Bluetooth speakers come in many different shapes and sizes. In fact, they also come with additional special functions as well. Some of them were designed to fit people’s active outdoor lifestyle best. While some other speakers were designed for the loud and fun night life of partying and such. We are also well as aware that, although it is easy to find Motorcycle Bluetooth speakers suitable for bike rides, it is hard to choose which one to buy.

So without further ado, let’s move onto the first product on our list.

List of Top 10 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth speaker Products in 2020

10. Rockville Motorcycle Bluetooth speaker

Rockville RockNRide

The RockNRide 3” motorcycle speakers from Rockville come in a set of 2. They have a modern black overall color design; meant to fit well on most handlebars without being too noticeable. Additionally, being completely wireless allows the speaker to be easy to install and less dangerous after installed.

These speakers were designed to connect or stick to the handlebar on each side. Its loud noise amplification can even go louder than the engine noise. Even if a helmet is worn, the sound from these speakers would still be heard. On top of that, this speaker is strong and sturdy. They’re made from metal and are completely waterproof.

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9. GoHawk Motorcycle Bluetooth speaker

GoHawk AN4-X 600W

The chromatic silver dual speakers system from GoHawk deserves a mention. The AN4-X Chrome can easily attach onto different size handlebars with its mounting clamps. Plus, its waterproof and sturdy design allows you to take it into extreme sports situations; including water biking, rocky mountain rides, long distance rides, etc.

Furthermore, the AN4-X Chrome was designed to emit loud and clear. Simply connecting to it via Bluetooth, AUX, RCA connector or cable, allows you to stream your music in peace during motorbike rides. Unfortunately, the AN4-X Chrome isn’t completely wireless. This speaker system is wired control.

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8. Kuryakyn Motorcycle Bluetooth speaker

Kuryakyn 272

Kuryakyn’s Sound Bar Plus comes in 2 different colors; black and silver. It’s a small sound bar that can be attached to the top of your motorbike’s handlebar easily. With 10 inch in length and having satin-like metal texture, the black model fits really well into your “badass” aesthetics. What’s more “badass” about this is that it is equipped with a heat sink as a self-protection circuit. These help the speaker to regulate its own temperature and avoid any dangerous overheating.

The Sound Bar Plus projects clear and loud sound, allowing you to stream music without any disturbance. Additionally, the Sound Bar Plus is also completely wireless. This allows it to be much safer when attached onto the handlebar. No additional wires would get in your way of biking, which reduces the chance of unwanted accidents.

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7. jzaq

Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth

This helmet Bluetooth headset from jzaq comes with double batteries. Its play time is extremely long, for a short recharge time. The headset takes only 2 hours to fully recharge, but it can continuously stream on for up to 48 to 50 hours. It can be attached to the inside of your safety helmet and play whenever you’re on the go.

In addition, this headset isn’t just a normal headset for music streaming. It also has a built-in speaker and audio recorder, so that you can conveniently and safely answer or go on calls while you’re on the road. When connected, the headset will project hearing-safe and crisp noise, making your bike rides more enjoyable.

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6. Amruta2015

 Motorcycle Bluetooth

This mini sound bar from Amruta2015 has a mixed materials external design. It uses both metal and high-quality plastic materials, in order to look more dimensional and interesting. This sound bar can be attached to the handlebar of your motorbike and projects high definition music on the go.

Additionally, it can be connected via Bluetooth, for better convenience and wireless display. However, it can also connect via TF card or AUX interface to play. The sound bar supports MP3 and WMA music format players.

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 LEXIN LX-S3 Motorcycle

This audio amplifier system from LEXIN comes in a double speaker system. Both speakers have a chromatic silver finish and can be clipped onto the bar of the bike’s handle(s). With their bullet shape design, they remind us of vintage bike’s headlights. Due to that reminiscence, we believe that this system will fit well with big bikes and can add more vintage flavor to its full built.

These 3 inches speakers can project clear loud noise when turned on. It also comes with a built-in Bluetooth A2DP stereo, USB and an FM radio tuner. These features allow you to stream your music wirelessly and conveniently. Plus, when you’ve had enough with listening to music, you can easily tune into any radio station and have a blast.

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THOKWOK Motorcycle

THOKWOK’s motorcycle headset is designed to accommodate long bike rides and allow you to stream music on and on for hours. It is both a music streaming system and a communication system. With high quality music projection technology, it can project clear and clean sounds. And with its communication feature, you can safely go on calls while on the road.

The BT-S3 headset is equipped with many additional functions, such as Bluetooth compatibility, DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression technology, cable compatibility and more. Additionally, its weatherproof feature allows it to stand extreme sports like mountain biking, fast biking and more.

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3. Cardo

Cardo Motorcycle 45mm

The Cardo motorcycle audio set is very versatile in nature. It works well with many kinds of helmets, no matter the size, style and focused-features. This audio system is comparable to Cardo’s previously established FREECOM and PACKTALK audio systems series. However, what divides this model to the previous ones is the fact that this is equipped with JBL audio technology.

With the equipped JBL technology, the 45mm Audio Set is able to process and project sound better. Outside noise wouldn’t be a bother and your bike rides would certainly be more fun and immersive.

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2. BOSS Audio Systems


BOSS Audio Systems

The MC420B audio system is fitted for ATV rides and other outdoor biking activities. It’s equipped with the latest waterproofing technology, that helps protect the system from all natural elements and last longer. Its wireless feature allows you to stream via your music streaming apps or your music library, via Bluetooth.

The chromatic bullet design delivers a punch of vintage aesthetics to your bikes. Its small weight allows it to be easily carried around when taken off, and fit well when installed onto your bike’s handlebar.

BOSS Audio Systems provides a 3-years warranty for its dealers.

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1. BOSS Audio Systems


Boss Audio Systems

BOSS Audio Systems’ MCBK420B has a matte black coating as well as a bullet-shaped design. Its weatherproofing design protects the speakers from splashing water, rain, dust and more. Plus, this audio system is also suitable for ATVs, motorcycles, touring bikes, scooters and more.

This system can be connected both via a 3.5mm AUX cord and Bluetooth connection. Though Bluetooth connection, bike rides would be safer and more convenient. You can easily adjust the system’s connection and volume control easily via your mobile phones or the inline volume controller.

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In conclusion, when it comes to selecting the right speakers for motorcycles, the features of each product should be paid most attention to. You would have to regard the compatibility of each speaker to the occasions that you want to use it in. Whether or not if the product will work well in said occasions, is up to both its internal and external designs. All in all, we hope our article is of any use to you, and we wish you the best in your shopping adventure.