Safety is first. This is highly expected in everyone’s lifestyle. Because of the importance of personal safety, there comes an importance of fingerprint door lock. Quality fingerprint door locks let you have as many as a dozen fingerprint records for you and your family members to unlock those doors.

Furthermore, it can come with pin numbers so that you can set passcodes. You might want guests to get into your houses before your comings so that they can get passcodes to access door locks. You will change the passcode numbers later as well. Furthermore, a quality fingerprint door lock is supposed to be heavy-duty.

While there are many door locks with fingerprints and very different signature qualities, we are presenting to you the top 10 best fingerprint door locks in 2020. There is a buying guide for you to take into consideration as well.

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List Of Top 10 Best Fingerprint Door Locks in 2020

10. Commax

 COMMAX CDL-800WL Digital

Commax is for your smart homes because it can give users exceptional and professional security. It features 100 records of fingerprints. This is a huge number for a small-sized company. Furthermore, you can set 4-digit passcodes for visitors to access to the inside. In addition, Commax has dual lock for nighttime, so users can set a dual lock that people from the outside cannot unlock the door lock; although, they have passcodes because it is also locked from the inside as well.

Even though the door lock has its power from a battery; users don’t need to worry that you aren’t aware when it runs out of batteries because there is an alerting system with it. In the worst case scenario that you forget to change the batteries, we can still open the door lock with a Micro USB & 5 pin or a 9-volt battery. Lastly, it can sense the hot temperature inside the building, so in the case of fire the door lock gets unlocked automatically.

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9. Ardwolf A60

 Ardwolf A60 Biometric Door

Ardwolf A60 fingerprint door lock is not a good door lock for only its safety. Users don’t worry whether the cool design is going to fade with colors or becomes full of rust. It is constructed with stainless steel quality 304 type that is against both fading and rust. The company that has designed it promises a 10-year anti-fading and anti-rust qualities. Furthermore, there is a semiconductor sensor alongside a fingerprint recognition system for 360 degrees. These features make the door lock recognize your fingerprints in only 0.5 second.

Moreover, the product had been designed by experts in security because it is anti-peep for the passcodes and anti-fake for the fingerprint recognition. It can recognize around 200 fingerprints that are a good number for housing a medium-sized company. More special, it can recognize users by their biometric identities as well. All in all, the product is rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant, fade-resistant as well as water-resistant, that promises you safety for using it.

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8. Wandwoo

Fingerprint Lock

Wandwoo is good for those of you who are running hostels, Airbnb or hotels because users can use five different ways to unlock it including a mechanical key, passcode, swiping card, fingerprint as well as Bluetooth to your smartphones. It is a doubled-safe door lock because it is anti-peep that makes it not easy to take a look at your passcodes.

Furthermore, you can manage the door lock with your smartphones through a mobile app, on one hand. On the other hand, Wandwoo let you share temporary passcodes for guests or housekeepers. As a result, users don’t need to change passcodes anytime you are sharing them with other people whom you don’t want to know your permanent passwords. It is going to alert you when it is running low in battery power. Lastly, it is a bit difficult to install the door lock. It requires a technician to install it.

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7. Sifely

 Sifely Keyless Entry Door

Sifely is a smart fingerprint door lock because there are five different ways ranging from a fingerprint to a key to access to it. That’s why it’s good for Airbnb hosting as well as hostels. Furthermore, the company is offering a free view for video about how to install it. The installment process is easy as well because users don’t need to drill anything to install the product.

Furthermore, users can check in real time the activities with the logs via your smartphones from a long distance. The product is good, on one hand. On the other hand, the company is offering alongside a one-month full satisfaction warranty. Those of you who just don’t like the product can apply for refunds anytime within a 30-day period. Lastly, the whole fingerprint door lock is heavy-duty with a weight of 4.35 pounds. Even though it is lightweight; the door lock is rather solid for a fingerprint door lock.

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6. Ultralog


Ultralog’s company is offering all of us six different methods to unlock the fingerprint lock door including shaking to open the door lock to a mechanical key. That’s a very smart way to have designed a door lock. Furthermore, the keypad is anti-peep, so no one can get access by peeping over you typing a passcode. Moreover, Ultralog locks automatically once you unlock and access into or leave your places.

What’s more, you can share passwords with friends and family. They can have access for specific days as you set those days for them. The data encryption is dual-sided, so cheaters cannot unlock the door from the door lock itself without users’ permissions.

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5. Pin Genie

Lockly Bluetooth Keyless

Pin Genie is a smart fingerprint door lock in a sense that users can use your fingerprints. Furthermore, you can also use 6-8 digit number passcode as well as Bluetooth to your smartphones to access it. There are two physical keys for back up as well. These keys are for those of you who just run into malfunction of the door lock, or when it runs out of battery. There is little chance of users getting into those situations, nevertheless. The keypad touchscreen will disable any users who attempt to print their fingers for three times wrongly, so it is a doubled-safe fingerprint door lock.

