When you are having a small swimming pool, having a pool liner helps to retain pool water while it makes your swimming pool look awesome. Some pool liners are mini-swimming pools themselves because the structures make them possible for small swimming pools. Now, Intex is one of the famous brands in the pool liners industry where there is a great variety of pool liners and swimming-pool equipment. Here, we would like to introduce you to the 10 best Intex pool liners in 2020. Please do not forget to read the buying guide from our review at the end of this article as well.

List Of Top 10 Best Intex Pool Liners in 2020

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10. Pump

Metal Frame Pool

Users often like Pump pool liner because it is constructed with laminated PVC for the sidewall that makes you swim in a compact structured swimming pool for years. Furthermore, there is a filter pump, so it can get draw fresh and clean water into Pump pool liner swimming pool. In addition, it protects users from electric shocks because the pump shut itself off automatically whenever an electric current get exposed to wet. Furthermore, we can drain water out of Pump pool liner swimming pool with a drain plug that can get connected to a hose, so you can clear the pool liner once in a while for hygiene of your children while swimming in the pool liner swimming pool. Lastly, it has a 1718 gallons of water capacity for small swimming pools.

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9. Ground

Intex 15ft X 42in Easy Set

Ground gets fixed with between 110-120V standard. As a result, households in general can match with its pumping system. Intex pool liner is constructed with PVC sidewalls that makes it tough and enduring for uses in many years. Moreover, the new two-standard suction outlet lets water circulate, so water is clean with Ground. The drainage system gets connected with a hose, so users can drain water fast from the water area. The product has a capacity for 3284 gallons of water that is fairly enough for a fair-sized pool liner swimming pool. It is not recommended to set up it on loose soil, mud or sand because it does not give a strong stability for the Intex pool liner to get a stability.

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8. Lower

Intex Aluminum Base

Lower pool liner is not made for a swimming pool but layer for the swimming pool that it is suitable for ground rectangular shape that is very common with many swimming pools. You get it attached easily to a metal frame that your swimming pools have. As a result, the swimming pool should itself has some frames for it to set up. More special, the interlocking shaft is constructed with aluminum that makes the Intex pool liner a heavy-duty product to use with your swimming pool.

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7. Round

Intex Pool Ground Cloth

Round liner pool is a bottom-cover sheet for your newly build ground pools. Users can use it as a ground layer to replace the old one. In addition, it is constructed with top-graded material that makes it a long-lasting liner pool. Moreover, it can protect your pool bottom as well. The total weight is only 3.7 pounds. Even though, the liner pool is lightweight; it is a solid material to cover the floor of your swimming pools’.

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6. Prism

 Intex 26725EH Prism

Prism Intex lining pool is a quality swimming pool of its own. There is a structure to support the swimming pool, on one hand. The frame structure has powder coating so as to make the mini swimming pool both stylish and solid, on the other hand. Furthermore, the filter pump matches with your household voltage standard 110-120V that can pump 1000 gallons of water per hour. Users therefore can refill water into the swimming pool very fast. There is a DVD manual as a part of the collection to let you know how to set up the swimming pool; although, it can be a little bit difficult to set it up.

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5. Solar

 Intex Solar Cover for 16ft

Solar is a cover to keep your swimming pool water warm. Furthermore, Solar Intex pool liner cover helps to not let any debris fall into your swimming pools and keep the pools clean. There is a drainage hole in the center of Solar. The benefit is that the rainwater is not going to pull the cover down, and the cover still remains in place. Intex liner pool cover weighs only one pound that is a very small cover for your very mini setup swimming pool.

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4. Above

 Intex 28210EH 12

Above Intex liner pool is a medium-sized self-setup swimming pool that can let six people play in the swimming pool for fun. It is also because the swimming pool capacity is 1718 gallons. It has a metal frame that is sturdy with powder coating. Furthermore, the powder coating makes it rust-resistant. For draining water out of the pool, you can plug with a hose so as for users to clean it. For setting up the product, it takes you around 45 minutes. We do not recommend you to disassemble the medium-sized Above liner swimming pool after once of using. You should keep it there for playing multiple times when you can save a lot of water by doing so.

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3. Ellispe

Oval Ellipse Frame Pool

Ellispe has a water capacity of 5407 gallons that is good for swimming for a dozen of people. Ellispe structure is constructed with metal frame. There are enough supports with the frame. The frame has a powder coating so as to make the frame rust-resistant. In addition, the company even suggests you can farm fishes or shrimps with it as well; even though, we don’t recommend you to farm anything beside making it a swimming pool. The manufacturer is offering a replacement warranty for it.

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2. Rectangular

 Intex 32ft x 16ft

Rectangular is a huge Intex pool liner. The inner layer comes with a blue color so as to make water look fresh inside Rectangular. The outer layer is in a gray color that makes it look like a classic swimming pool. Additionally, it often takes roughly 90 minutes to fully set up the huge-sized self-setup swimming pool. Because the product is made with frame from galvanized steel, users can use it for many years. It’s hard to know how long you can use it because it depends on how much attention users should pay to the care of the huge-sized swimming pool too. Nevertheless, you can use it for around 10 years at least.

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Intex 16ft X 8ft X 42in

You will like Filter liner pool swimming pool because its frame is constructed with good material. Moreover, the steel tubing has a powder coating. The outer layer makes the huge-sized self-setup swimming pool look classic. Furthermore, the filter pump features Hydro aeration piece of tech that makes water clear and increases negative ions on the surface of the swimming pool. It has a capacity for 1000 gallon of water. Filter huge-sized swimming pool is not recommended to set up on loose soil, mud or sand.

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Buying Guide

Liner Material: We all should strive for the best with the Intex pool liners as many of them are constructed with quality materials such as PVC. Those materials make the pool liners lasting against time and weather.

Types of Liners: In this review, there are different types of liners including those liners that make swimming pools, liners that serve as ground layers of your swimming pools as well as liners that cover your pools from any debris.

Sturdy Frame: For Intex liners that make swimming pools, users should choose the supporting frame that is made with quality material such as steel. Moreover, it should have powder coating so that it is rust-resistant.

Filter Pump: Because you are looking for Intex liner pool as a swimming pool, you should choose a liner pool with filter pump. Users should pump water inside the liner swimming pool with clean and fresh water.

Design: For those liner pools that make self-setup swimming pool, the inner layer should come in a blue color. Users therefore get to see clear water inside the pool. On the other hand, the outer layer should come with a gray color because it makes a good contrasting point.


Intex is a famous brand in the swimming pool accessories industry. In this article, even though, we are mentioning all the Intex pool liners; not all pool liners are the same because some products are covers for your pools. A number of products make pool liners above ground while the rest makes ground layers for your newly built swimming pools.

Furthermore, some products are adhesive pool liners. There are many ways to choose quality Intex pool liners such as the product design whether it comes with contrasting color of gray and blue, the filter pump that makes sure water in the swimming pool clean, sturdy frame to make the product long-lasting as well as the construction materials such as PVC that makes good impression and durability of particular Intex liner swimming pools. You may reduce these features if you are looking for Intex pool liners as covers for your swimming pools or ground layers for your pools. We hope you enjoy our pool liner patch kit.