Are you looking for a LED night light with sensor? Normally, you used to plug it in every night or switch on before going to bed. So in case that you forgot to turn it on beforehand, when you wake up in the middle of the night, it will be an obstacle to walk in the dark; especially your kid, there’s a high chance that they might trip or fall or any accident while walking in the dark. You should purchase a censor type of night light as it can light up automatically by itself. Plus, the censor type doesn’t need to glow all the time. The censor job is to detect and if there’s someone or something moving near inside the range, the bulb will be brightened in that instant.

Furthermore, It would be tiresome and waste a lot of electricity to turn on the daylight bulb all the time since it’s needed to light up the whole night. And so we come to introduce the top 10 best LED night lights with sensors you should consider if you’re looking for one.

List of Top 10 Best LED Night Light with Sensor in 2020

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10. Emotionlite LED Night Light with Sensor

Motion Sensor Light

This night light is super convenient as it has a sensor. When there is something approaching near, the device will automatically brighten up. The light is not white but a bit yellow which is suitable for placing in the bedroom or on the hallway or starie. The brightness is enough for you to see and walk freely at night.

This LED night light brighter helps smooth your eyesight and won’t hurt them. When you purchase this package, you will receive 2 of them along with a 2 years warranty. Furthermore, if there’s a problem with malfunction, they will gladly replace a new one for you.

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9. Vintar LED Night Light with Sensor

Vintar Motion Sensor

The product from Vintar is a sunbeam LED night light with a sensor which brightens up by itself when the daylight is gone. There’s 3 packs included for each purchase. There’s also a controller at the bottom of the light that you can adjust the brightness to whichever level you want. The adjustment has a total 3 modes which you can put it to “On” for the whole night, “Off” for turning it off, or “auto” for automatically growing up at night when your presence is picked up by the sensor. You also get a 1 year warranty for the product.

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8. Maxxima MLN-16 LED

 Maxxima MLN-16

This dust to dawn type of night light of Maxxima is a LED color changing night light with photosensor, so as soon as the sun is set, this light bulb will immediately illuminate the area. The LED night light brightness is shining well at night with white light. You can plug them in the bedroom or kitchen or living room; any places that you need to light up when the ray of daylight starts to disappear.

The quantity you received will be 6 of the items you buy which are enough for supporting the requirement for the whole house. You also get a 12 months warranty for this purchase.

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7. GE Ultrabrite LED

 GE Ultrabrite LED Night

You can also choose to get a night light from GE since it’s dimmable which is easier and more convenient while using compared to other normal nightlights. Due to its dimmable part, you can change the brightness to your preference. There’s 2 packs included per one order.

There’s no need for you to trouble yourself with changing the light bulb at all. For the warranty, you received a lifetime warranty without worry if you’re faced with some problem or defective part of the product.

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6. eufy Lumi Stick-On LED Night Light with Sensor

eufy Lumi Stick-On Night

For this Lumi stick-On LED night light with motion sensor outdoor from eufy, it will be suitable to your demand since it’s main power resource is battery, so you can put them in many places either stick it on or screw it on the wall, without needing electricity. The sensor is also sensitive to any movement that comes near the light which it’s quickly flashed the bright.

After 15s without wasting the energy, it will turn off automatically.  Also, the two levels of soft white brightness is really helpful at night since you can change them to suit the place that you place your night light at.

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5. Vont ‘Lyra” LED

Vont 'Lyra' LED Night Light

Another night light to add on your choices is an item from Vont. With this white LED light comes along with a light sensor, when the light is out or the dark hits, this will turn on automatically without you switching it. This design looks different since it has a shape like a square and the light is run in a circle around the middle part. We can see that the product is well made and the designer is thinking about what would give customers the advantages in using it.

The size is not too big and takes a lot of space and blocks the other outlet no matter which outlet you use. And to maintain customer relationships, there’s a guarantee for satisfaction of 90 days after using, including a lifetime warranty which seems reasonable enough for consideration.

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4. Uigos LED

Uigos LED Night Light Lamp

This LED night light of Uigos would help you spend less in contrast to some product while the brightness is acceptable at night for you to move around the house without any worry of bumping into furniture or the need to turn the light on the whole house. Moreover, there’s 6 included in the purchase. You can plug them to all kinds of places inside your house for brightness.

The size is not too big or too small, and the design is simple which is suitable for all ages. Another special service of buying this Uigos LED night light is that you can either refund back or replace a new one in case you are not fully satisfied with their product.

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3. Sycees Plug-in LED

Sycees Plug-in LED Night

If you use this night light from Sycees, you will be satisfied with its quality. The light is soft white so brightness is good to place inside your bedroom since it’s not too bright to the point it’s bothering your eyes and difficult to fall asleep or you could plug the light near the stairway for walking at night up and down freely.

Since it is a dusk to dawn type of sensor, it also has an auto on/off function. With the 6 light nights inside the package is enough, you don’t have to buy more and be able to use them with an 18 months warranty given under the condition of acquiring the product from them.

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2. AUVON Plug-in LED

AUVON Plug-in LED Motion

Some night lights come with either motion sensor only or light sensor (dusk to dawn) only. But this product from AUVON have both function included. Once the sunset, it’s ready to light up the place. But with the motion sensor, it won’t brighten unnecessary unless it can sense any movement within the range of 3-5 meters and the duration it lasts is around 60s. In that case, you are able to save a lot of power and not waste it when you’re not using it.

The lighting flash is comfortable even for the toddlers so they can sleep peacefully. The brightness is also adjustable for any activities. Furthermore, this product is made with durability to fire due to some circumstances. There are four of it inside the package and a 2 years warranty given to the customer.

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1. MAZ-TEK Plug in Dimmable Led

MAZ-TEK Plug in Dimmable

This box-like night light is a dimmable LED product from MAZ-TEK that you should get. The light is not exactly white but instead a bit warm and not too bright or too dull. The switch with adjustable light is easy for you to change it accordingly. When the dark comes, this sensor night light will be able to track it and light itself up automatically.

By changing to use this sensor night light, you’ll be able to cut down some of your expenses on electricity. The total of 4 night lights is given in a package for each purchase. However, this is not a waterproof product and it’s only purpose is for indoor use.

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Buying guide

When it comes to buying a night light, it doesn’t require much effort but there’s still a few points you need to understand and take into consideration.

Motion sensor: to make things easier; especially at night you should choose those with motion sensors included since it will automatically light up when you’re walking near it inside the range that sensor is able to pick up the movement around it. Another benefit is that a sensor product won’t require a lot of electricity, only when it is needed.

Dust to dawn: this sensor is similar to a motion sensor but instead of movement, it senses the light. So, once the sun is set or the area is less bright, it will also brighten up the room.

Plug in or stick on: there are several kinds of night light. If you want to put one but the place has no outlet, you can choose the battery type and stick it on the wall.

All in all, night light is something most households always have for the use at night. Instead of turning on the big light and affecting other people’s sleep at night, with a sensor night light put in different essential places, you can walk around the house all you want without worrying about some accident like tripping or stumbling down the stairs. With the above recommendation of top 10 best LED night lights with a sensor, you can now decide which one is suitable to your preference.