Olive oil is known as a healthy product which could add years to your heart. This kind of oil is very popular for daily cooking that chefs give the first priority to. However, people are struggling to find a good container with a good quality and design to keep optimal freshness and fully control the amount of olive oil while pouring. That is why we would like to present to you these best Olive Oil dispensers.

With the dispensers, you will be able to stop your olive oil from going rancid and pour into the wrong target during cooking time without any spill. Your kitchen or restaurant will be clean and tidy with our dispensers.

List Of Top 10 Best Olive Oil Dispensers in 2020

10. Ceramic Oil or Vinegar Bottle Dispenser

Ceramic Oil or Vinegar

Vinegar bottle dispenser is a handmade olive oil dispenser product in India which is made of Ceramic. This ceramic bottle is known as one of the best storages to keep olive oil since the power of ceramic could make the olive oil oxidize slowly to maintain the quality and freshness of the oil. Moreover, this bottle dispenser was designed attractively as a wine bottle with a u-shaped mouth that is very convenient to the users in terms of pouring.

Moreover, the u-shaped interior bottom ensures the product is less wasted at the bottom of the bottle which benefits both economically and environmentally.

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9.  Blasoul Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser

Blasoul Olive Oil Dispenser

Blasoul olive oil bottle dispenser is made of glass which is not suitable only for oil but also any kind of thick liquid such as honey, sunflower oil, soy sauce, lemon, etc.… Moreover, with a huge capacity of 400ml and marking with a scale, known as the perfect size and easily to see the amount of remaining oil from the customer’s recommendation, which can meet the daily use with no longer refiling too often.

Besides material and size, a unique design of the u-shaped olive oil dispenser stainless steel and  spout allow the user to control properly and smoothly while pouring the oil. And there is also a lid like a cap to keep it clean and avoid accidentally spilling in any case.

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8. Chefvantage


Vinegar cruet dispenser bottle is a decorative olive oil dispenser and named as an eye-catcher. The mixture of stainless steel with a strong and unique glass shows the good quality of this dispenser to last longer unlike other low-quality products. You also can enjoy the different functions and features that you can choose based on your preference.

Moreover, clog-free design and non-drip feature of the dispensers give more convenience during adding oil and avoid unwanted drops when it is being used in any dish and keep your kitchen clean.

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7. Tebery Olive Oil Bottles

Tebery 4 Pack Oil and Vinegar

Tebery olive oil bottles are made of standard glass that is the most suitable for liquid beverages. Due to good quality glass, showing a bright and clear enclosure that adds extraordinary beauty to the bottle while allows you to see clearly what is inside.

This dispenser is also equipped with airtight bottle stoppers and pouring spouts with lever-release snap lids that completely closes so that no air can get in or out. Therefore, the users can easily control or minimize the amount of oil while pouring.

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6. No Funnel needed olive oil dispenser

No Funnel Needed

This type of dispenser glass cruet bottle is made of lightweight and durable borosilicate glass which has a nice-looking body accompanying with modern style which suits best in any kitchen decoration. The special about this bottle is there is no funnel needed but design with airtight silicone cap to seal the spout to keep the oil fresh instead.

Due to the large mouth of the bottle with critical design, allows the users to pour faster and refill the liquid into the bottle conveniently without funnel and easy to wash at the same time.

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5. DWËLLZA Olive Oil Dispenser


DWELLZA olive oil dispenser is a glass oil bottle with measurement and drip-free spout stainless steel that you will be amazed by the material and design. The vinegar and oil pourer are linked with a glass bottle, stainless steel lid, silicone cork and button which is designed to replace pouring of oil from the bottle to sprayer.

When it comes to sprayer, there is no longer mess with accidentally pouring too much on food or in the while this BPA-free olive vinegar dispenser holder has a graduated oil reservoir for measurement control to figure out how much the users want to spray. We also guarantee you with the 100% satisfaction with cooking mess-free, healthy and clean in your kitchen.

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4. Aozita Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle Set

Aozita 17oz Olive Oil

Aozita olive oil dispenser bottle is made of glass with two different colors, dark green and brown. This dispenser bottle is designed with dust cap and flap cap and non-drip design with stainless steel spout that can allow the users to pour steadily to the right target and prevent from dust, spilling and dripping.

Moreover, due to the dark color of the bottle can protect the oil or liquid inside from heat and sunlight to preserve longer duration. We also offer 18/8 stainless steel funnel that you can refill your dispenser easily when it is running out.

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3. Rachael Ray EVOO Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser

Rachael Ray 53253 Solid

Rachel Ray olive oil bottle dispenser is made of solid glaze ceramic with red color. It is designed in a shape that is convenient and comfortable to grab and hold for the users. Moreover, the stoneware cruet ensures limited oxygen exposure to help preserve the oil from oxidation while the pouring spout plays a role to control the proper amount of oil while cooking.

More importantly, it is known as the perfect complement to many items of Rachel Ray collection and also provides a quality assurance guarantee to the customers.

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2. Zeppoli Oil and Vinegar Bottle Set

Zeppoli Oil and Vinegar

Zeppoli oil and Vinegar Bottle is a type of bottle made of BPA free rubber stopper with strong glass that could last longer and not easily break. Additionally, it has a big capacity that many users are looking for which is up to 17oz. Besides the good size, its design with two sizes of pour spout on each spout serve different purposes of the users well since it has different flow rates which means one is slow and another is fast. You should notice that one collapsible funnel will be provided to ensure there is no spillage during filling or refilling.

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1. Venero Olive Oil and Vinegar Dispenser

 Venero Olive Oil & Vinegar

Venero olive oil and vinegar dispenser is made from good-quality clear borosilicate glass that is much stronger than typical glass. The 19oz bottle offers you a good capacity to store a good amount of oil and other liquids. Additionally, this olive oil dispenser has a stainless steel pour spouts and dust cap to make sure there is no leakage and automatically flips open when you pour and close when you are done.

Especially, steady-pour spout is also equipped to ensure the users pour oil with a steady level and do not accidentally pour too much oil into the food.

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Buying Guides of olive oil dispensers

These are some tips for you to read and consider to avoid ending up with disappointment due to the lack of understanding the nature of the product before purchasing.

  • Capacity: No one wants to refill oil in the dispenser too often whenever it comes to cooking. So, choosing the right capacity is worth thinking about. The average size to be considered is 500ml up that you actually use at least several times but remember don’t choose a very big one or it might become a difficulty.
  • Material: it is one of the very important points to look at what material the dispensers are made of because you want it to be something used in both near and far in the future. We recommend you to look for a ceramic, glass and mental one due to its power and quality to avoid easily breaking and maintain the freshness of olive oil and can be put for other thick liquid as well.
  • Spout: If you cook with olive oil, there is no doubt that you need an oil dispenser that releases just the right amount you need and does not completely drench everything in. So, with a slender spout at the top is the best choice to stop that such problem and to prevent too much air from circulating through the bottle to keep oil fresh.


After reading through these product reviews and buying guides of olive oil dispensers, we hope that you enjoy reading to get some ideas on how to choose the best dispensers that fit perfectly your daily use in kitchens and restaurants.