A hoverboard is like a skateboard, but instead of using wheels, it uses levitation. Hoverboards are very popular especially among kids or teenagers. People can also use it as a personal transportation as they can ride it from one place to another place and do not need to use any strength.

People can use it for fun too. It is not easy to surf for the best purchase hoverboard online. But you do not need to worry. Here are the top 10 hoverboards that you can check out:

List of Top 10 Best Hoverboard for kids in 2020


UNI-SUN Chrome

One of the most popular hoverboards would be UNI-SUN. You can put your trust in this product as it has gone under a strict test charger system, fire safety, electrical system and more. Besides that, It has a received certificate form CR, FCC, RoHS, etc. This hoverboard has a sturdy shell, solid tires and strong structure. Furthermore, it is durable, safe to use and last longing. This product also has a colorful wheel with an illumination LED fortnight, which makes this hoverboard even more fashionable. Each of the wheels is 6.5 inches. It takes three to five hours to charge this product.

There are six colors that you can choose from which are black, white, blue, green, purple and lastly, pink. You can ride this hoverboard approximately 9 miles and it can support the weight up to 264 lb. Plus, it has a 300W powerful dual motor with 9 miles of max mileages and a max speed of 9 MPH. Also, it supports Bluetooth speaker that you can connect with the other devices. It is very easy to use and you will learn it in just a matter of minutes.

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9. Felimoda

 Felimoda Self Balancing

Felimoda is an outstanding product that you should not miss out. This hoverboard is suitable to use for both children and adults. It weighs 18 pounds. This product has passed the strict test and received a certificate for its quality electrical performance and charging. For those who are amateur or beginners, don’t need to worry as there is the self-balancing technology that makes it easier for you to learn and successfully pick up the art of balancing right away. It is safe to use at night as it is designed with LED headlights.

Plus, the max speed that you can use for this product is nine mph. Plus, it could withstand the weight up until 264 lbs. To fully charge this hoverboard, it takes about 4 to five hours. There are various colors such as white, purple, blue, green, pink and more. The Rugged tired of this product is 6.5 inches and is also resistant to explosion too. Moreover, this hoverboard has overheat protection, overcharge protection, low voltage protection and more.

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EPCTEK Hoverboard

Up next, we have EPCTEK. This hoverboard has four colors which are black, blue, plate gold, light camo pink and E Graffiti. This product is featuring with LED lights that will always provide light while you use it. Thus, it will keep you safe when you are in a dark place. In addition, it can be connected to Bluetooth. You can listen to your favorite music without earphones while riding this hoverboard.

It is safe to use this hoverboard as its battery, charger system, and electrical had gone through a strict tested and also certified with UL 2272 safety standards as well. It is easy for beginners that learn never use it before because it has a self-balancing technology that will help you master how to use very quickly. The tries of this product are made of rubber and are 6.5 inches. The footpads are also resistant to any slip which makes you easy to maintain your balance and stable. The motor of this hoverboard is 3000 W. This hoverboard is a perfect choice as a gift or toys for kids.

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7. Swagtron

Swagboard Twist

Swagtron is an exceptional product that will not disappoint you. This hoverboard is 24 inches’ height, 7 inches’ width and 7 inches’ length. The frame of this hoverboard is made from an ABS which is strong and durable, the wheel is made from aluminum, and the tie is made from solid rubber. The maximum speed of this hoverboard is seven mph and its motor is 250 W. Three colors such as blue, black and garnet are available for this hoverboard.

Moreover, it takes less than 6 hours (5.5 hours) to charge this product fully. This product wheel is 6.5 inches and it comes with LED lights which will light up when you use it. There is an auto-balancing tech that quickly helps riders to master how to balance themselves as soon as the power is on. If you have any problem with this product, come to Swagtron and they will fix it for you until you are satisfied.

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 SISIGAD Hoverboard Self

You can check out the hoverboard from SISFAD if you want to replace your old hoverboard. This hoverboard net weight is about 9 kg and it can stand the weight form 44lbs to more than 250 lb. For the battery, it needs to charge about three to five hours and you will be able to use it for 30 minutes to one hour. The rang that you can use this hoverboard is 6 to 9 miles. In the package, it will include one manual, two wheels hoverboard and a power supply charger. There are numerous colors available including pink, red, yellow, green, black, purple, white, etc.

