Fondue is a family dish which can entertain family members as well as guests brilliantly at an event or occasion. To have a wonderful fondue dish, there must require a marvelous pot.

In case you have trouble finding the right fondue pot, check out our list below. Thanks to our team assistance, below are the top 10 fondue pots that will catch your attention and help you make a good decision when buying the product. At the end of the article, you will be provided with some buying guides as well.

List Of Top 10 Best Fondue Pots in 2020

10. All Clad 59936 Stainless Steel Fondue Pot

All-Clad 59936 Stainless Steel

Having this one at home is probably the perfect choice you have ever made. All Clad Fondue Pot is simply great for a family or friend meeting or any such occasion. The design is very incredible for convenient cooking. It is made of a stovetop safe ceramic and came with a stainless steel stand, lid and 6 folks. Also, it contains a fuel holder to keep the dish hot for the rest of the eating.

The lid and the folks work together so well that it helps to sit still and also to prevent any harmful accidents that are caused by the pot. This one is a pretty strong steel pot so that it is able to be warp resistant, and even more special, it is safely dishwashing so that your Fondue pot will always remain clean and hygiene.

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9. Swissmar F66915

Swissmar F66915

Swissmar is considered as a magnificent fondue pot because of its specialty. This product tends to be fit with all kinds of fondue recipes. It includes a fondue pot, a burner, 6 forks, and rechaud. The design of the product is very gorgeous and putting this on your table for family dinner is going to be really romantic. The color of the pot doesn’t easily fade and the pot is washable.

Furthermore, if you purchase this fondue pot, you will luckily receive a recipe card for free. As a result, when you run out of ideas for a fondue meal or in some case you want to try some new recipe for people you love, the recipe is accurately a great chef assistant.

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8. Bon Chef

Bon Chef 5150SS Stainless

One of the most uncomplicated fondue pot design is literally Bon Chef. The pot is round stainless steel look with a handle. With the simple design, it brings about a simple usage, but the quality is very impressive. This item is long lasting shine and it is also perfect for chocolate fondue pot.

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7. Swissmar F66705

Swissmar Sierra Iron

This item is one of another Swissmar company which means the quality will be a surprise. It is 11-piece meat fondue set so for an occasion in the house, this is absolutely entertaining the whole family. The fondue pot set encompass a 1.6-quart pot, 6 colorful folks, rechaud, fuel burner, and one wooden base.

This Swissmar is perfect for cheese fondue since everyone seems really satisfied with the quality of the product.  On the other hand, it tends to maintain the heat for long periods of time and also use less burner fuel for the adequate serving. Also, the pot is very easy to clean even if we leave it over for a night after using it.

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 Dash DFM100GBRD04 Electric

Since technologies become more advanced, Dash has developed itself to an electric fondue pot set. With Dash, you could be enjoyable with the variety of functions that come with the product. The temperature control is very beneficial for cooking the meal so that you can have the heat to be lower or higher as you wish to.

Moreover, the 3-quart pot and 8 flashy folks play a very important role in making the table even more crowded and excited. The design looks pretty classic on the table and also as if it is portable, having this one on the table is definitely amazing.

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5. Zen Kitchen

[Bigger Size and Improved]

Zen kitchen has an impressively unique design which makes people suddenly fall in love with it. the whole decoration is most likely in heart shape except the folks. Therefore, this fondue pot set is also known as the perfect chocolate fondue pot. As we can easily know, with the heart or love shape design and famous for chocolate fondue, the fondue pot is highly recommended for couples.

By the way, Zen Kitchen provides a very safe and formal use to customers unlike some of the electric or normal set. What’s more, the ceramic pot performs surprisingly well when it comes to the heat temperature. Beside that, the ceramic helps you clean perfectly the chocolate or cheese that may stick to the pot.

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4. Oster

Oster Titanium Infused

Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Fondue Pot will totally serve your family pleasantly. This is because with the material of the pot, it can fasten cooking the meal approximately 30 percent which helps saving much time and energy. More importantly, the pot is free from rust and PFOA and PTFE- free so that it won’t peel off. As if it is an electric fondue pot, it also contains the changeable temperature control. Consequently, you will be able to select the heat level that you desire.

The pot includes 8 folks, a removable plug and especially one folk holder ring that helps your folks to stand straight on the fondue pot. With this fondue pot, you can enjoy the cheese or chocolate fondue with your favorite people for the rest of the day.

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3. Nostalgia

Nostalgia FPS200 6-Cup

Being the top 3 fondue pot, it has to be a little bit more advanced compared to others. Nostalgia is one of the most functional fondue pots that has a very creative design and option. In fact, it is made of stainless steel which is commonly great and safe for cooking. The size of the pot is 1.5- quart which is suitable enough for events.

The fondue pot is perfect for maintaining the fondue at the perfect temperature by pressing the blue lit temperature dial. Moreover, the pot is different from other related to the handle. This product has a cool touch handle which prevents you from getting burned accidentally from the pot and with this handle you will easily remove the pot without using a glove or scarf.

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2. Cuisinart

 Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric

The second best fondue pot set is Cuisinart. This one has the capacity of 3-quart and 8 folks so it can serve the dish for a lot of people. Cuisinart is apparently simple but it is an absolute premium product. The quality is very surprisingly impressive. It is an electric fondue pot using 1000 watts and comes with a removable temperature control of 8 settings.

The set also encompasses base, bowl, holder ring, and BPA free. What’s more, the pot is ideal for any kind of fondue such as chocolate, cheese, or oil. With the nonstick interior, you don’t have to worry about the cleaning or serving the meal.

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1. NuriChef

NutriChef PKFNMK23 Small

Without a doubt, the top 1 rated fondue pot must be perfect and modern. NuriChef is a fantastically a golden electric fondue pot set that offers customers a memorable experience of the fondue meal. In the set, there are warming cooktop, bowl, 6 folks. The design of product is actually premium and classic. The company crafts this one with an adjustable temperature function and burn free handle because somehow you might find it hard to carry or remove the pot.

If you throw a party at home, this item is surely qualified enough from the crowd. Furthermore, the pot is 2+ quart and using 800 watts. As a result, you will safely and quickly enjoy the meal. This product always makes the greatest fondue no matter it is chocolate or cheese or meat. Moreover, it is easy cleaning and nonstick.

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Buying Guideline

  • Adequate capacity: having fondue is all about a group of 2 up to. So a 2 or 3-quart pot is necessary because you can freely eat with your people. For instance, at the weekend you have a fondue party with 6 people, but you unfortunately use a 1.2-quart pot so the party will not be happy because of the pot capacity’s difficulty.
  • Great heat: fondue requires a heat that is able to melt the cheese or chocolate for long in order to perfectly have a great dinning. It doesn’t matter if the pot uses a gas burner or electricity as long as it offers enough heat, it is fine.
  • Nonstick pot: when the pot is nonstick, you can have a good fondue and also the pot will be easily washed. Therefore, you can keep the pot hygiene and safe.