People from the 2000s used to play games on video DVDs consoles, watch cartoons on the television and read comic books but young children nowadays have a unique ability to do all those things on one thing. Now. within one tablet, there are a lot of programs from education and entertainment. Plus, with the Internet, tablets are now filled with unlimited resources for your kids.

If you are looking to purchasing an excellent tablet for your kids with an affordable price and built-in parental controls, you have come to the right place Thankfully, we have done a lot of research to find you the best kid’s tablets on the market.

List Of Top 10 Best Kids Tablets in 2020


SANNUO Kids Tablet

SANNUO is one of the best children tablets with parental control mode. It has two colors to choose from, like pink and blue. This product is an android tablet that operates in the 6.0 Marshmallow system. It has 2GB of RAM, 16GB of ROM, and CPU speed of 1.3 GHz. Moreover, you can upgrade your storage up to 126GB to stock more data or programs. Besides, the display of the tablet is extensive, with 10.1 inches or 1280×800 pixels that provide a clear view from children.

Kids can play SANNUO up from 4 to 5 hours consistently with iWawa kids systems that include music, drawing, mathematics, reading, and other entertainment applications. Furthermore, this tablet comes with many unique features like a smartphone, such as a double SIM card, wireless connections with 2M front, and 5M back camera. If you buy this product, it will come with a charger, a data line, a USB OTG, a silicone protective case, and 1 screen saver.

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9.​​ Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab has always been a well-known brand out there on the market that suitable for kids. This 8-kid edition is the latest 2019 release tablets design specially for children to reduce damage to the tablet, provide a lot of educational and entertainment programs and activities for kids, and can be used up to 13 hours.

Moreover, this silver tablet is built with android hardware that equips with 32GB RAM and ROM with 2 GHz CPU to improve the tablet’s speed. The resolution of the display is 1280×800 IPS HD that great for a kid to look at. It also has wireless communication which is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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8.​ iRULU

Kids Tablet

iRULU is one of the best brands for kid’s tablet. This product is available in two colors, green and pink. This 9.0 google android system operates on a 7.1 Nougat system with It has a 1.5 GHz processor and 1GB RAM to add a smooth touch when kids play. Moreover, It has 16GB storage capacity that can be increased up 32GB to stored more educational applications and games.

Furthermore, It supplies with high display resolution with 1024×600 pixels that applications or video can run on HD. Its wireless connection is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It uses lithium batteries that can use up to 8 hours on average. Plus, it is built-in with parental mode. You do not have to worried about your kids playing nonstop. Additionally, in the packages, it also includes a USB cable and manual guide.

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Xgody T702 7 Inch

Similar to iRULU, XGODY is also one of the most rated products in the market when it comes to Kids tablet. This XGODY T702 tablet has one of the fast processors out there that runs with 1.3GHz Quad-Core CPU. Other than this, it features a 1GB RAM, and 16GB of storage space that can be increased up to 32GB.

Additionally, its 8.1 android Oreo system and Mali GPU allow your children to play 3d games and support many education programs like learning languages, watching cartoons, readings, drawings, and more. It is also equipped with dual 0.3 MP resolution cameras and a high-resolution screen with 1024×600 PPI. This tablet can last about 3 hours with parental mode as well.

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6. Vankyo

Vankyo MatrixPad Z1

This kid tablets from Vankyo helps your kids enjoy playing even more with its so many excellent features to consider. First off, it is designed for parents’ convenience as well with the parental mode, which you can look after your kid on other applications on your phone. Also, it comes with a pink case that can protect the tablet from the drop and has a ring for a kid to carry.

With a 1024×600 pixels resolution screen, this tablet provides an HD display with eye protection mode. Moreover, The storage capacity is 32GB, which you can upgrade it up to 126GB. The 2500mAh lithium batteries can last about 8 hours that you do not have to worry about charging. It also comes with a 1.5 GHz CPU and 1GB of RAM that helps hundreds of applications to run smoothly.

