There’s no better feeling than sitting and grooming your pet in your lab. Obviously, by doing that, you can improve your relationship with them and it is also important to pat them as it can decrease shedding and maintain their coat’s health. However, it could be stressful if your pet does not seem to follow you as they might not stay still sometimes. Thus, we would like to give you a list of pet grooming gloves which are high quality and perfect for you to use and give gentle and comfortable massages to your pet without scaring them. They also come at an affordable price.

List Of Top Best Pet Grooming Gloves​ in 2020

10. FurGlow2X Pet Grooming Gloves


Grooming Brush Glove

Coming in pairs, hair remover gloves from Furglow 2X are perfect for removing hair effectively and easily. Capturing more hair and faster with 341 bristles, you are able to save more time. Moreover, it gives a soothing and tender message that your pet will absolutely love.  These gloves can be used to brush dog, cat, rabbit or horse since it is ideal for extra-long and short fur because of its extra deep channels.

With these gloves, you do not have to worry about smell, grease, grime and dirt on the skin and fur as these gloves will magnetize those away. So you can bath your pet without intoxicating your house, and it is also easy to clean.

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9. Otis and Claude Adjustable Dog Grooming Gloves

Otis & Claude Pet

Otis and Claude hair remover gloves are made to be sturdy with the rubber nodules, allowing you to give the best performance massage to your pet and de-shed. Then, you can quickly and simply peel off the hair from the gloves. With 5 fingers design, you have the full control and mobility when grooming.

It has a Velcro strap so you can adjust it to fit your hand. In addition, the surface of the gloves will keep your pet comfortable and relaxed during message or bathing unlike other gloves that irritate your pet from chilling out. It is also machine washable so you can clean it for later use.

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8. EVQ Gloves

EVQ Pet Hair Remover

Five fingers design of hair remover gloves from EVQ are produced from nylon mesh with silicone tips that are 266 pins. The taller tips allow you to groom long and short fur easily and quickly. The wrist strap is adjustable to fit all sizes of hand. The breathable mesh is another factor that makes it more convenient for you to wear and to tomb your pet.

Having these gloves, you can shed the hair away as the hair will cause allergies. You can enhance air quality by using these gloves. Plus, you can use it when bathing your pet as it is washable and dry quickly. You can now make your pet coat shining and soft with EVQ gloves.

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7. Pat Your Pet Hair Remover Gloves

 Pet Grooming Glove

It is so frustrating when the fur flies over the house. So why don’t you try to use Pat Your Pet grooming gloves instead of brush? When you use these gloves to pat or groom, the fur will stick on the textured surface. And, you just peel the fur off the gloves and clean it with water. Furthermore, you can use these gloves to give a gentle massage to your pet as its scrubbing nubs provide softness and relaxation.

You can groom from face to tail without making your pet feel annoyed. Chasing your pet every time would be exhausting so now you can save your time by having these gloves to pat your pet.

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6. Delomo Hair Remover Gloves

Pet Grooming Glove

Delomo grooming gloves for pets have been upgraded to a new version. These gloves contain 255 silicone tips which make it quick and effective to lose hair. It is your perfect choice if you have a dog or cat with long and short fur.  Another good feature is that you will be able to brush off dirt from your pet’s skin and the hair will stick on the gloves, allowing you to peel off and throw away.

Since these gloves are made from skin-friendly material, there will be no skin damage or pain when scratching or removing. Coming in pairs with one size that could fit all, you just have to adjust the wrist strap then you can use it comfortably.

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5. Pet Go

Pet Hair

Double-sided hair remover glove from Pet Go is a care tool that comes in set. The set contains lint roller, paw washer and grooming glove. This set gives you many benefits as the lint roller can be used to remove dust, hair and fur from your sofa, carpet, car seat, clothes and so on.

And, the paw washer is used to clean the dirt, bacteria, sand or mud that stick in your pet’s paw. This will keep your house and your pet neat and clean after you finish walking your pet outside. As well as the grooming glove, the silicone tips provide comfort to your pet while breathable mesh fabric makes you feel convenient and not tight.

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4. Hands On Pet Grooming Gloves

 HandsOn Pet Grooming

H Handson gloves are gentle brushes that are constructed from strong, nylon fabric with flexible grip. Since it is non-abrasive rubber nodules, when you groom or shed your pet, they will not get hurt or skin damage while providing the most relaxed massage to them. Having this pair of gloves, you will be able to reach the place that is hard to clean.

Your pet will love bathing time and you will enjoy the time with your furry pet. The grooming gloves also help you brush the tangles, debris and hair away. With 5 sizes, you can purchase the right size of yours. This tool care is a perfect gear to have for your pet.

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3. Dino and Lotus Pet Groomers

 Dino and Lotus

This pair of hair remover gloves from Dino and Lotus is manufactured from breathable mesh with 260 silicone tips enabling you to remove fur and loose hair faster and effectively. While you do shedding hair, the gloves will remove dirt and grime as well. This pair of gloves is just perfect for both wet and dry application.

In addition, these grooming gloves come with a reusable and collapsible bowl so you can give them food and water wherever you want. The wrist strap is adjustable to your hand size, at the same time it also provides natural movement and time saving.

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2. Unilove Pet Hair Remover Gloves

 Magic Pet Grooming

Unilove grooming gloves are also shampoo gloves. It has been produced from eco-friendly material with density teeth which is excellent for dogs and cats, making body massage and a nice bath with your pet a lot easier and quicker. You can even use it to wash the dishes because it is a BPA free and high quality food grade product.

While washing, the gloves will not absorb water as it is 100% silicone with leak and tear resistant as well as heat resistant. It can cope with 160 degree temperature. The tough and strong gloves are not deformed, fracture, crimp easily even after long term use.

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1. DrillTop Gentle Cat Gloves / Dog Gloves / Pet Grooming Gloves

 DrillTop All-New

Constructed from stretch and breathable fabrics, the DrillTop pet hair remover gloves give you the comfort and work perfectly well on every animal with long or short fur. The soft silicone gloves and round nubs are gentle enough to give the best message and bath. Additionally, it is skin friendly, meaning there will be no damage to the skin.

It saves you more time and it is far better than hair brush. It also allows you to reach sensitive areas which are hard to reach. This accessory is what you and your pet need as you can keep your hand from dirt, oil and hair while your pet gets the most pleasant stroke.

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Buying Guide: Best pet grooming gloves

There are several factors that you need to know in order to purchase the best gloves as it will not only meet your need but it will also offer comfort to you when using.

Hand size: Mostly, gloves come in one’s size which will fit all. However, there are some gloves that come in different sizes so you need to make sure that you get the correct size.

One or two packs: This is an important factor as some sell in pairs but some only offer a single size glove. So if you are a left handed person, you need to double-check that point as the standard of the glove is designed in right handed. It is better to buy the two pack one.

Ease of use: It is convenient for you to choose the one that is easy to use, clean, maintain at the same time it fits your hand perfectly.

Hair length: you should pick the gloves with soft bristles that are in medium size so you can groom your short, medium or long hair pet.

Material: the material used to produce these gloves should be breathable, durable and easy to clean up.


Your pet is like your family; that is why you always try to find all the equipment to keep your pet neat and clean. You also want it to feel comfortable when you pet them and look adorable when you groom them.