Today, although smartphone has played a major role in daily communication, the use of landline phones is still necessary in the working place to allow internal communication among different departments for collaboration. It can be placed on the office desk to bring more convenience to the working process.

So, if you wish to grab a landline phone for use in your office, please continue to read until the end of this article. In this article, we will provide the top ten best landline phone reviews to help you choose the right product to meet the right demand. Also, at the end of the article, there is another buying guide section to tour you through some facts about a good landline phone.

List of Top 10 Best Landline Phones in 2020

10. RCA Landline Phone

RCA Unison U1000

RCA is one of the best landline phone providers on the market. This landline phone uses the wireless system, and it can be expanded up to 10 additional stations for better collaboration for a small size business. There is an indicator showing the department name, and it can show you the exact line that is currently in use. Therefore, the call can be directed to the right extension. In addition, it features digital answering for up to 200 minutes long. The best operation temperature for this landline phone is between -10 and 50 degrees Celsius. Last but not least, there are up to 6 ways for different departments to conference together.

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9. Panasonic Landline Phone

Panasonic is another leading brand in the electronic industry who continues to give us the best electronic devices for many years. It has 4 colors for your choices, which are black, rose gold, navy blue, and silver and black. In the call block of this landline phone, it features up to 150 spots for all the members in the office to join. The caller ID feature bilingual system, which includes both English and Spanish for the caller information. This phone is designed to be cordless, yet it offers the best sound quality while the phone calls are on. The noise reduction feature is included to ensure the stability of the phone call process. Lastly, this landline phone is also compatible to use with hearing Aid T-Coil.

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8. VTech Landline Phone

VTech CS6649 Expandable

Another great landline phone is from VTech. Here in this set, it comes with a corded and a cordless landline phone. It is equipped with 6.0 technology which is the most advanced one to provide you with the best office performance. It can store up to 50 caller IDs for you to work with conveniently. The phone also has the quiet mode, which has the same function as mute mode in smartphones that it will never disturb you with the ringtone noise. There is also an Eco power saving mode to consume less energy. It can be expanded for the maximum of 5 handsets to use with one another. It is important to keep in mind that 16 hours of charge is needed before use.

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7. AT&T Landline Phone

AT&T DECT Expandable

Now, we have this landline phone for seniors from AT&T. It is the 4 handsets set of landline phone which features digital answering feature. It can record your voice up to 22 minutes for the use of digital answer. The audio comes in HD quality, and the keypad is designed to be backlit with LCD contrast for the use in the dark nights. For the record, it can keep up to 50 names of caller IDs to help you with the phone call process. It also has the call block to store more than 1000 names at the same time. There is also a voicemail indicator shown there. Last but not least, the range coverage of this landline phone is far more than your expectation.

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6. AT&T Landline Phone


This is another model of landline phones from AT&T. it has 2 colors, black and silver. It has the set of 3 handsets for connection. It features digital answering function which can keep your voice for up to 22 minutes for display. The HD audio is there to provide you with the best sound quality when you need to discuss important things with your colleagues. The keypad of this landline phone is backlit, and the LCD is designed to be highly contrast. Therefore, the quality of this phone is highly guaranteed to offer you with the best experience. In the caller ID, it can record the maximum of 50 names of the call histories. However, for the caller block, it can store up to 1000 names.

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5. Home Intuition Landline Phone

Home Intuition Amplified

Now, here comes this great landline phone from Home Intuition. It has the old school phone style which reminds you of the old day memory. It comes with 9 foot, and it is corded. The ringer of this landline phone is double-gong, and the volume can be controlled and adjusted to a desired level. It also works well with the hearing aids to help people who are having problems with their airs. It can also serve as a backup in case of emergency when the phone is out of power. Last but not least, it can be also connected to the answer machines, and it can store of your caller ID for you.

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4. Wild and Wolf Landline Phone

Rotary Design Retro

Moving onto the next landline phone from Wild and Wolf, it comes with 5 colors for choices. It has a great design with all of the high quality parts to form this great brand. There is a twist to show the 1960 design, which brings you back in time to remind you of the time in the old movie. The button is designed in a dialing look, with the controllable volume. This landline phone also allows the plug in to the all kinds of standard phone socket. More importantly, this landline phone comes in a beautiful printed box.

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3. Home Intuition Landline Phone

 Home Intuition Amplified

This is another model of landline phone from Home Intuition. It is available at the most affordable price for users to enjoy with great quality. The Home Intuition phone has the old school style with retro design that provides 9 feet cord. It comes with double-going ringer, and it is equipped with the best volume control to adjust the volume to suit different demands. More importantly, it can be a backup for your phone in case it is out of power. It can be also used with answering machines, and It is compatible with caller ID. For those who are having problems with their ears, this landline phone can also work with hearing aid.

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2. Panasonic Landline Phone


Next, we have another model of landline phone from Panasonic. It comes in a set of 2 handsets, and it features both corded and cordless landline phone. It is designed to be very easy to use with the LCD in high contrast. The back and forth of the phone can be adjusted to maximize the readability of this landline phone. For the caller block, users can register up to 250 numbers with confidence. It is also equipped with noise reduction system to ensure that users are not distracted by any unpleasant noise. It can be also placed in the baby room in order to notify the base system in the parent’s room. The cordless handset allows the maximum of 7 hours talk time after a full charge.

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1. Amazon Renewed Landline Phone

 Cisco Systems Cisco

Last but not least, we have our landline phones from Amazon Renewed. The quality and safety standard of this product has been tested and proved to meet your demand and function with the best quality. It comes with 90 day warranty on its function. More importantly, it has a large backlit which is also adjustable to enhance the viewing mode. There are 5 colors for the key to help you to view it in an easier way. The label key are also soft-labeled to make sure that it gives you a fast access. It also has 2 USB 2.0 ports.

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Buying Guide: BEST landline phones

Mode: it has 2 modes: corded and cordless. For the corded mode, you can plug and use. However, for the cordless or the handset mode, you have to get it full charged to be ready for use.

Caller IDs: it should be able to keep the caller IDs and numbers in the past history for more than 50 numbers.

Caller blocks: this is to store the caller name and number in the contact form, which requires up to hundreds.

Digital answering system: it should also be equipped with digital answering system which allows the voice more than 20 minutes.


To sum up for this article, we have discussed about the main features of the top ten best landline phones on the market that you can purchase with confidence. Having a landline phone, it is very easy for you and your colleagues to collaborate together no matter you are in home or office. The above 10 landline phones have high-performance as well as budget-friendly. Think no further, and own one for your home or office use accordingly.


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