They also give out one-month refund money and three months’ warranty if you have any problem with this hoverboard. You can use this hoverboard with ease as it has already been tested on its quality and safety and has met a UL2272 standard. Furthermore, it can connect with portable devices as it build-in a wireless speaker. This hoverboard wheel is 6.5 inches, made from rubber tires and combined with foot pedals; you will have a smooth ride.

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5. Gyroor

Gyroor T581 Hoverboard

Gyroor has been long reputable for the quality of the hoverboard they produce. The material that use to make this frame of this hoverboard is aluminum and mental. If you purchase this hoverboard, it will include adaptor, user manual, and carry case. This hoverboard will ensure your safety that it will not go on fire when you use it because it had undergone a strict batteries test and certified by UL 2272, FCC, CE and Rohs. The highest speed that this hoverboard can go is ten mph and the distance range that this hoverboard can go is 7.5 miles. It does not require a lot of time like another hoverboard as it needs only 1.5 to 2 hours to be fully charged.

The motor of this product is 2 x 300 W, and it can hold with weight up from 44 to 220 pounds. Besides that, it also resistant to waterproof too. There is a driving mode app in which you can adjust the speed. The highest speed that this hoverboard can go is ten mph.

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TOMOLOO Hoverboard

TOMOLOO is the best option for those who like a hoverboard. There are a lot of color options for you to choose from including black, pink, blue, etc. This hoverboard is designed with LED light which consists of five different colorful lights that will switch backward and forward. This hoverboard tires size is 6.5 inches and there are four different lights in which you can change the color randomly. When you purchase this product, it will give you a free hoverboard bag.

In addition, this hoverboard has an approval form a CPSC and certified by UL2272 for its quality and safety. It weighs 17.64 lbs and can hold the weight from 44 to 165 lbs. The maximum speed that it can go is 12 km/h. Plus, you can connect this hoverboard with Bluetooth and the rang of Bluetooth can go up to 33 ft.

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3. Cho

 cho Hoverboard

The third most famous hoverboard would from Cho. You don’t need to worry about the quality of the electric performance or charging because this hoverboard had already been tested and met the safety standards. This hoverboard has LED headlights which will light on when you use it. Thus, you will be safe when you use it at night. It can withstand the weight from 40 – 145 pounds. It will include the charger too.

For those who are amateurs that never use it before, there is a self-balancing technology that will help you learn how to balance yourself and you will be able to learn it in a matter of a minute. This hoverboard can connect Bluetooth with other portable devices as well. You can listen to your favorite songs without using earphones or headphones. If you have any problem with it, contact Cho service team, they will fix your problem until you are satisfied.

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The FlYING_ANT is the top 2 best choice among all of the hoverboard.  Each wheel of this hoverboard is 6.5 inches. It has a motor of 300 W and a riding range of 6 to 9 miles. This hoverboard net weight is 9 kg and it can bear the weight up from 45 to 260 lbs. In order to fully charge, it will take 3 to 5 hours. The highest speed that this hoverboard can go is 7.5 mph.

Furthermore, you do not need to worry about what time or when you will need to recharge the battery as there are two indicator lights that will help you track the battery errors and light. There are rubber pads which is resistant to any slip which will guarantee an adequate grip.

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1. CBD

CBD Chrome Hoverboard

The most famous hoverboard would be CBD. You can put your trust on this hoverboard as it been tested on battery and also received a certificate from a UL 2272 Certified & UN 38.3. Six colors have been offered, such as sliver, pink, green, purple, gold and blue. This hover board’s motor power is 300 W. Moreover, the maximum speed that you can use is depend on the road or the diver which is about 6 to 12 miles.

Adding to that, the distance range is from 9 to 12 miles but it also needs to determine by terrain and road as well. This hoverboard needs approximately 4 hours to fully charge and it can hold the weight up to 265 lbs.

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