Headphones for travel are designed to be noise-cancelling, super comfortable for long hours wearing, and can deliver quite decent sounds. If you are headed for a road-trip or a long flight sometimes soon, then you’d better grab a pair of these goodies for your own good and convenience.

Now, this question arises in your mind: how can you tell which ones are good; which aren’t? Then, you have stumbled upon the right article. This article will pinpoint the top 10 best headphones for travel in 2020. We also give you factors to consider before purchase at the end of the article.

List Of Top 10 Best Headphones for Travel in 2020

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10. COWIN SE7 Headphones for Travel

COWIN SE7 Active Noise

COWIN SE7 represents style and quality. This lovely pair of headphones come in 6 colors including green, black, white, purple, wine and gold. The headphones are capable of blocking noise on busy streets, noisy car commutes, and busy offices effectively, so you can stay focused on your conversation or whatever you intend to hear. And, that owes to the new and improved technology of the ANC.

Featuring a sound quality at 90dB, the headphones offer clear and beautiful sounds. This pair works with a cable as well as cable-free. At a good value, the pair sure has a built-in microphone for communication purposes hands-free as well (without any messy wire getting in the way).

Yet, that’s not all, when connected to other devices via Bluetooth (5.0), stable and easy connectivity is always assured. The BT range is up to 15 meters long. For the user’s added convenience in carrying and storage, this pair is light almost like a feather while coming in a foldable profile. And, with the ear parts nicely padded, that will affirm your comfort regardless of how long you put these headphones on.

As for controls, the headphones enable adjustments on volume, call answering, and turning on/off ANC. In terms of playtime, they can run approximately 30 hours non-stop. And, each unit is powered by a 800mAh battery. Plus, you will get an 18-month warranty and reliable customer service for it. What’s not to love?

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9. Bose QuietComfort35

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

If you want rose gold headsets, a lovely and outstanding is this QuietComfort35 model from Bose. These headphones are the limited edition ones for the VIPs out there.

For superior performance, the headphones are equipped with 3-level of top-notch noise cancellation technology. Whatever the environment is, you can always enjoy crystal clear, deep sounds.

In terms of smarts, these headphones of QC35 Series II are Alexa-compatible, which means easy voice access to various content. To communicate, you can always use the built-in dual-microphone. Once charged, the headphones have a continuous playtime of around 20 hours.

Connecting the headphones with other devices is a breeze. And, there is the Bose connect app which enables software updates. And, if you are not a rose-gold lover; no worries, the other 2 monochrome colors — black and silver are available as well. Along with the headphones, you will receive a handy carrying case.

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8. Mpow CH8 (kids) Headphones for Travel

Mpow CH8 Kids Headphones

Mpow has some of the best, affordably-priced headphones we love. This option includes a pack of 2 pastel-colored headphones. The headphones color combo are Green & Blue, and Purple & Blue. Yet, be informed that these ones are small, making them ideal travel headphones for toddlers aged 3 and above.

The wires are made of Nylon and will not get tangled. And, the main material chosen is good quality ABS which assures superb durability. Hence, there is almost no worry about kids breaking these headphones. Featuring hearing protection, they are gentle for kids’ ears. Plus, the volume can never exceed 91dB.

Regarding the sounds, these headphones always deliver rich bass, and clear audio whether you are listening to music or podcasts. Weighing merely 150 grams, they are certainly not too heavy for the little ones’ neck. Plus, with an adjustable headband and nicely padded ears, comfort is always guaranteed as well.

Besides, their sound-blocking system is not any less desirable than the first two. Made foldable, storage is easy. For study or entertainment purposes, give the Mpow CH8 headphones a try.

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7. WXY Over-Ear Headphones for Travel

 Over Ear Bluetooth

Further down our travel headphones reviews, these sleek headphones from WXY really caught our eyes. These ones are among the best, and most affordable options you can ever find.

7 lovely colors are available for you to choose. The headphones feature 40 mm drives for superb performance. They are great for not just traveling but also sports time, work hours or study sessions.

