, you just need to fill in the air instead of water and have fun with it.

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2. Heytech

heytech 17 Pack Dive Pool

Heytech also brought to you a very interesting set of pool toys for kids that you should not miss. It comes with 17 pieces in total. Those include water rings, torpedo bandits, water blasters, and fish. They come in 4 each whereas the water blasters come in 5 items. All of the toys can passed underwater down to 33 feet deep. Users only need to throw them all into the pool and let their kids improve their swimming on their own.

The product is designed to suit with 3 year-old kid up to adult usage, and they are toxic-free. By purchasing it, users also receive an after-sale support from the manufacture as well.

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1. Atlasonic

Water Blaster Soaker Gun

Coming to the top and also the last product on our list, let us introduce you to this pool toys set from Atlasonic. This is known as water blaster soaker gun that can add extra fun to the pool time. The products come with a design that is suitable with kids, teenagers, and adults. It features 4 water blasters with a very bright and colorful construction. They include green, orange, yellow, and sky blue.

The toy has also been through CPC approval which is very safe to use under the water. It is constructed from lightweight foam and non-toxic plastic that is very lightweight and safe for all skin types.

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Buying Guide of Pool Toys

Type of Game: the first thing to consider before getting a pool toy is to decide on what types of games you want to play. Pool toys normally features different designs because it provides different types of game for children to play. Some of them may be for diving game, swimming game, floating game, and football game.

Purpose of Buying: The next thing is to take into account the purpose of buying them. You may take your time to question yourself if you want to have it just for fun or also for helping your kids with their swimming and diving ability too? However, most of our suggested products offer both fun and learning at the same time.

Number of Items: the last thing to think of is the number of items, this may not really matter for some people, but may be important for those parents to have small kids. They may want to get pool toy set that has as many pieces as possible. On our list, we also have a few pool toy sets that come with 17 pieces, 24 pieces, and also 26 pieces.


Do not miss out fun time, and start grabbing the best pool toys from our recommendation list. All of them features different designs for different types of games and purposes. With our recommendation, you can choose from underwater diving game to underwater football game.