Are you having a hard time considering which desks are suitable to adopt at home or to purchase when you first set up your company? We all perceive that it is vital to find the right size desk that keeps you from feeling uncomfortable when you work. Moreover, having a long desk with drawers could help you decorate your desk easier and cooler. It even provides you enough space to store your computer, books and also other accessories.

Forget all your concerns; let’s take a look at these best long desks with high standards that are manufactured from all over the world. These desks have been designed skillfully and beautifully for all ages. Furthermore, they have different kinds of style, shape and color for you to choose.

List Of Top 10 Best Long Desks in 2020

10. Walker Edison Long Desk

Walker Edison Furniture

Walker Edison Company has launched a new long desk table which is in L-Shaped mode. This desk has been made in the USA with glass and steel. It contains more capacity for various monitors. Additionally, it incorporates one extra desk and universal CPU stands when you purchase it. When these two desks have joined together, it provides even more space for you to install your necessary accessories.

You do not have to be concerned that you will touch anything when you move from one side to another side. Plus, the desk will catch your eyes when you see it for it has been designed in black color.

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9. Atlantic Gaming Long Desk

 Atlantic Gaming Original

As a gamer, it is important that you have a suitable and spacious desk to store many devices so that it will look well-organized. Atlantic desk will catch your eyes which is a long desk with storage. There is no doubt that Atlantic desk will not disappoint you and be your choice with gamer’s sympathy. Moreover, it is made of durable steel and sleek charcoal carbon fiber specially for gaming gear.

Especially, with multiple fictions such as the curve desk, under desk-basket, controller stands, rear power strip holder and hooks providing space to put your devices such monitor, pc, headphone, monitor, etc.…

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8. Soges Long Desk 

 Soges 2-Person Home Office

Soges Desk is a type of modern-looking long desk for two people who want to sit near each other while enjoying having a vanity on each side. It is made of E1 particle wood which is a standard wood including water-resistant, fireproof and insect-proof, putting together with 1.5 times thicker metal frames than normal desk becoming an amazing quality desk ever.

Moreover, the layer shelf in the middle allows the users to put their document, laptops and many accessories without any concern due to the strength and the heavyweight making the desk sturdy well.

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7. Tribesigns Long Desk

Tribesigns Modern Computer

Tribesigns is a wide and long desk for gaming. The desk and table top is very strong which is made of thick laminated wood that is twice as strong as normal wood due to the mixture of glue and many layers of wood. Its surface also equips with water-proof and anti-scratch to protect the desk from damaging.

Moreover, this type of desk is super sturdy because of its heavy weight plus with a convenient design by having spacious leg room under the desk to make the users feel comfortable while it is also a free space to put other things as well.

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6. Tribesigns L-Shaped Desk

 Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped

With the release of many new types of desk in each season, Tribesigns also designs L-shaped desk to satisfy and fulfill the customer’s dream. This desk is very well-designed, considered as a luxury style in 21sth century. Its frame and legs are made of E1 particle board thick steel to ensure the product quality meets the high standard to the customers.

Moreover, with those materials can guarantee the confidence of the users while working without concern about the unsteady movement of the desk.

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5. Vasagle Computer Desk

 VASAGLE Industrial Computer

Vasagle desk is a sturdy desk with a mixture of rigid metal and dark wood. The sturdy function allows the users to focus on their work smoothly without any disturbance. Moreover, the frame of the desk is well-built which is a fantastic deal for desk lovers with a great size of 55 inches that is able to carry many pieces of equipment.

Its design provides a lot of spaces with both below and above the desk accompanying with options of shelves which you can put on the right or left.

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4. Coleshome Long Desk

L Shaped Desk Corner

Are you finding a long L-shaped desk? Coleshome desk will be the best choice for you. With a large space panel, you will no longer worry about a small space while the corner piece allows you to keep your worksheet, food, etc.… from the main slab where you install your pc setup. The panel is also equipped with new technology with smooth function, anti-scratch and water-proof to avoid any accidents while working and easy to clean.

Moreover, the durable metal and solid wood with the diagonal braces and adjustable leg pad are combined together to give more confidence of the strength and stability to the users in many circumstances.

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3. Need Computer Extra Long Desk

Need Computer Desk 63

Need desk is a very sturdy desk that gets a certificate of BIFMA of the US Office Furniture Standards. This desk has three different sizes: 47, 55, 63 inches with two color, tea and black, which is optional for the users to choose based on the space and preference. Moreover, the panel surface of the desk is made of standard wood that could prevent water from scratching in any case.

Plus, with the thick mental frame and 1-2 cm adjustable legs support the desk better even on the uneven ground in order to keep the desk more stable and not easily collapsed.

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2. DlandHome Computer Extra Long Desk

DlandHome 63 inches X-Large

DlandHome desk is a 63 inches large desk with 100% E1 high quality solid wood with thick metal inner frame to secure the strength and quality of the table can be used to last longer than normal desk for the users. Additionally, the desk is designed by using double screw installation technology to give more strength to the desk accompanied with epoxy spray paint process to make sure there is ultimate stability without any movement to disturb the users.

More importantly, it has a height adjuster of 1-2 cm which is a new function allowing the users to adjust the height to fit best their body size. With this function, you will no longer worry about your height when the desk is too short or too tall.

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1. DEWEL Dual Desk

 Two Person Desk Dual Desk

Are you finding a couple desks? DEWEL Dual desk is a perfect design for you and your partner with a very pleasant environment while working. This desk is a mixture of particle board and black metal support frame that function to save the desk from water, the effect of heat and scratch with smooth surface to clean easily.

Moreover, it contains a drawer, cabinet, shelves with space underneath giving plenty of room to put your document and other storages as well as relaxing your legs. More importantly, the height of the desk is adjustable to fit any body size of the users.

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Buying Guide

Buying furniture, especially desk for a room, home or office, requires to think of many possible reasons and designs that could fit best with your room design and the remaining space that you have. Some people are stuck to choose and consider because there are too many varieties of desk while people have no idea what kind of desk that is good and can be used for a long period. So, here are some criteria to look at to avoid mistaken decisions.

  • Size: This is very important to understand the size you want and the space you have. These two must match together before you purchase the desk. The standard of the desk is normally with a height of 29 to 30 inches, 50-70 inches dimension and a width of 30 inches. However, sometime standard would not work sometime, so it is better to choose based on your preference and space you have.
  • Material: there is no doubt that people always look for the desk that is made of strong and durable materials. So, we highly recommend you to buy the product that is a mixture of steel and solid wood such metal, Laminated wood, BIFMA, etc.… because those have special functions to protect from heat, water and scratch.
  • Functionality: besides size and material, people always ask what they can do with the desk? One the one hand, each desk always has a different unique function, so if you need the gaming desk you will need the desk with plenty of space for the pc installation but if you need it for your office, you probably need a sturdy one with a heavy weight and strong legs.


In conclusion, after reading this you are likely to have some ideas to consider your best type of desk. We believe that choosing a right desk will improve your working process by having a better environment. If you have found your favorite, don’t hesitate to make a purchase.