It takes only 2.5 hours to fully charge these headphones. And, that will provide 18 hours of runtime. The microphone lets you talk through it hassle-free while the earmuff comes with controls for picking up calls, adjusting volume, etc.

They work either wired or wireless. For the user’s comfort, these headphones’ headband is adjustable. They also come in a foldable profile for ease of storage. The BT range is 10 meters long.

Plus, connecting them to other smart devices is a piece of pie. Gift this pair to your girl, she will love it!

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6. TaoTronics Headphones for Travel

 TaoTronics Active Noise

If you opt for headphones offered at an average price, check out this pair from TaoTronics. These beasts come in 3 colors — black, green and coral orange. The noise-cancellation tech of this one is certainly reliable — so you can just plug these headphones on and block all the outside noise along the streets, or during bus rides.

The 40mm divers will never fail to offer impressive sounds. Once fully charged, these headphones can play for about 30 hours non-stop. As for connectivity, the headphones are equipped with 5.0 Bluetooth which allows for easy pairing with other devices.

Thanks to the adjustable headband, the ear cups can be rotated 60 degrees while the cushioned ear will offer the user great comfort. To store, simply fold them up.

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5. Bose QuietComfort 25 

Bose QuietComfort

Another top performer is the Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones. These headphones come in 2 options — one for apple devices and one for Android. Coming in a lightweight profile, carrying these headphones is easy. And, your ears comfort is ensured because these headphones are nicely padded — suitable for long hours wearing. Indeed, some users mention that these headphones are soft like a pillow. What’s more, the earcups are rotable for added comfort.

Plus, the sound really measures up as well. And, in terms of noise blocking, it is desirable as well. There is an inline mic/remote which allows for easy music and volume controls. The case included in the package will come in handy as well.

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4. Cowin E7 Headphones for Travel

COWIN E7 Active Noise

Another smart option for your daily commutes or occasional travels is this pair from Cowin, the model E7. Coming in 6 lovely colors, this pair is just irresistible. Customers love this product because they feature superb noise cancellation, so you can stay focused on important information with ease. The noise reduction tech equipped can even block noisy traffic or busy work offices.

You can use these headphones either with wires or wireless. In addition, you can talk on phone calls via the built-in microphone without any cord getting in the way. Plus, Bluetooth connectivity is never a problem as well.

For optimal comfort, the headphones are padded and can be swiveled 90 degrees. Runtime is up to 30 hours. And, for easy storage, the weight of these headphones is light. Upon purchase, you will get an 18-month warranty for it.

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3. Srythm Headphones for Travel

 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Moving onto this headphone from Srythm, it comes with many great features to be your first choice. It is equipped with advanced noise cancelling technology (ANC), which effectively eliminates up to 85% of the surrounding noise. Thus, it is a great choice to bring along while you are traveling on bus or airplane because it keeps you stay focused.

It also features a high end stereo at 40mm that offers a deep bass for immersive use. It is equipped with dual earphone system which enables users to receive calls via hand-free. The stable and strong Bluetooth connections make it desirable for the connection between smart devices, including iPhone, Android and other personal computers.

The ear cups are swiveling at the maximum of 115 degrees, and they have a very lightweight design. It is only about 0.4lb, and it is also foldable for additional convenience while traveling. After a full charge, it can be used for about 16 hours continuously. There is also an audio cable provided in case of low battery.

With an exclusive design, it offers the best fit and comfort while maintaining the most well-balanced pressure. It is also adjustable to fit it well to prevent you from any discomfort. Last but not least, the sound wave is also controlled to the most favorable degree.

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2. MONODEAL Headphones for Travel

Active Noise Cancelling

If you prefer a foldable and compact headset for travelling or business purpose, you are highly recommended with this headset from MONODEAL. There are many outstanding functions that can greatly enhance your experience.