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5. Contixo

Contixo V8-2 7

Contixo is another highly recommended product from our review list. This product comes with multiple choices of case color for your children to choose from. It is available in blue, dark blue, green, pink, orange, red, and purple. The screen display of this tablet is 1024×768 PPI that can deliver HD video and games up to 10 hours without causing any problem to your kids combine with parent mode.

Moreover, there is 16GB of the storage to store programs that you can upgrade additionally up to 126GB. The RAM is 1GB with 2 GHz and 1 memory speed that make the operating run efficiently on an android 8.1 system. If you are purchasing this product, it will also come with a US charger, a USB cable, a user’s manual, and an information card.

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4. Chanbly

 7 inch Kids Tablet

One of the best tablets is Chanbly that awards certification from Google GMS. This android tablet has 16GB storage that can be increased up to 32GB. It operates on an 8.1 Quad Core system with 1.3 GHz CPU and 1GB RAM to provide high-speed performance. Moreover, the screen of the display is 1024x 600 PPI design well to protect kid eyesight.

With a 2400mAh battery size, a kid can use this tablet for up to 6 hours on average. Furthermore, there are also many languages that this tablet can operate on to enjoy many educational applications in your native languages. In the package of this product, there also includes a charger, a user manual, a micro USB cable, and a pink silicone kid-proof.

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3. Fire HD8

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

One big favorite thing about this brand is that it always gives buyers so many color options to choose from. Available in so many color choices, buyers can choose between blue and pink and yellow. Another thing to concentrate on this 8th generation release in 2018 is that this product is highly made to match with kids and parents needs. It has a lot of the contents for children and parental control systems to look after them.

Furthermore, it is equipped with high-quality HD resolution with IPS and polarizing filter. This product also has 32GB of storage capacity and can add up 400GB more to store more learning and entertainment programs. The average battery life of this tablet is 10 hours and takes less than 6 hours to charge fully. It operates at a fast pace with 1.3 GHz Quad-Core and the 1.5GB RAM. Additionally, this brand offers a two years warranty with a 1-year Amazon FreeTime subscription. There will be a case, power adapter, USB cable, and manual book in the case as well.

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2. Dragon Touch

Dragon Touch Y88X

If you are looking to purchase any Kids tablets that are released in 2019, let’s look at this Dragon Touch. This tablet operates the newest android system called android 9.  The display of the screen is 1024×600 pixels that provide a clear visual view of any programs. The storage capacity of these tablets is 16GB, and you can upgrade up to 128GB to store more videos and applications.

Moreover, this high-speed tablet runs on the newest 9.0 android pie system with a 1.5GHz CPU, 1.5 GHz memory speed, and 2GB of RAM that can last around 3 hours. It is available in four color cases such as pink, blue, green, and red for kids to select.

Additionally, it has the parental control mode that allows parents to choose, check and download programs for your kid. Lastly, If you purchase this product, it will come to a case, manual guide, power adopter, and USB cable with the package.

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1. Fire 7

 Fire 7 Kids Edition

The top product is this one that comes from Fire and is known as Fire 7. This is the latest 9th generation tablet released in 2019. It has a 2 years warranty and 1 year subscription to Amazon FreeTime like Fire HD8 too. There will be a case, power adapter, USB cable, and manual book included within the package. Your kids can also select their favorite color out of blue, pink, and purple.

Moreover, this operates with a 1.3 GHz Quad-Core and the 1GB RAM to service a smooth and comfortable touch. With a massive 32GB of storage capacity, you can also upgrade this tablet’s storage to 512GB to store unlimited programs and games.

Furthermore, its high-pitched HD display resolution with 1024×600 PPI that equip with IPS and polarizing filter provides protection to eyesight and video performance. Lastly, Fire 7 takes less than 4 hours to fully charge and an average of 7 hours before running out of the battery again.

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After going through each product in detail, you can see all of the features that suit you and your kid’s needs. That is to ensure that you can purchase the products without any regret. Thus, if you have now found the one that you like, feel free to make a purchase to be the owner and enjoy it with your children.