Moreover, there is a sensor security system that accepts only physical fingers. There is no chance someone can copy your fingerprints by any other methods to access your homes without your permission. Lastly, it can store data of 99 fingerprints. All of us get fast and easy access to your homes as well; although, the door lock stores much data in itself.

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4. Samsung

 Samsung SHS-P718

This Samsung fingerprint lock door is as modern as other Samsung digital products. Samsung fingerprint door lock can save up to 100 fingerprints as well as 31 passcodes, so it is good for a large-sized office or medium-sized company. The door lock is highly recommended for modern home because it looks like a sleek fingerprint door lock.

What’s more, the touchscreen is easy to use as Samsung recognizes fast fingerprints. We all can type passcodes with it through a touchscreen pad. After you get an access to the door, the fingerprint door lock will lock itself automatically. Plus, the lock is constructed with cylindrical deadbolt that is very solid against theft. Lastly, it has an intrusion alarm, so the product will scare off intruders or thieves.

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3. Harfo

Newest Fingerprint

All of us like Harfo fingerprint door lock because it is a good door lock for not only adults but also children and elders with its fingerprint sensor. The sensor can guarantee 99.86% accuracy. That’s why it’s good for children and elders who are not very tech-savvy.

Furthermore, there are many ways to access it including a double verification, backup key, passcode, access card as well as fingerprint. It is constructed with deadbolt for doubled safety to your house. As it is famed for, deadbolt is a heavy-duty material in the security accessories industry. Additionally, it has a long battery life of more than 9 months, so you do not need to have much concern for a constant replacement of battery. Lastly, the door lock’s sum weight is 5.65 pounds, a lightweight yet very solid product design.

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2. Aigurd

 AIGURD Fingerprint Door

We all find favorites in Aigurd fingerprint door locks. This one can save around 200 identifications that includes 10 administrators, 50 guests and 140 normal uses. It is good for children and the elders as the fingerprint door lock can easily recognize their fingerprints. Aigurd’s passcode is anti-peep. Thus, there should not be a worry that someone can steal your passcodes.

Besides, the fingerprint sensor only senses the real fingerprints. No one can replicate your fingerprints with other accessories. The company is offering all of us who buy it with a one-year warranty. Its sum weight is 4.75 pounds.

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1. WeJuPit

WeJupit V8 Smart

WeJupit is a good fingerprint door lock. WeJuPit’s fingerprint sensor is on point. It has 2000 fingerprint points of collection, so every detail of users’ fingerprints are sensed by it. The product is good for everyone from a child of 4 years old to an elderly of 80 years old while it takes users only 0.5 second to recognize users’ fingerprints. Additionally, it can save around 200 fingerprints that include 190 guests as well as 10 administrators.

The passcode is anti-peep as well. We all as users should not have much worry whether there is someone who can steal the passcodes; although, caution should still be applied. What’s more, the product is constructed with stainless steel 304, a top-graded stainless steel that is solid, heavy-duty, waterproofed, rust proofed as well as collision-proofed. Its battery life is one year. The company that is offering the fingerprint door lock also offers a one-month satisfaction guarantee. You should have no worry to ask for refunds if you are not satisfied with it within a 30 days period.

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Buying Guide

Construction Material: Top-graded fingerprint door locks should be made with stainless steel 304 or deadbolt. These materials are solid and well-reputed materials to make door locks, on one hand. On the other hand, it is rustproof, collision-proofed and waterproofed, which makes the door lock able to keep your home safe for decades to come. We recommend you use a fingerprint door lock for no more than 10 years because new tech starts to develop that intruders can find methods to access to old-fashioned fingerprint door locks.

Methods to Access: There should be multiple ways to access fingerprint door locks beside a fingerprint. Those methods can include a passcode, mechanical key, swiping card or Bluetooth to your smartphones. These various methods are good in case you have guests who visit your homes prior to your presence because you should be able to send temporary passcodes for them as well.

Auto-Lock: We all want the fingerprint door lock that you can unlock, and the door lock will lock itself automatically. This is a good function. There is no worry someone is being behind you and wait to get into your house.

Data Saved: It is a matter of what amount of data and number of IDs each door lock can save. It is up to whether we all use those door locks for a house, an office, a company or a small-sized factory because some fingerprint door locks can save up to 100 or 200 fingerprints and identifications.

Other Safety Procedures: Some other safety procedures are such as double locks that users can lock the door from the inside, so the intruders cannot get in; although, they might have a correct passcode. Some door locks are anti-peep. There is no way someone can peep over and see your passcodes to get access. Additionally, a number of door locks will no longer function if you scan your fingerprints or type wrong passcodes for three times or fewer. These are all the standard procedures to keep your places and spaces safe.

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A fingerprint door lock is a modern lock for your houses, apartments, offices, companies or even factories. It protects against intruders who are not let in. A top-graded door lock should have some qualities such as having a good construction material such as high-quality stainless steel, apply varied ways to access to the it, have an auto-lock feature, can save varied data as well as include other safety procedures such as anti-peep as well as becoming error if someone is typing wrong passcodes up to three times. There is more to say, but it should be enough as we know you are also knowledgeable about your home and personal security.