Are you looking for the best lightweight tripods for your camera? If you would like to take professional photos and videos, a camera alone is never enough. There are so many other tools that you could use to help enhance the quality of your work. Among these tools, a tripod is an essential one that could maintain the stability of the photo shooting process. Therefore, you are highly encouraged to get one for your next outdoor photo shoot experience.

To make your experience better and more professional, our team has conducted detailed research on the topic, and we have come up with this article just for you. This article will discuss about the top ten best lightweight tripods for camera that you can bring along with you while going outdoors. Also, we will provide an additional buying guide section at the end of the article.

List Of Top 10 Best Lightweight Tripods for Camera in 2020

10. VILTROX Lightweight Tripod


To start with, VILTROX has designed a great lightweight tripod for you to work with your professional camera. It has large loading capacity which is ideal for supporting the camera at 13.2 pounds. However, its maximum loading capacity is up to 22 pounds. With this tripod, users can shoot at all angles, up to 360 degrees rotation. Users can tilt the head forward by 90 degrees and backward by 80 degrees for video shoot. It has the ball diameter at 60 mm which enables users to adjust the head easily without worrying about the legs.

There is also a side lock feature provided to be aligned with the back. The quick release plate measures at ¼”-20 to 3/8”-16. Last but not least, to make it more convenient for you to bring outdoors, it has a carry bag which provides the pad at the head and legs to make it secure on the transportation.

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9. K&F Concept Tripod

K&F Concept 62'' DSLR

Secondly, let’s take a look at the lightweight tripod from K&F Concept. With the ball head included, the tripod has a fairly lightweight body at only 2.99 pounds. It can be reflexed and folded into a much smaller size, with the height of only 18.1 inches. The maximum height that the tripod can reach while maintaining its best stability is 52.4 inches.

It has a flip leg design which enables users to open it with only one hand. It has a self-locking system for users to adjust the knob easily with simply a press and a release. With this function, users can make adjustments to the angle of the tubes easily and quickly. The ball head has its diameters at 28 mm. In addition, working with this tripod, users can enjoy the scale up to 360 degrees which is very convenient for taking panoramic photos.

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8. Neewer Lightweight Tripods

Neewer 2-in-1 Aluminum

Here comes another lightweight adjustable tripod from Neewer. This tripod is constructed of aluminum alloy which is both lightweight and durable for long term use. A leg of this tripod is designed to be removable in order for users to transform it into a monopod easily. The height is between 20.8 and 55.9 inches in this case. It has a bubble level which enables users to quickly capture the rack balance to guarantee the accuracy while shooting.

The legs can be adjusted easily through flip locking system. While working as a tripod, its height is between 24.4 and 70.8 inches. When not in use, the tripod is collapsible and foldable to the height at only 17.9 inches. In addition, it has mounting screws at ¼ to 3/8 inches to be suitable for most type of cameras for shooting. Last but not least, it is only 4.2 pounds, but its maximum loading capacity is 26.5 pounds.

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7. MACTREM Lightweight Tripods

MACTREM Professional Camera

MACTREM has provided another lightweight tripod for backpacking, traveling and other outdoor purposes. For this tripod, it comes with all the high quality parts that users can use professionally with extensive durability. The ball head is designed to be convenient to set and lock to capture the best accuracy. It is designed just ideally for travel with the weight at only 2.9 pounds. However, it has the maximum loading capacity at 33 pounds.

On every column of this tripod, it has 3 locks for quick release. Users can adjust the height easily between the range between 21.5 and 62.5 inches. After use, users can simply fold it into a more compact size at 16.9 inches. It also allows users to convert it into a monopod with the height range between 32 and 64 inches. An extra phone mount is provided for users to attach their phones to it. Furthermore, it allows up to 360 degrees of rotation to support all types of photography.

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6. YoTilon Lightweight Tripods

DSLR Travel Tripod

YoTilon is another famous brand that produces one of the best lightweight tripods for camera. It is compatible with all types of dslr and slr cameras with ¼ screws provided. It has the most lightweight body at only 2.1 pounds. Moreover, its height is able to be adjusted between 15.9 and 49 inches. Thus, it is perfectly designed for special occasions, such as family trips and business travel. The ball head allows 360 degrees pan, and it can converted into a more professional stand for macro shooting process.

Its legs are equipped with locking system to have an easier operation. The handle is very easy to fold and extend. The maximum loading capacity of this tripod is 11 pounds, but it is recommended to load at only 6 pounds to ensure the best stability. Last but not least, the quality of this lightweight tripod for camera is guaranteed with 12 months warranty from the manufacturer on the parts repairing service.

