Some of us have foot problems such as itching and cracking. These problems are very disturbing. When there are many ways to address the problems, heal your feet and let them become healthy once again, not all the methods are effective. There are some which are more effective than the others. Regardless, foot cream is one of the most effective ways to address your foot problems whether they be cracking, itching, swelling and more. Without a hesitation, here are the top ten best foot creams in 2020 with a buying guide.

List Of Top 10 Best Foot Cream in 2020

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10. Topricin Foot Cream for Dry Feet

 Topricin Foot Pain

Topricin is a foot cream with a careful thought for the product’s ingredients. First, the foot cream is patented for its ability to address problems such as neuropathy. The foot cream for pains, in general, can address problems such as heel pain and bunion pain. Furthermore, healing your feet from pains such as joint pain and swelling can get results instantly.

The foot cream dry cracked heels just improves the health of your feet in all areas. Problems such as itching, cracking and drying are gone for good with the smart ingredients offered by the company.

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9. Ebanel Cream for Dry Cracked Feet

 Urea Cream 40%

It is smart to buy Ebanel. There are no ingredients from animals, or the product has gone through testing with animals. Consequently, the product is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Moreover, it is a FDA approved foot cream which is safe to your feet and health in general. Ebanel is free from paraben, hypoallergenic and more. What’s more, the cream is smooth and helps to reduce callus buildup on your feet. It nourishes your cracked skins by moisturizing your feet.

Besides, the product removes dead skin. Furthermore, it addresses problems such as itchy skin and helps to relieve dry feet. The ingredients are brilliant, in fact. Those ingredients are such as extract from green tea, coconut oil, aloe vera, oil from tea trees and more. Plus, it is infused with natural salicylic acid so as to exfoliate and purify your skins. We can use the product not just for feet but also nails, elbows and hands. Results are immediate with it.

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8. Ancient Greek Remedy for Dry Feet

 Organic Foot Cream

Ancient Greek Remedy features excellent and healthy ingredients such as vitamin E, essential oil from lavender, grape seed, sweet almond, virgin olive and more. It is a zero-cruelty foot cream when the whole ingredients are environmentally-friendly. The product is thus completely free from paraben, gluten and GMO that are harmful and toxic materials regardless of their immediate effectiveness.

We can see instant results with Ancient Greek Remedy by applying it softly every night and only once per night to both of our feet. With the application, you can see results in 14 days and start to fall in love with the cream. Moreover, it gives moisture to our hydrated feet. Like our faces that need masks, the cream is a mask to our feet, lastly.

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7. Bliss

Bliss - Aloe Leaf

Bliss is just an excellent foot cream. The main ingredient for it is aloe vera. The product is smart because it gives freshness to your feet. Moreover, the foot cream just smoothes your feet when you can see those results very immediately.

Furthermore, other ingredients are natural such as camphor which heal our cracked heels. Meanwhile, vitamin B5 revitalizes the surface of our skin. The product, in overall, is great and deals with all the fusses we are facing.

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6. PurSources

 PurSources Urea

PurSources is a promising feet cream. The product assures our feet smoothness when it nourishes cracked and dry skin. The qualities go on the same way, consequently. Moreover, they feature quality and healthy ingredients which assures problems such as itching are removed instantly. In fact, all the smoothness and texture of our skins is because PurSources helps to moisturize our skins.

As it is hard to trust the product that we never try out, it is smart thinking from the company to offer us full-satisfaction warranties. Therefore, we can seek refunds shall there be any dissatisfaction from using it.

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5. The Yellow Bird

All Natural Antifungal

The Yellow Bird is a smart decision making for you to keep your feet healthy. Healthy feet require The Yellow Bird for some varied reasons. First, it enables moisture to help deal with rough calluses and cracked heels. Moreover, it consists of essential oils that our feet become soothed with the natural ingredients. Some other organic ingredients such as tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender and more combined together for our soft feet.

