Bedding sheet is one of the major parts among the bed which allows you to sleep more comfortably during the night or the day. Most of us prefer using microfiber sheet sets to cotton or other materials since they are better in terms of quality and strength.

If you’re trying to purchase a microfiber sheet set, but it seems like you haven’t got a clue yet, this article is the right reading for you. We review the top 10 microfiber sheet sets below as our recommendations. Plus, you will find some buying guidelines at the end of the article as well in order to make a better decision.

List of Top 10 Best Microfiber Sheet Sets in 2020

10. LuxClub

LuxClub 4 PC Microfiber

LuxClub is one of the best microfiber sheet sets as well as a great bamboo sheet. With LuxClub, you will be able lay your body down gently on your bed since it is more than just silky, but also breathable that provides you a pleasant moment that you barely dream of. Moreover, the sheet comes with the 14inch pocket which ensures the safety as well as suitability with your bed so that you don’t need to worry if it gets out of your bed most of the time.

Beside the safety, this item can also assure you a clean environment with the sheet. This is because it contains low-allergenic and antimicrobial properties which are crucial as a clean bed sheet and guarantees longer use. The entire sheet set is also surprisingly attractive with a variety of colors and an embroidered pattern.

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9. AmazonBasics

 AmazonBasics Lightweight

The AmazonBasics sheets is definitely a superb sheet set because it is a fully guaranteed 100% polyester microfiber material which brings you natural comfort plus the sturdiness of the product. This item comprises 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillow sheets that make it a complete sheet set for every kind of bed.

Furthermore, the adaptable 14inch sleeve offers a good fit from any angle. In addition, the company never forgets about the user’s health and ease of use.Thus, this sheet is washable especially in a washing machine so that you can save more time and energy.

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8. Danjor Linens

 Danjor Linens 6 Piece

If you want to experience a more luxurious and fashionable bed sheet, you can go with Danjor Linens. This product is also known as the 5star hotel bed sheet because of its design and the quality. The color and the style make this item more elegant as a premium product that people usually fall in love with by just taking a quick look. However, this microfiber sheet is far better than the cotton ones by the fact that it is more breathable and relaxing while sleeping on it.

More importantly, you will be able to rest on such a comfortable and safe product since it is low-allergenic and washable to keep customers safe from any dreadful virus or bacteria on the sheet. This set includes 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted, and 4 pillowcases; plus, you will receive a bed sheet that is wrinkle and fade proof as well.

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BYSURE Hotel Luxury Bed

BYSURE is a totally advanced and modern microfiber sheet set that can fulfill your desires. This one consists of top grade microfiber material certified by the standard of OEKO-TEX that enhances your sleeping comfort because it uses double fabric to create softness, stain resistance, and more breathability. Compared to cotton ones, this sheet is much stronger with the tough stitching. Particularly, this sheet set is just simply suitable for those who are hot sleepers since it doesn’t make you feel sweat or hot whenever you’re awake.

What’s more, it is also washable in the washing machine and rapidly dry in order to keep you healthy and relaxed whenever you lay on your bed.

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This wonderful HOMEIDEAS will certainly attract your attention with its benefits as well as the design. Firstly, the quality of this product is extremely amazing since it is made of double high quality microfiber material which is more durable and tight unlike other normal sheets.

More importantly, the original water brushed technology of this sheet set increases softness and lets the user rest on it without feeling too hot or warm. Besides that, you don’t have to worry about fitting the bed because with the 15inch deep pocket, the sheet will stay snug on your bed.

By the way, this product is washable in a washing machine and fade resistant because the company also cares about the customer’s health and comfort whenever they decide to use this HOMEIDEAS sheet.

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5. Utopia Bedding

Utopia Bedding Bed

By just taking a quick look, you will surely love this Utopia Bedding sheet set. This one used brushed microfiber fabric in order to gain extra softness and durability as a fantastic bed sheet. Moreover, this item is adaptable with any situation for different purposes. For instance, you can use it anytime since it maintains cold in summer and hot in winter. In case you’re afraid of the sheet easily fading or wrinkling, it is absolutely never a problem with this product because the sheet is fadeproof and wrinkle proof.

Additionally, this sheet is convenient to wash every time it gets dirty. Indeed, you will experience a full relaxation with Utopia Bedding.

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4. Mellani

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set

Mellani is an incredible microfiber sheet set for those who are seeking for a suitable sleeping companion. With the top quality microfiber, you will enjoy the softness and comfort of this product for the rest of the day.

The sheet comes in a variety of beautiful colors. Your health is guaranteed with this sheet since it is hypoallergenic which is totally safe for baby skin as well. It is also washable with the machine without getting faded or stained and quickly dry to save more time. The set comes with full items of the bed sheets, and fits in the bed pretty tight with a deep pocket of 16inches.

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COHOME Queen Bed Sheets

This sheet comes in a full set of a queen size such as fitted sheet, flat sheet, and a pillowcase so that you can easily use it for your entire bed. Combined with the deep pocket, the sheet barely falls off your bed no matter how you move it. Furthermore, the design is just simply clever since it is equipped with elastic sting plus the 100% microfiber material and 1800 thread, it is ideal for hot sleepers as well as those who favor cold temperatures.

Besides that, it is very simple to clean especially with any washing machine to keep the item hygienic as always. Therefore, it won’t be able to fade its color or wrinkle easily after you wash it.

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SONORO KATE is the second best microfiber sheet set that will grab your attention for at least a moment. This item is made of 100 microfiber polyester which is actually the best material for a bed sheet. This is because it offers users more breathability and softness at the same time when you sleep.Without any problems of fading or staining, this product looks as good as new after each wash.

What’s more, when buying this sheet, you will get a complete set of 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and pillowcase and particularly, it will fit with the mattress greatly with its deep 16inch pocket.

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INGALIK Premium Bed

Without a doubt, INGALIK is a top one microfiber sheet set that is created with a mission to fulfill the customers’ requirements. This product is designed ingeniously with the 1800 Thread Count and 120 GSM fabric. Therefore, this enhances the durability as well as its security.

In addition, the double microfiber used makes the sheet softer and tighter than other normal bed sheets. As a premium product, the 14inch deep pocket is a suitable length for the majority of mattresses. You will find it very easy to wash in the cold water in the machine without seeing any color fading. And, it will stay fresh and clean for a long period of time.

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Buying Guidelines

According to our experience,  the best microfiber should have the following features:

  • Deep pocket from 14 to 16 inch: it is quite necessary to have a sheet that is perfectly suitable with your mattress so that it will stay there even if you move your bed to any position.
  • 100% microfiber: microfiber material sustains the softness and tightness of the sheet, so it increases your sleeping comfort for the rest of the day.
  • Washable, fade and wrinkle resistant: it is crucial to keep your sheet set clean for longer use and avoid fading or staining so that you will feel good laying your head on bed.