Having a TV is not enough. A TV alone doesn’t make good decorations to your home environment. Those TVs do need stands. There are various types of TV stands available here and there ranging from sleek TV stand to a wooden TV stand. Nevertheless, some people just fall in love with fireplace TV stand. There is a thing or two with the fireplace TV stand. It does make good impression to visitors because there is heating from fire under the TV stand while you can stand a cool TV above.

Without further due, here are the ten best fireplace TV stands available in the market for 2020. Please don’t forget to read the product buying guide at almost the end of this article to help you make a final decision as well.

List Of Top 10 Best Fireplace TV Stands in 2020

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10. RealRooms Fireplace TV Stands

REALROOMS Elena Fireplace

RealRooms doesn’t make a TV stand for the sake of TV stand. It keeps us and our family warm, literally. Furthermore, there is a thing or two with the fireplace TV stand as well. RealRooms can support a weight of a TV 95 pounds in a maximum weight. That’s very great as we will get a large room for flexible choices of TVs to stand on the fireplace TV stand.

In addition, the fireplace TV stand is all electric. It applies with our household standard outlet of 120V. We all can place DVD player or gaming machine on the shelf with it as well. Moreover, it doesn’t take much effort to assemble it as it takes only two adults to assemble the fireplace TV stand.

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9. Belleze Fireplace TV Stands

 BELLEZE Veropeso 46 Inch

Belleze makes an excellent fireplace TV stand for some reasons. First, it perfectly matches with a TV of 46 inches that is common TV at homes. Furthermore, it is made with top-graded manufactured wood that gives it stable and strong quality. It can hold a lot of decoration items with its solidness. Moreover, there are a lot of storage place you can decorate with items such as medal coins and fine plates.

While Belleze require an assembly, the product is all electric for its heater. As a result, there is no need of a concern to make fire anytime you want to get heating.

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8. Ameriwood

Ameriwood Home Farmington

We all like Ameriwood as a fireplace TV stand. It comes with brown woodgrain as a construction wooden material. Moreover, there is a storage where you can place your gaming system or a DVD player along a 60-inch TV at the top of the fireplace TV stand. The product can support a weight of 95 pounds for all those TV and decoration items with it.

Additionally, you can use the remote control along the collection to manage the heating system that is all electric. The brown fireplace tv stand is easy to clean as all you can do is wiping it with a damp cloth. Lastly, it is made with metal frames that ensure it is long-lasting in performance.

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7. Walking Edison

 Walker Edison Furniture

Walking Edison is a cool and ideal fireplace TV stand. There are some several things we should know about it. It is an electric fireplace TV stand for the fireplace part. Furthermore, we as users can run cord from behind, so there is no messy cord around that is too apparent. Moreover, the fireplace can get to cover 400 square feet area that is a good fireplace TV stand for your living room.

While assembly is easy, users don’t need any electrician to tell you how to operate it. There is a simple plugging in. For your aide, there is a manual guide with it as well. Lastly, it weighs 107 pounds.

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6. Classic Flame

 Hogan Electric Fireplace TV

Classic Flame makes an amazing fireplace TV stand. It has three-dimensional flame that is all electric. Moreover, it can warm area of 1000 square feet. Additionally, the outlook design has its inspiration from a farmhouse. Like some ordinary TV stand, Classic Flame fireplace TV stand has a storage place to place your DVD player or gaming system.

Other than that, it’s a great fireplace TV stand for our living room. We and our family will like the fireplace TV stand a lot.

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5. Jaxpety

 JAXPETY 41 Large 1500W

Jaxpety is yet another level of fireplace TV stand. As Jaxpety fireplace TV stand is all electric, the fireplace TV stand can cover a heating area of 500 feet square. Alongside, there is electric flame that is like real-life flames. Furthermore, you can adjust its thermostat to achieve your preferred room temperature whether it is high, low or no heating. Thus, it’s a good fireplace TV stand for all the seasons.

Furthermore, it matches with a common 41-inch TV. We all can set a timer for the fireplace to work its way for eight hours straight. While it requires an assembly, the fireplace TV stand includes all the installment hardware needed to assemble it.

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4. Walker Edison 2

Walker Edison Furniture

Much special from Walker Edison 2 is that the fireplace TV stand features glass cabinets like a simplistic TV stand. Moreover, the fireplace part of the TV stand is electric. Walker Edison 2 is an excellent fireplace TV stand for our living rooms. Additionally, all it takes is a plug in as the product calls for no professional in electricity to make the magic work.

It is good for TVs with 60 inches and below. The whole fireplace TV stand weighs 120 pounds. Lastly, all of us as users can easily wipe it clean so as to take goo cares of the stand itself.

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3. Top Space

PatioFestival Electric

Top Space fireplace TV stand features two different choices of styles for all of us as owners. The two styles are such as a rustic color and an espresso color. Additionally, there is a storage shelf for a DVD player or gaming system with it as well. Moreover, Top Space is an electric fireplace TV stand. It means the fireplace part is heated by electricity. No matter what, it creates life-like flames with it.

While the construction is made with solid wood, it requires two people to assemble the product. The whole fireplace TV stand weighs 108.24 pounds.

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2. GMHome

GMHome 47 Inches Electric

GMHome fireplace TV stand covers a heating area of 400 feet square, on one hand. On the other hand, it is made with wooden mantel. While GMHome fireplace TV stand creates realistic flames, there is a remote control to control the heating temperature. Its remote control is a part of the set. Furthermore, users like many of us can adjust the brightness of its as well.

The fireplace TV stand is safe to pets and children as it has earned standard recognition such as CETL certification. We will receive a one-year warranty with it to save us from production defects as well.

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1. Classic Flame

Classic Flame Hutchinson

Classic Flame has a classic design with dark wood. It requires no assembly and with only a screwdriver only to let the magic work out itself. For your peace of mind, there is a manual book that all of us can follow through for a simple set-up and not a complex process of assembly that we are referring to.

There are holes designed for ventilation with the TV stand. There are two shelfs at both end of the TV stand with pieces of glass. Lastly, there is a storage place that you can place a DVD player or gaming system with it.

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Buying Guide

Heating Area: The fireplace TV stand should have good enough heating area so as to give heat during a winter season. It’s hard to say what is a good coverage. This is up entirely to the space of our living rooms.

Storage Space: The fireplace TV stand should also be a TV stand. It means it has holding area for decoration items as well as DVD player or gaming system with it that makes it also an excellent TV stand. Above the fireplace tv stand, we should check what sizes of TV that can stand on it.

Remote Control: The heating system should come with a remote control. As all the mentioned fireplace TV stands are all electric, remote control keeps things easy for us to adjust and change the heating temperature. There is a deal or no deal with a remote control for the heating system.

Life-Like Flame: It depends on a personal preference. Some people might like flames that look exactly like artificial flames. However, many of us like life-like electric flames.

Warranty: While all the mentioned products come with excellent qualities, there can be production failures and defects that are very random. Therefore, we should have some warranties with our preferred fireplace TV stands.


A TV stand is a thing, yet a fireplace TV stand is another exceptional thing because it serves two functions at the same time.

Without further explanation for those two functions, a good fireplace TV stand should have the heating coverage that fits to your room environment and space, has some storage spaces for gaming systems and/or decoration items, comes with a remote control and includes some sorts of warranties over the fireplace tv stand.