As important as the product addresses your foot problems, it is free from gluten, GMO and phthalate which are harmful toxins to our skin. Besides, the product contains no risk once you buy it because it is featured by the company with full-satisfaction warranties. Refunds are thus enabled by the companies for all the product’s buyers.

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4. Gold Bond

Gold Bond Ultimate

Gold Bond contains no ingredients which are harmful. What’s more, the product is designed for its ingredients by experts in skin cares or dermatologists. It is a smart foot cream because it smoothes our feet. Besides, we can deal with problems such as dryness and cracked skin because of moisture given by Gold Bond.

Additionally, it is easy to use with it. One of the main ingredients is honey which is very healthy when it offers richness in nutrients that your skin deserves.

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3. Eucerin

 Eucerin Advanced Repair

It is interesting that Eucerin is in the list. Regardless, it is because of the product’s uncompromised quality and reliable performance. Eucerin is in fact an outstanding foot cream because our feet can fast absorb it. Moreover, it deals with your problems such as dry feet when it has an awesome fragrance with it. What’s more, it moisturizes our feet. This is an additional advantage which means it doesn’t only heal your dry feet but also smoothen your feet.

Your feet can become smooth and shining with it. Lastly, the product offers along one-month full satisfaction warranties that you can get refunds from the company.

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2. Lavido

Lavido - Natural Thera

Lavido just basically repairs your skin as it rejuvenates old skin cells and removes dead skin from your feet. Moreover, it purifies our skin when your feet can get great moisture with Lavido foot cream. Additionally, it is free from cruelty. The product has not gone through some sorts of tests with animals. The company has a thoughtful care for all the living beings.

Furthemore, the foot cream is made from sulfate and paraben which are harmful ingredients to your health. The product isn’t just brilliant because of only those ingredients. Its bottle design is also awesome-looking.

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1. Miracle of Aloe Foot Cream for Cracked Heels

Miracle Foot Repair

Whether it be cracked or dry feet, Miracle of Aloe just addresses these problems very instantly. You can see results overnight. Moreover, the foot cream deals with broad problems with your feet such as unpleasant odors and itching. Miracle of Aloe’s effectiveness is because the formula can get deep into our skin.

Plus, the company has around 40 years of experience in the sector. It has an outstanding expertise in the foot cream products. The most important ingredient which is aloe vera moisturizes your feet, lastly.

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Buying Guide: best foot cream for cracked heels

Eco-Friendly Ingredients: The product should include ingredients and materials which are natural or safe to the environment and our health. There should not be harmful ingredients and components in exchange of fast results at all.

Cruel-Free Ingredients: We should have a concern for those animals that get medically tested and risk their lives. Consequently, the product should not have gone through a process that risks the lives of those animals no matter what.

Moisture: Most of your feet problems are because they lack moisture. Consequently, we should seek those problems which moisturize our feet and rejuvenate those skin cells at our feet areas. It is a smart thing to primarily focus on those foot creams as moisturizers for our feet, consequently.

Warranties: Even though the review is solid and reliable; we cannot just trust the product we ourselves never test. Warranties, as a result, are smart thinking to save us from any anxiety or remorse from buying the product. Some warranties cover refunds which we can apply for when we see the product doesn’t match with our skins.


There are a considerable number of foot creams available in the market. When there are too many options, it becomes a challenge to choose the right ones that address our feet problems such as dryness, cracking, odor and more. For these mentioned foot creams, they address all the problems. Regardless, you should focus great attention on particular products that you want them to address your particular problems.

For a rule of thumb, kindly consider the product buying guide with features such as eco-friendly ingredients, cruel-free ingredients, moisture and warranties. When eco-friendly ingredients assure that there cannot be chemical components which result in later side effects, the cruel-free ingredients promise those companies not to hurt and kill other animals for the sake of us. Moisture is important to our feet when warranties can save us from wrong dealing, lastly.

There thus should not be a doubt to consider one or two products we mention. Nevertheless, it is your personal judgement when we still recommend you to consider features in our product buying guide. If you are buying the right products, we should also consider those products as foot cream gift sets for our friends and family t0oo.