We all know that while traveling, we also need to work or rest that we would prefer a more peaceful and quiet environment. However, the noise in the background is usually uncontrollable that it distracts us sometimes. Thus, this headset enables the noise cancelling function that can reduce the background noise for up to eighty five percent. This helps provide you a more focused environment that you can use to work or sleep with the best peace of mind.

Also, it offers the most premium sound quality. It features a stereo drive that comes with the diameter of 40mm. The stereo driver ensures you with the richest bass that enables you to bath in the ocean of the music. This also helps calm down our mind when we have been stressed for the whole day, and we would like to have some light music to light up the day.

The headband is designed to be adjustable to fit. This way, users will never experience any tightness or discomfort that blows away all of the happiness. The ear pads are also padded with memory foam to give a comfortable feeling. It is also lightweight enough to make you feel like there is nothing on the ear. However, it is recommended that you should take off the headset every 2 hours to make your ears relaxed.

What is even more significant about this product is that it has a very long battery life. The battery can last for the maximum of 20 hours if you continuously use the headset. Also, you can always recharge it to get the headset ready for use. In addition, if you feel that the headset running out of battery, you can use it while charging as well because it uses the dual operation states to give more flexibility in choices.

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1. Srhythm

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Here comes another model of headphone from Srhythm. With the world leading quality, it is a luxury product that can increase the quality of your life to a much higher level. It is equipped with most advanced noise cancelling technology that is able to cancel about 92% of all the frequency of the noise in the background. Hence, no matter you are sitting in a coffee shop or travelling on an airplane, you can always get a peaceful environment with the head set on.

The headset is operated on a 750mAh battery which can accommodate your demand for up to 40 hours at the maximum. This is more than 1 day, which means you do not have to charge it frequently. Moreover, it is built with a fast charging system that allows you to finish the charging within only 1 or 2 hour. It works with stable Bluetooth connection that connects fast and efficient. It almost never drops the connection in the middle of the way.

The headset also allows you to pick up the call immediately when it arrives in your devices. Users do not have to use their hand or find their phone because it is also compatible with Siri voice control function.

In addition, the ear pads are designed for your best comfort because they are padded with memory foam. They also feature 100-degree swiveling operation. More importantly, in order for you not to damage it while going outdoors, it has a carrying case for you to store the headset inside.

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Buying Guide: Best Headphone for traveling

Although you have gone through the top ten best headphones that we have provided for you, you should also pay close attention to this buying guide section because it will give you an insight about the key features that you should look for before choosing a headset for your next trip.

Active Noise Cancellation: Active Noise Cancelling technology, or known as the ANC, is one of the most important features of a headset. The reason is that it can eliminate the distracting background noise for you to get a calmer and more peaceful environment to work or rest. It should be able to cancel the noise for at least 85%.

Stereo driver: regularly, it is equipped with a stereo drive that comes with the diameter of 40mm. It gives a deep bass and premium sound quality that you can use for bathing yourself in the music. It will bring an immense sound environment for you to enjoy.

Built-in mic: this is another key feature because it helps to get a hand-free phone call experience. It should give you the alert whenever there is a phone call coming in. For some of the headsets, they also feature Siri function for voice control and command.

Ear pads: the quality of the ear pads are just as important as their functions. It should be padded with memory foam to make sure that your ears are protected with the best comfort provided. This also makes you comfort while you are sleeping or resting on a plane, bus or other places.

Pressure balance: Pressure balance is another feature that we cannot eliminate. The fact is that we need to achieve the best frequency or pressure balance to make sure that our ears are protected. Without the balance, there is a high chance that we are exposed to discomfort or even danger.

Battery lifetime: no matter what devices we are working with, we will never want it to run out of battery that fast. Thus, for the headset, the ideal battery lifetime is between 24 and 40 hours that will never require us to charge it frequently. Also, some headsets feature the fast charging function which saves a lot of time. The perfect charging time length is between 1 and 4 hours.


Above are the picks you need to know about when it comes to best headphones for travel. Whatever your needs are, you will find a suitable model for your needs. Thank you for spending time with us.