With an IPad on hand, you can reduce much of the burden of work with the functions it provides. However, just as we need clothes for daily protection, IPads also demand the case to protect it from outside force and damage. Thus, if you are holding an IPad air to read this right now, please continue on the reading.

The article will provide the reviews for the top ten best IPad air cases for you to preview and consider before making the purchase. At the end of this article, our team also provides a little buying guide section to guide you through the main features of the best IPad air case.

List Of Top 10 Best IPad Air Cases in 2020

10. ​​TOPSKY IPad Air Case

TOPSKY iPad Air Case

Topsky has been serving consumers in the field for more than 7 years. This IPad air case from Topsky is available in 5 attractive color choices. It is designed ideally to fit with IPad air at 9.7 inches. The case comes in 3-in-1 function to protect the IPad body from every angle. It includes curved surface to minimize the risk of bumper. It feature silicone lines for non-slip purposes. Also, the back over is hard enough to secure the IPad against fingerprint and damage on camera. Last but not least, the material is environmentally friendly, which are the TPU combined with plastic hybrid. It is non-toxic and odorless.

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9. SEYMAC Stock IPad 5th/6th Generation

iPad Generation Case

It is available in 8 beautiful color choices. It is suitable for IPad 5th/6th generation with its size measures at 9.7 inches. The models include IPad air 2 and Pro 9.7. The case comes with hand and shoulder straps to enable users to grab and hold it with greater protection and security. The straps aim to add more convenience especially while travelling. It also includes a rotating stand for the users to rotate it up to 360 degrees for different purposes. The case is constructed of thermoplastic polycarbonate and silicone. It provides full protection for the body to be resistant to shocks and dust. Its quality is guaranteed with 6 months warranty.

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8. Speck Products StyleFolio Case

Speck Products StyleFolio

The case is designed perfectly to fit IPad air 2. It has an ultra-slim design but gives great protection. It allows no scratches to leave any footprints on your beautiful IPad. In addition, it includes an adjustable hand to make it suitable for the users at any height. Therefore, users do not have to worry about any discomfort while using the IPad. It aims to provide better typing as well as viewing experiences. Although it is lightweight and portable, it offers excellent protection. It also features clasp closure for snaps in order to shut securely without any damages on the screen of the IPad.

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7. Miniko IPad Air Vintage Brown

Miniko iPad Air Vintage

This vintage brown iPad air case is designed for the IPad air first generation. It is made of high quality PU leather combine with fiber. It is resistant to all outer damages, including water, slip, dirt, dust and scratch. It is known for its quality and durability, and it enables users to save time and effort from cleaning. The case also comes with smart design of sleep/wake function. It features smart magnet to keep the cover opened or closed according to sleeping time. Last but not least, the case is in hand-free stand style, which means the IPad can stand to make users view it from different angles.

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6. Procase IPad Air

Procase iPad Air

This IPad air case is made from authentic leader for the exterior and soft microfiber for the interior. While it comes in a classic and vintage look, it provides full protection with natural hand feel. The case is suitable for IPad air 3rd generation only. It features multiple slots for users to customize different standing angles. Moreover, it comes with sleep/wake features for more convenience for the users. The hard shell allows the IPad air inside to stay safely without any damages from the outer forces. It allows full access to all the features of the IPad, including cameras and ports. Unfortunately, smart keyboard is not supported.

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5. JTcase IPad Air 2 Case

iPad Air 2 Case

This case is designed perfectly for kids use as it comes with all angles of protection. It is compatible with IPad air 2 at 9.7 inches with full access to the IPad’s features, and therefore, users do not have to remove the case. The case features a hand strap for users to grip the device easily to secure it in place. It also includes a shoulder strap for traveling outdoors. In addition, its kickstand enables 360 degrees rotation to provide more flexibility for the users to view from different angles. The case is constructed of environmental friendly materials, such as soft silicone and plastic. The corner protection has been thickened to protect the screen from accidents.

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4. Supcase IPad Air Case

iPad Air Case

The case is for IPad air 5th generation. At an affordable price, it features dual layer of polycarbonate to construct the hard shell, which has the strength to protect the device from accidents and shocks. The front is covered with screen protector to prevent any possible scratches without damaging the sensitivity. It has a snap-on design which allows users to set up the case easily with less effort within minutes. The case allows full access to all IPad’s features, including camera and port. However, it also comes with a port cover to prevent any debris to get inside. It is available in three attractive colors.

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3. ProCase Smart Case

 ProCase Smart Case

The case is available in 7 color choices. It is suitable for IPad air first generation only. It is designed to be lightweight, slim and especially hard back to provide great protection for the IPad. The cover is translucent which enables the Apple icon logo to be visible to others. The design allows users to fully access to all features, including buttons, speaker and camera. Unfortunately, its feature does not allow the IPad air case with keyboard.

Its protection features include the features that it is resistant to fingerprints as well as scratches. Therefore, with only this one case, users can enjoy the best entertainment from the IPad with the greatest protection.

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2. ZUGU Case


As an IPad air case with pencil holder at the back, its drop proof function is tested with Military Drop standards. It proves that the case can protect the IPad from damages if the drop is within 5 feet. The model is designed for IPad air 3rd generation and IPad pro 10.5. it features a kickstand, which allows users to enjoy the screen viewing from 8 different angles. It also includes sleep/wake function to make the life of the users even more convenient. Last but not least, its pocket for apple pencil makes it convenient for users to store the pencil without worries about the loss. Its quality is guaranteed with 1 year warranty.

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1. New Trent IPad 9.7

New Trent iPad

Being the best case for IPad air among the top ten list, its rating is seen to be as high as 4.8 out of 5 star. The case features a screen protector to prevent the screen from shocks and drops. It also includes a hand strap made from leather to secure the IPad against any outer forces. In addition, the design raises the edges to provide additional protection to the screen as well as the lens. With this case, users can enjoy the full access to all the features, including camera and ports, but the protection is there to prevent all the possible scratches.

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Buying Guide

It is essential to choose the right case to offer the best protection. Otherwise, you may need to spend a greater amount of money to replace your lovely IPad. Therefore, users should look for the following criteria:

Fits: make sure that it is 9.7 inches to fit with you IPad air.

Protection: the more protection it features, the better it is.

Stand: the stand is a necessary tool to enable more flexibility. With a kickstand or a rotating stand, users can enjoy from more angles to have better views of the screen.

Straps: it includes hand and shoulder straps. The hand strap is for you to grip the IPad to control its position. It is also beneficial when you go outdoor with extra protection. The shoulder strap is definitely for the convenience of travelling, just as your bag straps do.


Have you found your desired case for your device yet? If so, do not hesitate to go ahead and make the purchase. To sum up, the article has provided the reviews for the top ten best IPad air case for you to preview and consider. The best IPad case is the security guard for your IPad to keep it away from water, damages, scratches, fingerprints, dust and dirt.