For those who enjoy going out on adventures, surely knows that many unexpected situations could happen anytime.

This is when having a flashlight would be most advantageous. However flashlights are very inconvenient when dealing with many things at the same time, that’s why we should use head torches to aid us through our activities, no matter outdoor or simple indoors tasks. To get the best experience for these inventions, we have surveyed the top 10 best products in this category down below.

List Of Top 10 Best Head Torches in 2020

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10. GOFORWILD Lockable Rechargeable Headlamp

Lockable Rechargeable

For an environmentally friendly lighting aid, this brand’s headlamp covers all the aspects. First of all, the headlamp gives off a very vibrant light for brightening the environment you are in. It is equipped with a lockable function and sensory function as well. To avoid mistakenly turning on in a disclosed place, the design is made to be clicked on 3 times before locking or unlocking happens and can be activated or reversed just by waving your hand over the headlamp. Another sensory function is that the headlamp will automatically notify you when the battery is running out. Charging is made easy with a USB cable to charge with an adapter or power-bank.

It can either be a head torch for running or going wild adventures or simply used indoors such as fixing the sink for instance.

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9. Elmchee Rechargeable Headlamp

Elmchee Rechargeable headlamp

This headlamp is great for risk-taking journeys. It is completely hands free and water resistant. The material is made waterproof, therefore there’s no need to fret when it comes to considerable contact with water and it won’t affect the sensory device that allows you to use your hand freely. It also comes with 8 different modes such as the SOS strobing modes, light mode and more. The headlamp is adjustable, durable and rechargeable as well as long-lasting.

The results for the head torch reviews show how wonderful and reliable this product is, plus it is gifted with a two year warranty when purchased.

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8. Soft Digits Headlamp

Soft Digits Headlamp

Looking for a good head torch? We got you cover. The head torch from Soft Digits provides many good benefits to users. The design is made for you to use the headlamp without having to hold it or keep it up with your hands. With an automatic feature, when fully charged the torch will switch off on itself and there’s completely no overheating from a long period of usage. Other than this, the torch or headlamp can be zoomed in for a brighter and clearer view and in four different lighting modes that can be changed with ease. For a multi-functional usage, whether indoors or outdoors and in any kind of weather, the torch is usable as it is waterproof and conditioned to fit many diverse environments.

A good head torch can be very useful to you in many different ways and this product will not disappoint.

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7. Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

Black Diamond Storm

One of the top head torch brands include Black Diamond, specifically the Storm Headlamp. The material and system of the headlamp was refined and constructed with careful evaluation. Made waterproof, strong and tech-smart, it is equipped with a smart sensory that enables you to adjust the light with one single hand. Moreover, the headlamp contains an RGB night mode to use during the evening or later and even durable in the bad weather. The system of the headlamp is able to read and remember your previous setting and changes the mode for you when in similar context.

Offering many great benefits to the users, it is unquestionable that the users are satisfied and recommends this torch for those who are seeking for one.

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6. Lightless Headlamp

Lightess Head Lamps Super

This headlamp is an LED head torch made from aluminum and is stretchable, making it suitable for whoever uses the headlamp. Other than this, it provided three different light mode settings, for instance the high, low and strobe functions which could be activated with just a single switch. The material is very strong as it is made from aluminum with an alloy crust. It is capable of being used for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking and so on. The product is water resistant and can withhold against rainy weather, however, it is suggested not to directly put it into the water.

Even with all the provided functions, this headlight remains lightweight and secured over the fitness of our head with the headlamp.

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5. E-Thinker LED Headlamp

E-thinker Rechargeable

The headlamp from E-Thinker uses LED light bulbs to show vibrant light when lighting the space. It is with two long livity lithium Ion typed batteries which are rechargeable. The overall material of the headlamp is made with high quality polyester fabric, very stretchy and adjustable to the person using it as well as a waterproof feature for different environment usage. The front of the headlamp is comfortable and coated with protective gel to protect and secure the fitting of your head. Other than this, it also has 8 lighting function modes for the users to choose from.

The E-Thinker Headlamp will ensure your comfort, safety and a satisfying experience while using a headlamp.

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4. Outdoor Pro Gear Super Bright LED Headlamp


For a unique headlamp, this headlamp is just the right offer. The design is different from most headlamps with just one large sized magnifying lens with a total of 3 diverse light settings which are high, medium and low that amplified the quality of the light with the unique len It also has a zoom in functions that can be zoom in or widen according to your preference. This product is able to withstand conditions whether used indoors or outdoors. The material is made from ABS and aluminum, strong sustainable material.

A pretty, unique design and functional at the same time, this product will guarantee good practical use and your safety when setting off for an adventurous journey.

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3. Neexiu LED Head Torch

NeeXiu Headlamp LED

Made from Li-polymer battery, a high quality battery, the head torch from this brand will provide a long-lasting effect. The product is waterproof and durable as well, sustaining from bad condition and mildly wet weather and heat. This headlamp also features a hand free function allowing the users to have full use of both hands. Other being hand free, the headlamp is also lightweight, adjustable to the users as well.

Holding up to 100,000 hours of battery time and a maximum of 12,000 lumens, the LED head torch creates a perfect aid accordingly.

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2. Neexiu Headlamp 1200 Lumens

NeeXiu Headlamp

Although from the same company, the headlamp does offer certain different benefits from the previous product. This headlamp offers a brightness of 12,000 lumens maximum, and a lifespan of 100,000 hours. It is made with an IPX5 grade water resistant material, powered by three high quality batteries from Li-polymer. Being zoomable is also a plus side of this headlamp, giving flexibility to any situation. The product is complete with an adjustable system, to allow the adjustment made for different users.

The headlamp is suitable for using indoor and outdoor and is packed with rechargeable batteries when the purchase is made.

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Headlamp LED USB

The head torch product from FX FFEXS emits a 160 lumen brightness, giving a clear vision for users even while in motions or undertaking outdoor activities. It functions with 5 different mode settings: strobe, centered, flashlight, red and flash red. Other features that this headlamp possesses are free use of both hands with the adjustable elastic headband, you can make free and full use of your hands while performing other activities or going on an adventure, without worrying about the headlight placement. This also enhances your safety and focuses upon your work.

Simple yet useful and also rechargeable,catering to your needs without complication is what the headlamp from this brand offers.

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Buying Guides

When making a purchase of any products, it is recommended that the buyers had some valid points to look for in the product they are viewing in order to entrust the product and get a satisfied purchase. Below are some recommended suggestions we hope to help you in your search.

Lighting Modes: As for a headlamp, it is important that it comes with many different settings or modes of the brightness of the light. This helps you to get the best experience out of a situation you are in.

Durability: Like any other products, its lifespan is an important factor to consider. Always take note of the materials of the headlamps to ensure it is strong and capable of withstanding various situations.

Required Features: Make sure to check for the duration for the headlamp and if it is rechargeable or uses batteries. Another factor to look for is its ability against rainy weather or wet places.


Through the listing above, we have provided 10 best recommended headlamps for you to choose and we hope that you are able to find the one perfect to what you are seeking for.