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5. AmazonBasics Lightweight Tripods

AmazonBasics 60-Inch

When it comes to the purchase of a tripod, users can also consider the lightweight easel and tripod from AmazonBasics which is available at the most affordable price. It has a lightweight body which users can always bring along with them while going outdoors. The feet are made of rubber for added stability on the floor, and the legs are adjustable to suit different height demands.

It has the compatibility to use with all types of cameras, including the video and the digital ones. This tripod measures its weight at 3 pounds, but its maximum loading capacity is as much as 6.6 pounds for the best performance. Users can extend the tripod between 25 and 60 inches at the time the center post has been fully extended. There is a carrying case provided for users to store it conveniently while going outdoors for long distance trip. The head of the tripod can be tilted in 3 ways for the best swivel motion. There are also mounting plate included for quick release.

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4. VANGUARD Lightweight Tripods

Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB

Moving onto the next lightweight tripod from VANGUARD, users can enjoy the best durability with this tripod that is made of aluminum alloy. It has the legs that can be adjusted between 25 and 80 angles for better photo shooting process. The flip locking system on the legs make it easy for quick release, and the rubber feet are designed for added stability.

The ball head of this tripod enables the rotation up to 360 degrees around. It also includes a plate for quick release. It comes with MACC system which enables users to adjust the central column between 0 and 180 degrees. The LESS system are there to secure the central column to make it available only in 1 simple movement. While fully extended, it measures the height at 68.2 inches, and after use, it can folded to have the height at only 28.2 inches. Although it has a lightweight body, it can load at the maximum of 15.4 pounds.

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3. Regetek Lightweight Tripods

 Regetek Travel Camera

This is another professional tripod for camera from Regetek which has a lightweight body at only 2.75 pounds. However, it has a large loading capacity at 8.8 pounds. The height of the tripod can be adjusted between 22 and 64 inches. The head can be tilted and rotated at the maximum of 360 degrees. It is compatible with all types of cameras. It has a flip lock system which can adjust the legs easily.

In addition, it provides the best stability that ensures that your photos come in great quality. There is also a phone holder which can be used for to hold your phone with stability. The adjustable width is between 2.28 and 3.97 inches. It comes with a mounting bracket which can be used to install with the camera.

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2. GEEKOTO Camera Stand

 GEEKOTO 58” Ultra

Now, it comes to another lightweight tripod for camera from GEEKOTO. It is constructed of aluminum which is known to be lightweight and durable. Although it has a lightweight body at only 2.8 pounds, it has the large loading capacity. The legs of this tripod is adjustable up to three levels to suit different types of demands and preferences. A foot is also removable to convert this tripod into a monopod. Users can assemble and disassemble it easily and quickly.

The height of the monopod is at 58 inches. The ball head can be tilted up to 360 degrees, and therefore, it can bring you with just the right angle that you can get for the best photo shooting performance. The legs have 4 sections, and the height can be adjusted between 15 and 55 inches. The length of this tripod is at 14.5 inches. Last but not least, the quality of this product is guaranteed with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

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1. Regetek Lightweight Tripods

 Regetek Camera Tripod

Last but not least, we have this lightweight tripod for camera from Regetek. It is made of aluminum which is durable and lightweight for you to carry around. This tripod has 4 sections, and it has the adjustable height between 21 and 70 inches. The leg has 5 sections, and the monopod’s height can be adjusted between 18 and 65 inches. Even though it has a lightweight body at 3.63 pounds, it has the maximum loading capacity at 8.8 pounds.

The head can be tilted and rotated up to 360 degrees, and it comes with bubble view for better photo shooting performance. It comes with a pan handle on the top for easy to carry. There is also the center column that you can use to hang other accessories. These add more stability to the tripod. It has the clip to handle phones, and the length is adjusted between 2.28 and 3.97 inches. Last but not least, it has the international standard that you can use to the best performance.

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Buying Guide

Last but not least, among hundreds and thousands of products on the market, it is important to choose the right one to get the product with the best quality. Therefore, below is the criteria that determines the best lightweight tripod for camera.

Lightweight: it should come with the lightweight body which users can carry around easily without any burden.

Foldable: It should be foldable to a much smaller size with the height between 15 and 20 inches.

Height: the height of the tripod is between 18 and 60 inches for different types of demands and preferences.

Loading capacity: it should have the loading capacity at least 8 pounds to hold the camera sturdily in place.

Convertible: some of the tripods have the 2-in-1 function which means the tripod has a removable leg. Therefore, users can convert it into a monopod for users to use with different purposes.

Ball head: the ball head should be tilted and rotated for up to 360 degrees.

Screw mount: it should have ¼ screw mount which is for quick release and adjustment.


In conclusion, this article has demonstrated the main features of the top ten best lightweight tripods for camera for you to enhance the quality of the photo shoot. With this lightweight tripod for camera, users can always bring it along with them to anywhere.